Presley, Elvis - As Long As I Have You Lyrics

Let the stars fade and fall
And I won't care at all
As long as I have you

Every kiss brings a thrill
And I know that it will
As long as I have you

Let's think of the future
Forget the past
You're not my first love
But you're my last
Take the love that I bring
Then I'll have everything
As long as I have you

Let's think of the future
Forget the past
You're not my first love
But you're my last
Take the love that I bring
Then I'll have everything
As long as I have you

As long, as long as I have you

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Presley, Elvis As Long As I Have You Comments
  1. Adrian ADE Hibbert

    Brilliant cover version here:

  2. stephan heggelke

    Als ich ungefähr 13 Jahre alt war, hat mein Vater mir seine alten Platten zum anhören gegeben. Ich habe damals so die üblichen 70ger Jahre Songs toll gefunden. Nachdem ich auch nur wenige Sekunden Elvis gehört habe war ich für immer verändert.

  3. Eamon Trainor

    RIP Elvis.Simply the greatest singer ever

  4. Nita Lopes

    Today is my late husband birthday he would have been 70 and I dedicate this beautiful song by a amazing talented man to him

  5. nenazpuppy

    What a beautiful song I love it ❤❤❤
    Awesome post 👌🎵🎵🎵

  6. Irvin Lopez

    What an amazing song

  7. Simon Deane

    Second to none!... Just brings me,personally closer to the God of my own understansing!!!

  8. Tony Sowerby

    About the best he did vocally and lyrically the emotion was epic brings a tear everytime wen I die that's one track

  9. Sandra Robinson

    I love this song King Creole 2as one of hu is better movi3s

  10. Anita

    Insanely beautiful...his voice is like heaven.

  11. book lover

    Greatest singer the world has ever seen! No one will ever compare to the king!! Love this beautiful song! ❤❤❤❤

  12. Viktor Rémai

    The King of Rock &Roll

  13. MAR MED


  14. Carole Donald

    This song brings tears because he's apologising to his dad. It's truly heartfelt and Elvis sings it with such feeling.

  15. Joseph Baho

    Never seen so much perfection in one man.
    My only wish was to see you but unfortunately god created me in the wrong time

  16. bennygoods

    you are pitiful don't have me or your kids...

  17. Mirko Ranieri

    the king

  18. Christine Hall


  19. jack freeman

    His best movie. Streets ahead of stuff like Kissing Cousins. Really liked the unresolved ending he's singing to his dad really not the girls.

  20. Valerie Etienney

    +bruno legros bruno ça vas bien est toi merci valerie

  21. Moon Walker

    For you Aaron Scolaro. Love you with all my heart, and wish I Was laying with you right now.

  22. Ki-Adi Mundi

    This. Is. Perfection.

  23. Harradine. Jess

    good song
    Fav elvis song

  24. Suvi Hintikka


  25. tommi tom

    ich liebe dich elvis.the king forever

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Elvis too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the king.

  26. Susanne Themann

    als mein Mann starb , liebte ich ihn noch mehr und bemerkte wie er mir fehlte und das bis heute immer noch

  27. james hetherington

    Whoever gave this thumbs down  needs a good kick !!!!

  28. Billy Murray Fan

    I love this song only recorded by Aileen Stanley. This is in wrong style who it was mean to be. Only garbage in my ears

    Terry Turner

    Completely different song you muppet!

    Billy Murray Fan

    The same tittle,butI still not like this recording andI still not like Elvis Presley andI not will like him. Only singers I like who recorded after 1950 is Gene Austin, Jens Book Jenssen and a another norwegian male singer who still record songs today

    Billy Murray Fan

    And Gene Autry of course

    Michael Daniel

    then get off of this video elvis did this song better then anyone could

  29. wanda schwartz

    LOVE,LOVE, THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Clementine Moriarty

    His soul and warmth always come through on any ballad he sang! He will always be the King! TCB

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Elvis too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the king.

    Clementine Moriarty

    I love Johnny too and I respect your opinion, but respectfully disagree. Did you know that Johnny Cash first noticed and enjoyed Elvis's talent with the guitar?

  31. Lisa Henrich

    love this song, and love the way he sings it.
    my favorite idol.

  32. Julieta Daniela

    Beautiful ♥


    Great ballad--so sincere and heartfelt--one of Elvis's very best!

  34. jack freeman

    @CBSEye One of his 3 decent films I think - probably the best of them.

  35. CBSEye

    One of Elvis' prettiest songs seldom given it's due. Listen how he perfectly nails the last low note. Greatbsong from a great movie. Would love to have our own house singer, the JERSEY GUY, try it.

  36. DRAX

    What an amazing song ! And what a great voice too ! THE IMMORTAL ELVIS PRESLEY ! The one who inspired millions of singers ! The one who were loved (and always will be) by millions of people ! I love you Elvis !

  37. chickglenn07

    Elvis loved to do his rock, but he also loved doing the ballads also. And he did them so well you can tell they had spcial place in his heart.. the ones that never made it to the radio were some of his best stuff. "Pocket full of Rainbows - from G.I. Blues - "Don't ask me Why" also from King Creole and others, is where the true Elvis sings.

  38. Frances (kindhearted1)

    This song is just so beautiful!! Thank you! :)

  39. shirley bird

    @garyowen4ever dont blame her. she wonted some piece.

  40. Chris Clarke

    Love these songs, what a voice.

  41. M4X076


  42. sohla35

    wonderful !!!!!! Love E forever !!!!!!!!

  43. Ken Heintzman

    Love this video, but, my how times have changed... look at how many smokers were in the audience.

  44. simonecostasp