Presence - Van Down By The River Lyrics

I'm underrated in your eyes
undersized but on the rise
inclined to quench your hunger like supersizin' your fries
it's time to speak the truth
we're runnin' out of time
the ties that you have with your friends is the prize
we need to recognize hellos and goodbyes
and if we realize before we die
then we are wise
keep digging down deep inside
don't analyze the cries
just try to push ahead through the lows and the highs
In a world full of shit
I'm comin' fully equipped
mic in my hand
blunt at my lip
kickin somethin never nothin see you bluffin always puffin rough and tough and stuffin my soul with the flow
the van down by the river
Now someone's got beef
'cause you grew up in the east
you ain't claimin' the west so he knocks out your teeth
just another beatin' on the crime-infested streets
the strong get stronger while the weak are obsolete
so may you rest in peace
to the recently deceased
I know one day soon we will definitely meet
and when that day comes son
I'll be waitin' and prayin'
when the light goes off

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Presence Van Down By The River Comments
  1. KingKobraJoe

    Beautiful solo

  2. Music Madness

    The singer Jay Slim has a new band Dharmata.

  3. Matthew Warren

    Has that early 2000s P.O.D. sound. Nice

  4. MusicMoviesGames

    Underrated band. Love these guys.