Presley, Elvis - Hawaiian Sunset Lyrics

Hawaiian sunset peeping from the sea
Smiles and says Aloha to his sweetheart Hawaii
The drowsy islands slumber one by one
Close their sleepy eyelids say goodnight to the sun

Then Hawaii like millions of times before
Blossoms in her lover's arms once more
Too soon the sunrise will wake her from her sleep
So until tomorrow, sleep Hawaii sleep.

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Presley, Elvis Hawaiian Sunset Comments
  1. Arthur Punau

    For Ashlynn Holleran my love & my life 💙💕💕💕💫✨🌟🦋🐬💫✨

  2. JerryJimmson

    What a Voice!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Iconoclast Pleonast

    Very clever having the screen go dark at "sleep Hawaii, sleep". I file this one under "lullabies".

  4. ponchai allen

    Out of the blue i was humming this tune..That's what brought me here..

  5. eXplorer

    Cool video! I love observing earth, explore and slow down...

  6. elvicare35

    Beautiful song!

  7. horrorkesh

    This album was my grandma's favorite album after losing her I can't stop listening to this album

  8. Laura muñoz

    I didn't know about this tune until I listened to it as the opening song in one of Hawai 5.0 episode! Beautiful!!

  9. Frank Welch

    My love for the Hawaiian Islands, Presleys music and the beautiful memories of my wife and my mouse brought me here, She LOVED Hawaii too.

  10. smokedflames

    Twist and Shout brought me hear and I can't. STOP. CRYING.


    I feel you bro....

  11. Annelise Stenberg

    He wil ALWAYS be the only King of music - love his Songs...<3

  12. motomichi okura

    One of my 429 favourites. The movie came in 1962 when I was 17.

  13. Gabriela Mallo

    Blue Hawaii brought me here ♥♥

  14. Ivan Dimitrov

    колкото е бесен в рока толкова е нежен тук

    Iconoclast Pleonast

    Reading the news on the Internet brought me here. Ahhhh...