Presley, Elvis - Big Love, Big Heartache Lyrics

Oh yes, I know it's true
The more you fall in love
The more your heart can break in two
Now that you've said goodbye
For every tender kiss
I've had the tears I cry
I gave my heart and soul
All the love I knew
Oh how much it hurts me now
To know that we are through

I'll always feel this way
My arms will be so empty
You'll return some day and say
Your love, yes your big love
Will be here to stay
Till then it's

Your love yes your big love
Will be here to stay

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Presley, Elvis Big Love, Big Heartache Comments
  1. Teila Walkham

    is that when he had to stop being himself!!!!

  2. Dave Roberts

    The King Forever. Never Forgotten RIP Elvis Presley.

  3. Doreen1223

    I have a big love for Elvis! ❤... and a big heartache too whenever I watch his last performance with a video clip of his funeral 😭

  4. tony malony

    one of his best....he was unique...there will never be another Elvis...Priscilla said that too when i went to her show here in Australia

  5. No-one Man.

    Seriously - how good are the Jordanaires backing vocals .

  6. Charles Nelson

    One word SUPERB..


    Ces le meilleur et restera le plus grand donc le King

  8. Dale Van Tassel SR

    The Best of the Best.

  9. Benicio Feliciano

    🇧🇷🇧🇷⚘visit my channel e se escreve obrigado 🇧🇷🇧🇷⚘

  10. mark ryley

    A voice from god

  11. Muhammad Ayaz Chanar

    Beautiful and lovely song

  12. Colleen Vantrease

    When I was younger I lived with hateful relatives by that I mean that they could listen to their music but when it came to me I was singled out . I always have had a love for Elvis Presley as far as his music went . I still do to this day . I'll always feel that way . He was my idol ! As far as he went in my eyes he was a very sexy person . He could've had anyone he chose . If it had been me I would've been the happiest lady alive !

  13. Ann Sumner

    He will always be the king his music will never die love him xx

  14. Roberto Verdejo

    The coolest looking guy

  15. Bo Brille

    He looked amazing his voice was amazing so perfect. I listen to Elvis every day and I will always be a fan. 😊 😊 Still find parts of songs I heard a lot and suddenly I get this feeling and just smile. Love him.

  16. Doremberg Moura Sa

    good good love this song

  17. Janice Murphy

    Best !!!

  18. Hilary boh

    Elvis forever The King ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  19. Lynn Fernandes

    Tell Nelson to ring me.



  21. Luz Matos

    This man have a beautiful voice it no be another like him he a king.

  22. MrAnderswt

    Totally out of sync.

  23. Mona Weiss

    The king

  24. Linda Fiaschi

    Your the King always missing U will be listening always you are one of kind 💖💖😍😍

  25. Brenda Church

    I listen to Elvis Daily it gets me in a good mood❤️

  26. Cl4udinei


  27. NORA

    R.I.P love😍😘😘

  28. Mr. RodeGagarius

    Elvis vive 2019

  29. Gerald Lewis

    But in one way or another Elvis Presley got it a little more better than white girl s that are Bent on mother fuckin pride and shit the majority of the m if they don't like me fuck the majority of the white y bitches

  30. Gerald Lewis

    You're right brother and not even almost a white y girls could be equal to him cause girls got the beauty but Elvis Presley got the package but the white girls I'll always more more more more beautiful than Elvis Presley especially me.

  31. Diana Hayse

    I thought I was showing you I loved you. I do love you. If you'll have my love back. I'll cherish you even more.

    Diana Hayse

    @Mike cross I loved Elvis also. But my words were not meant towards Elvis. Someone else who I've come to care A Great deal about. And thank you too.

    Mike cross

    @Diana Hayse I knew it was not for Elvis, I figured it was someone else good luck hope it goes well.

    Diana Hayse

    @Mike cross you know..luck has nothing to do in this whatsoever. It's something that I believe was completely divinely lead. There's been such a resistance...that it makes me believe even more. Call me crazy....but it's what I believe to be the truth...I feel it in every fiber of my being. Yeah I know you are thinking...nut case!! And that's okay. Faith tells me I'm hearing a guiding small voice. God is in charge...and I don't believe God has lied to me!!! It's not in Him to do so. Thanks for your input...much appreciate.

    Mike cross

    @Diana Hayse I think you have to fight for what you want go for it I back you up.

    Diana Hayse

    @Mike cross I'm going......success of it all....only God knows????? But, at least, I'm heading in a better direction. Right now...I believe he is highly pissed at me. Actually, I'm pissed too!!!

  32. Manny Singh

    one if his best movie songs!

  33. Moisés Rodrigues


  34. Timmy Nicholson

    Nobody will ever come close to E not in my life time

  35. Paul Kinna

    Awesome song , should have a Hit for Elvis . No Airplay !!!!!!

  36. Anita Soares rosii


  37. Paula Jay

    Love this song so beautiful as well as the man singing it

  38. d herbold

    Love this.....beautiful!

  39. George Lewko

    This was Elvis at his best. The look. The weight. The clothes. Sadly he lost that with drugs and age.

  40. manuel jauregui

    Oh yes, I know it's true
    The more you fall in love
    The more your heart can break in two
    Now that you've said goodbye
    For every tender kiss
    I've had the tears I cry
    I gave my heart and soul
    All the love I knew
    Oh how much it hurts me now
    To know that we are through
    I'll always feel this way
    My arms will be so empty
    You'll return some day and say
    Your love, yes your big love
    Will be here to stay
    Till then it's
    Your love yes your big love
    Will be here to stay

  41. lady bug

    He was an amazing man with ab amazing voice

  42. Fernando Marcos Piovatto

    Thanks 👏👏👏👏

  43. jack daniels

    Legendary voice and man

  44. asioczek7

    Poor Elvis...

  45. Paula Jay

    One of my all time favorites he was a master at his craft he could sing anything

  46. Jessica Presley la Zingara

    😍 Te amo Elvis 👑💘

  47. Angela ferreira


  48. Jennifer Napoli

    I Love Elvis So Much💕💗❤️💖
    Such a Gorgeous Beautiful Man😍
    Love this song and movie❤️

  49. Paul Orlando

    This was his last "cool" type of character with the leather jacket as far as the movies go

  50. Paul Orlando

    This movie makes you wanna get a job at a carnival and be like Elvis lol still never seen a carnival with a big theater were someone can sing lol

  51. Ethna Mccallion

    Wow elvis was so gorgeous ☓ haven't heard this song from the king 👑 of music 🎶 before just amazing man x ☓ 💜 ❤️ 👍 2019

    Shaun Garratt

    I've not heard this one either - just makes you feel better when you hear the King!

  52. Mlchael Wray


  53. Paul Kinna

    A great many songs from Elvis movies were so good . A lot of them under rated ( pity )

  54. Steven Watkins

    All ways in style,looking sharp!!People need to be stylish again,was way ahead on everything!!!


    Steven Watkins I cant imagine him all tattooed up

  55. kev1able

    Here is my version of this song I'm a big Elvis fan

  56. Paul Kinna

    Great song , So many good songs from Elvis Movies , Pity no air play ,as some what make Great Hits

  57. John Knight

    Great tune

  58. simon chung

    帥到無可比incredible handsome

  59. Watcher Offools

    Great movie!

  60. HT Long

    One of The King's best movie song and ELViS Presley best movie ROUSTABOUT. Two Thumbs Up!

    sc su

    Disagree it was best movie by a long shot. This point was going down but still worth seeing. This song and, One Track Mind were the only 2 good cuts.

  61. Jane Woods

    It doesn't have to be that way. Love you Elvis. I miss you being here with us. I'd give anything if Lisa, Priscilla,and your grandkids had you around.

  62. kev1able

    always liked this song so i made a recording 1994-95 check it out on my channel

  63. joel reant

    Quel charme

  64. Janie Lang

    Loved "Roustabout "...great songs!

  65. Libby Sanchez

    No other voice is right on qeu as well as Elvis Presley sings.

  66. Matt Canney

    Elvis carried us all the short time he was here

  67. GL D

    Even though id be dead now, id give my life to be back in his time!

  68. Sue Burke

    Hi was so lucky to have a boyfriend who was a spitandimige off elvis and he was a big elvis fan and now they are together forever R.i.p my beautiful gorgeous boys xxxxx

  69. George Vreeland Hill

    The King and no one is his equal.

  70. Donna Kowalski

    I love Elvis and this song ❤ ❤ ❤


    Big Love to you Elvis, your the Best!!!❤❤

  72. Patty Miller

    this seems kind of awkward for him, no mic guitar or sideburns and hair perfectly groomed. of course, he is handsome and his vocals are perfect.

  73. Paula Keating

    Was is and always will be THE KING 😊😊

  74. Edi Miranda

    Big Love... linda música amo demais essa música.... linda linda!!!!!!!!

  75. chris fleming

    If Elvis was say 23 today in 2019 I wonder what the reaction would be if he was on the Voice. I know he would get 4 turns but it would be interesting to see what happened next????

  76. perfectstrangr

    When God created Elvis He was showing off

    Wayne Redman

    Lol that's the best description of Elvis I've ever read.

  77. PoboyNCoke

    Here is where the Real fans live. HELLO FAMILY

    GL D

    Family hug! ;-)

  78. Cyril Tiernan

    I can remember taping all his songs from video to a tape recorder how times have changed haha

  79. Mariza Kelly

    Elvis um icone que nunca morrerá jamais, forever my love.

  80. Timothy Wright

    this is one too

  81. Alli Kuikamoinen

    This is first Elvis movie what i ever saw about 25 years ago? And this movie made me big fan of Elvis. 👑 And still i clearly remember that first moment when i saw this scene and hear this song?🎶

  82. john west

    Long live the King!!!😎

  83. MrSillyMouth

    Elvis forever...:-) :-) :-)

  84. Maria Das Gracas

    Essa música vai de encontro a Deus. Que maravilha!!!

  85. Sandra Miller

    my favorite Mr Songman Elvis Presley

  86. Ramil Cortez

    He will ALWAYS BE THE KING TO ME 2019

    Chelsea Bonner

    He not the king only Jesus and God was but they will not never be another Elvis-Presley

    Tim Redmon

    That's true he will always be the king

  87. Marie Mathon

    Beauty song the great

  88. Paul Kinna

    Elvis , The King . Great Song .

  89. Hesti Anggrahini

    Beautiful song ..

  90. John Scott

    there a big heart the love that i look for as i look for youall the time please dont say goodbye as my heart well hurt and hurt as i love you ialways feel this way untill you return and say you big love well be here too stay all my love too you i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  91. John Scott

    i have a big heart as im yet left on the shelf . i have look and look for all the head s and get told im not allow near you alol that s n ot fair as its too late i feel for some one else i love the man and hes the best there is but i love some one else thats close too my heart all the best for too those who made it all my love your love angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  92. Colin Petty

    Big love big heartache elvis at is best

  93. Maria Das Gracas

    Elvis eternamente

  94. 0Beyonder0

    Ah Elvis. In early high school when i was still innocent I use to listen to this song daily, right before my first "real" relationship w my high school sweetheart/first love. That was when i didnt really feel the emotion of this song, just liking the sound and Elvis voice as per usual. Fast forward three years later after loving that girl so much, she leaves me while i study away in college. I come back now and it is so nostalgic but now also sad for me as i can understand every word and the pains this song is suppose to express... so well, so much :/

  95. ronald welch

    A gift from GOD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Elvis God's Creation 💞💞💞💞💞💞

  97. Timothy Wright

    heart broken song

  98. vatajalainen

    the king

  99. John Scott

    i feel like this with a special person that out there you love means every thing too me you love yes you big love will be here too stay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxall my love daisy masy roseall my love you angelxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx