Presley, Elvis - Charro! Lyrics

With eyes that hide the man within
You see behind the eyes of, other men
You've lived and died and come to life again
And now you stand alone at the crossroads of your mind
You've left your yesterdays behind..
But which road leads you to tomorrow?

You've turned your back on yesterday
Betrayed a man who swore he'd make you pay
For when you left you took his pride away
You know he'll never let you break away so easily
You'll have to fight, before you're free
But how much more time can you borrow?

Now in a single moment your past grows dim
One thought goes racing across your mind
You ride to meet the woman you stole from him
Oh no!...Charro don't go!...
Charro don't go!!...

There's something hanging, in the wind
Your past is catching up and closing in
You've been halfway to hell and back again
And now you laugh in the devil's face
with your last breath...
You'll run a race with life and death...
But will you live to see tomorrow?


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Presley, Elvis Charro! Comments
  1. Roman Barragan

    Why does Charro! have a star?

  2. DEL James LEGGETT

    MASSIVE Elvis Presley #1 Fan

  3. Capismama

    Too bad Elvis never made more serious roles like this one. To me, it's proof that Elvis really COULD act. Flaming Star is the only other Elvis movie I like. I simply could never tolerate all those fluff movies he made...but this one...I love it. I watch it at least once a year. Currently have it in my TV, watching it.

  4. Mack Ballard

    Lol yesterday at Christmas my mom told me about this movie and how I reminded her of Elvis, I told her Elvis never had a beard, so I googled it, ended up here. Mom was right again, Elvis did have a beard lol.

    He looks cool as hell with it too!

  5. jean bernard gueraiche

    love the king

  6. Angela ferreira


  7. Vincenzo Ridente

    What a great acting job this shows if Elvis had better scripts he could have been a real good actor

  8. Felipe Miranda


  9. Christine Smith

    His voice still gives me goose bumps, RIP Elvis

  10. Eagle Arrow

    His son is named Matthew Charro Joyce.

  11. Margaret Kaim

    Pricillia knows the TRUTH ABOUT why Elvis faked his death!! if u watch some of the interviews u will see her mess up and say ( i talked to Elvis the OTHER day). so she knows exactly what she is doing. she is fooling no one.

  12. Margaret Kaim

    Elvis new music under (ron jesse, Orion, & kingtined) is really cool, i've research ed it is really Elvis Presley. and the people not believe ing are the ones MISSING OUT!! 🤗

  13. Margaret Kaim

    (My opinion) For us ELVIS fans that strongly believe that Elvis faked his death and is still Alive today !!! The TRUTH must be said because people are missing out on his new music that has been recorded since 1978.

  14. BoldCautionProductions

    Elvis bringing class to a horrible song - like, what the?

  15. Lior B

    This song is Amazing in every aspect, arrangement, vocal, perfect💖wish it was a top 10 hit back in forgotten unfortunately

  16. d abdella

    It is wonderful to have our man rugged and bearded. It's a handsome change the
    Footage is a rarity, and thats what makes it all the more so special .
    Thank you baby face elvis for this to.

  17. gregory simms


  18. HT Long

    ELVIS Presley was a superb talent and CHARRO was another one of his best movie! Two Thumbs Up!

  19. agnelanna heavens

    that's my kiefthiey

  20. George Vreeland Hill

    In the last 42 years, there has been many great acts, but no one like Elvis. Not even close.

  21. Dr VR

    My favorite Elvis movie.

  22. Mushi Cat

    He looked stunningly handsome in this movie. Incredible.

  23. Cytasis

    These white teeth are unrealistic in a western


    O filme mais profissionalmente sério do Rei!

  25. Frank Furfaro

    This was a good movie

  26. Bobby Amdro

    Noone realizes Victor French alongside elvis?????

  27. Rosina Lock

    This would have made a fantastic song for the James Bond 007 movies! Abs. brilliant! and sung Brilliant! Love you Elvis!!! Rosina Lock

  28. Loane Papazian


  29. Night Owl

    Even with a beard Elvis was gorgeous ! 👄

  30. josue lopes

    The King!

  31. Elisa Sanford

    one good looking cowboy !! and could he sing !

  32. ben eller

    elvis only sung the title song in this movie that's it  HE HAD TO ACT     unlike all his  other singing movies   this was one of his best  he didn't sing everything   in this movie plus this song hit me while I was shaving

  33. anonym lol

    Amazing 😍

  34. Guy Nice Jr.

    There's something hangin' in the wind

  35. Dave Roberts

    Charro Star ⭐️ Elvis Presley

  36. Charles Jannuzi

    This is actually a solid effort. Too bad he never got to make a western with John Wayne.

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    Yes he should have made a movie with Dean Martin and John Wayne he was up for the part in Rio Bravo but the colonel turned it down so Ricky Nelson got the part they also wanted him to play Jesse James but the colonel turn that down also in 1957 Jeffrey Hunter got the part it's a shame cuz Elvis was good in the few westerns he made Love Me Tender flaming star and Charro could have done a lot more if the colonel wasn't in the way thank you have a good day

  37. cut1986

    This looks as if it was shot yesterday! Amazing.

  38. Robert Valley Jr

    Browns Fan Still Today

  39. sharon lint

    Such a shame he died so young but in our hearts he will all ways be long live elvis

  40. theking77

    Video well made Elvis Presley is king

  41. christine daae

    One of the best movies Elvis did....certainly well suited for Westerns. Damn you Col Parker.

  42. cliffedward

    This was not a happy movie for Elvis and it shows in his performance. He looks like he wants to be somewhere else the whole time.

  43. guruuDev

    It's cool when Charo takes off his hat and there's this fantastic Elvis pompadour underneath!

  44. Robert Valley Jr

    Actor Singer The King Of Movies & Music

  45. Sigrid Bock

    And now He .Is forever gone. ELVIS.

  46. Claudia Aust


  47. Elisa Sanford

    dang, could that man get any better looking ?

  48. Jason T Clark

    I believe Elvis could act. It just that the audiences back then won't accept him as a serious actor. They wanted Elvis to sing some songs make them laugh. Poor Elvis have to suffer from it. That why Elvis quite acting and return to concert live. Elvis had realize that he will never be an actor as long as his fans love to hear him sing.

    Sharon Welch

    I wish he could have become the actor he wanted to be but the colonel had him hornswaggled.

    Jason T Clark

    @Sharon Welch I agreed, but it also the audience too. I had talked to some of the people who grew up in those days. They told me that they never like when Elvis is a serious actor. They like his voice.


    Jason T Clark  Those people were morons.

    Jason T Clark

    @CooManTunes I totally agreed with you. They should have given him a chance.

  49. George Vreeland Hill

    There will never be another Elvis Presley no matter who comes along. Before Elvis there was nothing. After Elvis, there is nothing either.

  50. Sigrid Bock

    Elvis , wer hat. gegen diesen Lieder Texter etwas dagegen.In welchem Jahrhundert seid ihr geboren? Steht doch zu dieser Musik.

  51. Susanna Saffold


  52. Tupac .s

    Elvis Presley the greatest entertainer that's why they call him the king of rock and roll it is 2018 and I still listen to his music rip

  53. Karlisa Lampe

    I agree with Retro Thingz about Elvis being a good actor, plus he was his own one can really be compared with him.......he was unique, and I will always remember him not only for Flaming Star but also favorite movies of his, which I had seen many times at the movie theathers......I have always been a big fan of Elvis Presley.....I love his music whether Gospel or Rock n Roll, his voice was unique and I love Elvis in Westerns.....he wanted to do more of this type of genre but was kept from doing them.......Thank you for sharing this......I used to own Flaming Star and Charro but both were stolen years ago.......thank you......HIGH 5

  54. sussan cronoro

    Lindos wester capo mi rey de la musica

  55. luis portalleti

    eterno Elvis ! para sempre no meu coração

  56. Allen Carter

    Charro was a great movie and one of Elvis finest 👍👊

    Janet Myles

    Parker didn't think Elvis could be a success (make money for him) unless he sang.Elvis was a.great actor.He just got held.back by the biggest contributor to his death Parker!!!?

  57. E3ECO

    I like Elvis's westerns. Flaming Star was good as well. Too bad he had to do so many "Elvis" movies.

  58. John Price

    Think this movie showed that he could really act when got the chance just couldn't get the roles he wanted

  59. David Gibbs

    Great song.Its a shame the script and the director let him down on the movie.

  60. filipe

    jailson mendes igualzinho


    Elvis was an underrated actor! He could be a very good seriously actor or a very good comedian, if the they offered him a good script for a good film. But his manager Tom Parker didn´t allowed that. King!

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    You are right he could do comedy and drama equally as well if you watch Charro Little Live a Little Love a Little totally different movie he was actually a versatile actor if you look at Flaming star then follow that dream totally different characters he was a talented actor Charro was awesome

  62. marco goudriaan

    heb de film nooit afgekeken, kromme tenen.. bar slecht! Maar na deze verplichting kon hij zijn gang weer gaan waar het hoorde, op de bühne, van '69 tot en met '77, ruim 1100 concerten in acht jaar, ongv 140 per jaar.

  63. nicholas impelizino

    Great movie

  64. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Good Western underrated Elvis was good as jess wade would have been interesting to see Elvis play Victor French role the bad guy when you see movies like Charro wild in the country Kid Galahad flaming star Loving You Jailhouse Rock King Creole roustabout you clearly can see the acting Talent in Elvis I think Elvis would have been great in the show The Big Valley as one of the Barkley Brothers no telling what he could have achieved without the Cornel the colonel held back a lot of Elvis's talents is the shame Elvis didn't do more Weston he was good in them flaming star Love Me Tender and Charro and even Stay Away Joe he gave a good performance good Western actor love you Elvis

  65. Mega figher 0.1

    An good james bond theme

  66. Karen Johnson

    I could look at him as cowboy alllllll day! Hate beards but on him he was sooooo handsome....Loved this show!

  67. Francia Blasio

    Increible el parecido de Elvis con Lee mejors.el hombre nuclear pense que era el. Y dicen que eran buenos amigos

  68. Penha Luiza Cabral

    PERFEITO ,, excelente, Elvis o único. 2018.

  69. Mario Live Gaming

    A great artist A great actor and this movie show it. ❤👑

  70. robinandthe7hoods

    One of the better westerns out there!

  71. Estelle Ferguson

    Simply the most talented, handsome man I have ever had the thrill to see !!!!! Absolutely WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!! Can't get enough o f him, I Totally LOVE him !!!!!!!!!

  72. Lecio Rodrigues

    Elvis eterno rei

  73. Shiann Christenson

    Rip elvis Presley

  74. Luz Hernandez

    Hermoso, sencillamente era hermoso. Le lucía el bigote y la barba también. Definitivamente y sin el ánimo de ofender, Elvis no parecía norteamericano; era demasiado hermoso. Parecía Sirio, Libanes, Judío, que se yo; hasta argentino.

  75. A Rober

    Zestingly super great!!!



  77. GaryPeterson67

    Elvis was excellent here . . . but so was Victor French, who played the bad guy with evil aplomb! Hard to believe he went on to play such nice guy roles on Little House on the Prairie, Carter Country, and Highway to Heaven.

  78. Gerardo Pineda

    Charro or vaquero??

  79. Shane Bain

    Excellent, Thanks for sharing.

  80. anti corrida

    beau Elvis the king😍

  81. J Gamez

    This song is amazing......

  82. Fanny Arriaga

    Elvis Presley, in the Western movie, "Charro" like "The King" always the best

    Luigina Catenacci

    Fanny Arriaga - ME TOO!! THE BEST!!

  83. Art Walsh

    Looks like stand in home alone compare him next to john candy

  84. w ard.

    Elvis avec une tête à la Clint Eastwood 😂 j aurai rêver de. le voir jouer sous la direction de Clint Eastwood il aurai eter encore plus grand

  85. Blayzy Stahh

    i grew up listening to elvis presley and roy orbison,cool childhood memories, i made a song to represent my latest feelings on life and possibility of jail,i used some lyrics from the kink the edge of reality,blinding track,kray twins footage,i made it into a rap,peace

  86. Joan Thomas

    Parker should hang for not letting him do the acting he wanted to do.

  87. z robertson

    the high plains king , Elvis could have been a great film star, this is his best western,,

  88. Mike Matusek

    I think this was one of his best roles because he didn't sing in the movie.

  89. Claudete Binder

    belo. mesmo com cara de mal. 😊😙😚

  90. Phil silverman

    I guess I watched this through , once . Someday I'll give it another shot. (No pun).

  91. Arzy Arzamas

    Elvis good with beard.

  92. R. Ive

    Fuck. That beard makes him even hotter. RIP Elvis.

    Roxie M.

    You are right. Makes you want to drop your panties and grab his hand on the way to a big bed

  93. Lee Goodwin

    The worst thing that Ever happened to Elvis was Col Parker!!!!!!!!!!

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    @Wuotans Krieger Charro you are right come he'll come sundown the original title of the wild in the country is the lost country in the original screening hope Lange dies in the end but because the audience's sadness of her death the ending was reshot Elvis is back something for everybody potluck with Elvis great albums he never sounded better than when he sang in the early sixties his physical condition was at its best in the early 60s thanks for sharing have a good day

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    @Wuotans Krieger I just want to say I really enjoyed our conversation about Elvis even though we have different opinions about his career thanks for sharing your thoughts and your feelings about Elvis I always had these opinions about him since I was 10 years old and is 42 years later so there's no hard feelings I'm so glad he has fans out there who love him for different reasons because his appeal was so Universal and I have talked to many people who like Elvis for different reasons so that's the greatness of Elvis no matter how we see it thank you

    Leslie Weger

    @CooManTunes and Parker for pushing Elvis when he knew he was sick.

    Leslie Weger

    @Sean Fitzpatrick you are soooooo right!

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    @Leslie Weger thanks for sharing Elvis was a very talented actor jailhouse Rock King Creole loving you wild in the country kid Galahad flaming star all great movies and performances by Elvis and rather underrated they all showed Elvis's dramatic talents and is ability to do melodrama and live a Little Love a Little and follow that dream you showed he can do comedy very well even charro and roustabout we're very good films you so Elvis made enough good movies to show he was a very good actor he was rather underrated as an actor could do drama and comedy equally as well could have done so much more with the right management but he definitely had the talent and in my opinion made it quite a few good movies that are overlooked have a great day thank you

  94. Ashlee Catron

    I love you Charro

  95. Ashlee Catron

    Charro I hear your voice calling me

  96. william will

    uma da cançaoes do elvis que ja mais esqecidas

  97. Hazel Eyes

    He looked as though he was afraid to mount the horse.

    bbrenda johnson

    Elvis owned and rode horses at Graceland.

  98. kanaiboded

    new James-Bond-Theme ;)