Presley, Elvis - A Mess Of Blues Lyrics

(Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman)
I just got your letter baby
Too bad you can't come home
I swear I'm goin' crazy
Sittin' here all alone
Since you're gone
I got a mess of blues

I ain't slept a wink since Sunday
I can't eat a thing all day
Every day is just blue Monday
Since you've been away
Since you're gone
I got a mess of blues

Whoops there goes a teardrop
Rollin' down my face
If you cry when you're in love
It sure ain't no disgrace

I gotta get myself together
Before I lose my mind
I'm gonna catch the next train goin'
And leave my blues behind
Since you're gone
I got a mess of blues

Whoops there goes a teardrop
Rollin' down my face
If you cry when you're in love
It sure ain't no disgrace

I gotta get myself together
Before I lose my mind
I'm gonna catch the next train goin'
And leave my blues behind
Since you're gone
I got a mess of blues

Since you're gone I got a mess of blues
Since you're gone I got a mess of blues

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Presley, Elvis A Mess Of Blues Comments
  1. Justin Churchey

    I've got the original 45 for this song from 1960, it was the flip side of It's Now Or Never.

  2. Cristina Sanzana

    ❤👑🎶🎸❤👑🎶🎸❤👑🎶🎸❤ lejos lo mejor de todos los tiempo elvis presley la leyenda jamas desaparesera....

  3. Galla Galllaaa. Галин Ржавцева


  4. Greg Cavin

    In music,there's Elvis Presley and then there's everyone else!

  5. Diane Grant

    He's fabulous in every way x

  6. stephen stone

    I like that thought, youre so right😎

  7. Rene LeClerc

    This was the one recording - in 1960 - where Elvis sounded something like he did in the 1950's. It peaked at # 32 ("Fame and Fortune" had peaked at # 17, and "I Gotta Know" would peak at # 20). That told Elvis and the people who worked with and/or for him that the record-buying public did not want the old Elvis.

  8. ismo fortnite

    Elvis ta voix tes chansons trop classe. Thank you for ever 🌺

  9. Truth Hitman

    The king

  10. Levon 106

    My all time fav E tune Really wish he did more blues like this. Every time I click on it, I play it ten times. His incredible vocals, the piano and base are awesome.

  11. JerryJimmson

    Maybe the best elvis-song

  12. La Madre De Agua

    Worst song I’ve heard in my entire life . Should’ve stuck to stealing black rock n roll. This is shit .

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    i would have like to hear micheal jackson sing this Elvis did a great job great blues singer

  13. Michael Kedor

    Now we're talking Elvis. From 1960, was the flip of "It's Now Or Never". This was one of my favorite Elvis records.

  14. Bile Trajkovska


  15. George Bobb

    memories of Runnemede, NJ, 1960 ,Elvis, fist fights- bloody noses, paper routes, fist fights- broken lips, smoking cigarettes behind the wall, fist fights- missing teeth, im joining the Navy ! ... i'm joining the Marines ! takeing Sally into the woods, fist fights- knock outs , hanging on the street corner, I joined the Navy, .. yeh ! I joined the Marines. Viet-Nam? What happened. ? You guys never came back ! Should have been pacifists not pugilists

  16. ismo fortnite

    Dire que cette chanson est la meilleure d'Elvis ok! Pour toi . Pour moi qui adore Elvis je suis dans l'impossibilité de dire que telle ou telle chanson est ma préférée. Les goûts ne sont pas les mêmes pour tout le monde.🤩

  17. Levon 106

    absolutely awesome what a voice

  18. Diane Fiske-Foy

    Love this song 👏🏻🌟❤️‼️

  19. Paul Joseph

    A studio effort definitely manufactured to a formula but surprisingly carries the day. His earlier stuff was rawe and edgier as was his post 68 renaissance work. Life was his best in 71 but it didn't surface. Oh well

  20. Sethflix


  21. Kyle muckian

    elvis. is. the best to ever grace music. the man is a icon and inspiration

  22. d abdella

    Spent many years on this album and its cool songs.

  23. Char Shroat

    Can't stay still with this one, and nobody could do it like him!

  24. Lorraine Connolly

    Beautiful music xx

  25. KAG

    Has a young boy my mom played Elvis Ty mom still the King

  26. Mlchael Wray


  27. David Amaya

    Thaks Elvis, because of you i can enjoy the Led Zeppelin's cover, you realy are the mess of the blues!

  28. Paul Newberry

    BEAUTIFUL song

  29. Michael Elsy


  30. Charles Day

    Now we have...shit music. Thanks Elvis!

  31. Marcio Inacio Inacio


  32. Chris Brimhall

    Today’s singers should listen to this a learn a thing or two

  33. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    Mess of Blues""this what I have 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  34. Paul Belardo

    Find me a better blues song to come out of the 60's. Always The King. Hell this song is better than most songs today

    Sunny Baig

    Paul Belardo right


    This isn't real blues.

    The Hanging Garden

    I like this song a whole lot but pretty much anything by Howlin Wolf beats this song better Blues songs are Smoke Stack Lightning, Killing Floor, or How many more years

    Alf Ching

    Id Should think So Written by Pomus and Shuman

  35. Dan Conner

    And then along comes a young man from Mississippi and turns the music world on its head. Nothing can beat a good song from Elvis

  36. john mostyn

    Where RCA stuffed up again was they should have made Reconsider baby on the a side and i will be home again the b side .This double would have gone platinum easily. Not enough of his blues songs were made int singles. like a baby is another. The best singer in the business at any music style, genre.

    Sallie Garrett

    Elvis at his best, I agree with all your suggestions.Reconsider baby is a great favourite of mine.

  37. Tina Timon

    Love this song

  38. Franky

    for me his best album...

  39. steve craven

    What a tune elvis rocksssssss

  40. Nicky Depaola

    ELVIS had it ALL !!

    Nicky Depaola

    ...proof that having that much will kill you !! .....I LOVE ELVIS !

  41. paul williams

    This is a great Elvis song and because it was made just after he left the army,its very underated.

  42. Sean Fitzpatrick

    I wish you Elvis stuck to songs like this and played Rebel roles like he did in wild in the country during the 60s when it came to the Blues and playing the tough kid Elvis was the best too bad they didn't allow him to sing more songs like this and play more Rebel Roles during the 60s this song should have been on the Elvis is back it would have been great with sounds like a baby reconsider baby it feels so right other great blues songs by Elvis a mess of Blues is a fantastic blues song sung by the best 1956 to 1962 Elvis was the best I hope I'll see a comes up when are all Blues Elvis box set that be awesome

  43. trampshining1942

    If this was released today and Eli's was unknown, the world would rock all over again. How many of today's hits could you say that about.


    Not Eli you dumbo....Elvis!


    Not Eli you dumbo....Elvis!

  44. trampshining1942

    If this was released today and Eli's was unknown, the world would rock all over again. How many of today's hits could you say that about.

    Yuto nihon


    Kitten Lyric

    naw...not even close to one of his best.

    Elaine Wilson

    Status Quo covered this in 1983

  45. George Horner

    There is Elvis, and then there is every one else.

    Andy Miller

    And the rest of them are FARRR OFF IN THE DISTANCE... secretly watching his videos .

    Jayme Kendall

    George Horner true

  46. Matt Reese

    So much better than the flip side, It's Now or Never; they had the right idea in the U.K., where this was a #1 hit

    Carole Donald

    Matt Reese in the UK the a side was girl of my best friend.

    Bernard McGrail

    Its Now Or Never was a delayed release in the UK because of copyright issues with "O Sole Mio" so in the interim they issued Mess Of Blues as an A side single until they could release Now or Never some months later.

  47. mr. warmth

    i dont take subscibers so enjoy help you man out

  48. Gerard Pansanel

  49. Cookie Ceo

    Great! Great! Great!! Love Elvis and the blues.

  50. Rene LeClerc

    This is one of the very few songs from the early 60s where Elvis sang in a style similar to how he sounded in the 1950s.  Had this song done better - barely cracking the Top 40 in 1960 - Elvis might have done it more often.

    Graham James

    Great point! There are a few more like his 50's stuff: "Stuck On You," "It Feels So Right," "Like A Baby," "Reconsider Baby," "I Feel So Bad," "I Want You With Me," "Little Sister," & "Gonna Get Back Home Somehow." For ballads, "Are You Lonesome Tonight," "Make Me Know It," "Soldier Boy," and "It's A Sin."

    Trevor Morris

    @Graham James
    I'm extremely glad of your post listing a lot of Elvis' bluesy numbers. You've given me some great listening. I'm not struck on most of the ballads and gospel things that Elvis sang. I just don't like those songs. It's his blues that do it for me, and I didna know the ones you listed.

    Graham James

    @Trevor Morris thank you my friend. I feel the same dad always said that Elvis would have been the greatest blues singer in the history of music! 😂


    @Graham James Joe Cocker and Jackie Wilson said, "Nobody can sing blues better than Elvis"

  51. Mark Birkes

    A cool, cool song !!

  52. j luc vachet

    C'est sa meilleure!

    ismo fortnite

    Pour toi c'est sa meilleure chanson ne parle pas pour tout le monde.

  53. Hans Fritz


  54. Anna-Lill Brundin Bogren

    Thanlk you for very good music.Love.

    mr. warmth

    ur  welcome

  55. Norman Grimm

    You can hear Hank,Sr.'s influence on him in this song.

  56. jennifer gould

    Never Blue listening to this

    Alan Jay

    +jennifer gould   For cryin' out loud.......what couldn't he sing.

    jennifer gould

    Haven't found the song he couldn't sing or the genre. He was a perfectionist. Going to the
    SCC in Glasgow to see him on screen with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Priscilla will be there and if you want to meet her you need to pay £200 rather than the normal £56. It looks like she is making money on the back of Elvis but I don't think he would mind especially as a lot will go to Lisa who is already making half a billion out of Gracelands

    Alan Jay

    +jennifer gould Thats awesome. Have a great trip. Priscilla earned it, she was his one and only wife. Ok my story. I was raised just north of Detroit in a town called Mount Clemens. Elvis stayed at the Holiday Inn there and said that the city reminded him of Tupelo. I went to the concert at Olympia stadium. It was 1974. I've seen a few super stars but when Elvis came out you could feel the electricity in the air. It was magical. So glad I got to see him in concert. Lucky you. Hope you get to see Priscilla.

    Julie Smith

    Alan S. That hotel is still up but it's changed names and its, now a dump. I can't believe Elvis stayed at the Holiday Inn. I'm so jealous I was too young. Elvis still rocks!!

  57. AJCruzin

    I love this song, but IMO the Jeff Healey version is better. As much as I am an Elvis fan, some of his work had the wrong tempo, like the original versions of many of his songs. RIP King!

    Deborah Porter

    ur crazy and who the hell is jeff healey

  58. Peter Kane

    ..... Excellent.

    Frank Maltese

    +Peter Kane "Oops there goes a tear drop rollin down my face...if you cry when your alone sure aint no disgrace."

  59. Yakovism

    the best

  60. Jon O'Hara

    amazing tune.... defo one of his it

  61. ClemRoCkette

    Thanx for posting :)

  62. bill gee

    great stuff

  63. Randy Lee Snide Channel

    Elvis was really meant to sing the blues. He was a master at it!  He found his big success in Rock & Roll Which he did an Excellent job of as well. I would have loved to have seen him do more blues albums.

    Levon 106

    ABSOLUTELY and this song proves it !!


    as muddy waters sang the blues had a baby and they named it rock and roll, l agree, born for the blues

    Bobby Arp

    Me too!

    james Jameson

    Elvis was influenced by many more types of music that just the blues. His influences ranged from country music, folk , ballads, black gospel as well as white southern baptist gospel quartets. Elvis was no one trick pony, he could sing it all and loved it all.

    Truth Hitman

    I wished he lived longer and made songs in the 1980s onwards

  64. kenny presley

    good blues song

    Charlotte Hendershot

    kenny presley i love anything he sings

    Charlotte Hendershot

    i love elvis presley singing any song

  65. DarkGame BobbaHotel

    Depuis NUTELLA, on n'a pas fait mieux. Elvis THE KING OF THE WORLD.

    mark jones

    @DarkGame BobbaHotel aagh,yeshua the christ was and still is the ONLY one true king of the world and always will be uarevoir

  66. margriet visser

    atijd mooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  67. Ludo Krawinkel

    Blijft nog altijd goed klinken. 

    Dan Armando

    OOft Inky flewpee ripdee McStankalog.

  68. Debbie Wilson

    The train is still rolling . Elvis is Rocking . 


    your sure know your stuff young Ms. Wilson. long live the king. great song.

  69. Paul Herring

    There was hardly a thing Elvis couldn't sing. Here he sings the blues with the best of them (see also Heartbreak Hotel) and then ballads as good as anyone. What a super talent and what a waste!

  70. Tina

    Sexy man....handsome beutiful (yah you can say that about him ...even thoug he was a man ..cause he was)...a

  71. flimbambo

    Presley was one of these rare singers who could steer his voice wherever he wanted it to go - and it always sounded effortless and gorgeous

  72. 71JJS

    this is real music, simple and perfect ... only Elvis could give this beauty//esto es verdadera musica, simple y perfecta...solo elvis pudo dar esta belleza

  73. InTributeToTheKing

    Ive heard this and all the rest a thousand times BUT he always stuns me, absolutely incredible voice !

  74. SuperSporty66

    The Man could do it all!! Nuff said!

  75. Jack Kane

    magic from elvis.

  76. Wildmanfx Esteecee

    It's A dance song.....for the beach!!!!!!

  77. Wildmanfx Esteecee

    Great shag song!!!!!!!!

  78. Agent1W

    Yeah, man. "G.I. Blues" :D

  79. Mr. Franco Athos

    Very nice. Excellent sound

  80. 64downtown

    @BartA22 never heard of it--he mustve been recording everyday--just a magic voice--no one comes close-today or before--he new the art of singing i think he really knew his audience--anything he sang turned to gold--its just those waffles and the peanut butter stuff he ate--just a waste of good talent to go so soon

  81. Paul Italia

    Impossible not to move. Great Elvis!

  82. MJL3764

    One of the best from the king

  83. movement26