Prefab Sprout - The Fifth Horseman Lyrics

You do not have to see me to know that I'm around
Pupils dilate, the anxious heart will pound
If you've a problem sleeping, well that's a danger sign
It means your troubled heart will soon be mine

The Bible mentions four
I tell you there's one more

Love is The Fifth Horseman
Love is The Fifth Horseman
Love is The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

So know that I could catch you at any time I choose
I do not feel the ground beneath my shoes
This stallion I am riding, his pedigree, his pride
Won't let him rest till I am by your side

The Bible mentions four
I'm living proof of more

Love is The Fifth Horseman
Love is The Fifth Horseman
Love is The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

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Prefab Sprout The Fifth Horseman Comments
  1. academic person

    I love Prefab Sprout.

  2. herve mertes

    la musique de prefab sprout change votre vie et vous fait atteindre le ciel....

  3. Peter Leeson

    Love the band and the way Paddy's mind works.Guess he is too deep for most folks, AC/DC have had 99 million hits on youtube for Runaway train from River Plate,i rest my case.

  4. King Green

    Andromeda Heights is so underrated... Literally the sound of my dreams...

  5. JAH452012

    To the 1 person who disliked : The fifth horseman is coming to get you ;-)

  6. jim hutchison

    love the intro , but he can be a troubled soul

  7. SC G

    My Forever beloved Prefab!

  8. André Machado

    read the bible

  9. ilse bothe

    i love this song & songs

  10. Rob Mack

    dont get this all.

    jim hutchison

    there are four horses mentioned in the bible, death ,war ,the antichrist, and famine , paddy clearly sees love as being a burden or perhaps a form of mental illness , he is clearly troubled with love

    Nick Nighthawk

    Jesus is love ... Jesus is the fifth horseman ...

  11. Stephen Griffin

    i didn't think they could exceed the excellence of that magical album Jordan, The Comeback. How wrong was I? This is just as good. Thanks for uploading.

  12. gillesnewwave

    great ! thanks fo rsharing. i m a huge fan of their stuff. just one DETAIL : the pic is not from the same era than this album. this is a 1983 pic taken from the Steeve Mac Queen era. just a detail but they look so young & beautiful on there!!!! love them. and their last LP (2 years ago) is great too. THX.

  13. dave core

    how can anyone say paddy mc or prefab sprout are underrated, he,s a genius a poet voice like an angel ll ibe playing their stuff when im 70, class is class

    academic person

    Great comment ....voice like an Angel is apt. Prefab Sprout is quite simply exquisite music.

  14. sean faron

    i was so influenced by this band i changed my name to faron after faron young great band

    academic person

    That's fanaticism ...but good fanaticism

  15. JAH452012

    Thanks for the comments so far....was glad to share this ;-)

  16. JAH452012

    @aquamarine094 : Yes, I couldn't agree more...a few more views now ;-)

  17. aquamarine094

    Wonderful song from a stunning album. Genius songwriter. So under rated. How can there be less than 5,000 views??

  18. Beruwela

    at 3:22 oh my God !!! a pure wonder !

  19. mayraharket

    I love this song :) thanks for sharing :D

  20. Rich B

    God how I LOVE this album and this track in particular!!!!!

  21. madmuppet13

    Incredible! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Mark Margo

    thanks for this men!