Prefab Sprout - Ride Lyrics

I look around me and I see
Folks leading more constructive lives than me
They don't this for reward
They are walking in the footsteps of their Lord
For themselves they make no claim
They may die without the world knowing their name

But they will ride, ride, going to their Lord, they will ride
They will ride, ride, going to their God, they will ride
They will ride, ride, going to Jesus

Some good people will deny
Anything they can't see with their own eyes
They don't walk in God's light
They just walk the way they do because it's right

And they will ride...

People hear me: who can know?
If our time on Earth's the warm up or the show
Ask a good man, there's no doubt
He'll have too much on his mind to work it out

And he will ride...

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Prefab Sprout Ride Comments
  1. Philippe Trape

    Paddy Mc Aloon, the Brian Wilson of the 90's. A true musical genius. God bless Paddy!

  2. Ian Coloma

    un album de 1993 lanzado 16 años depues , esta cancion es mi favorita.

  3. anna mulledwine

    Profound lyrics....

  4. edgardo gregorini

    Definitly fan of Paddy McAloon and his incredible beautiful music

  5. Franck Loddo

    paddy je t adore

  6. SixFootSwell

    I'm not a religious person, but I've always appreciated Paddy's spirituality. Saved me many times.

  7. paul bombone

    what a real toe tapper !!! play it loud

  8. paul bombone

    what a real toe tapper !!! play it loud

  9. juls xx

    Lifelong member of Prefab.But all the religion?Sounds nice without god anyway;)

  10. shrew972

    I wonder how it would sound if recorded with guitars and stuff by the raw early line-up...

  11. Roberto Da luz

    fantastic song!!!

  12. jules031056

    Cool jacket, Paddy. Who's your tailor?

  13. Jose Barquero Saz

    es un genio por vida

  14. Nino Purgar

    You know what's the ultimate experience ever? Driving through Ireland, England and Scotland's green lands and playing this music!

    Edgardo Gregorini

    I do The same but un my Country on my bike with The ipod connected. I go to Ride. Beautiful experience!

  15. Nelma Mattosinho

    I want came too :) kisses

  16. Nelma Mattosinho

    oh came from ireland!! <3

  17. Craig Rose

    Sweet, sweet sound.

  18. edgardo gregorini

    Pop & elegance

  19. Rob M

    Im sure he will forgive me ;)

  20. edgardo gregorini

    Beautiful pop song, so much style, cool & finest

  21. 194decibels

    ya wot is this

  22. ShakespeareAvenue

    Paddy was born-again. This is a hymn.


  23. Robert Bird

    Paddy! U must be on drugs!

  24. Rob M

    The Jesus bit puts me off a bit but I still like the song nonetheless

  25. Rob M

    down with corporations!

  26. big boy music - ron beck

    so so happy to discover their return! what a great song for the new generation; prefab sprout continues to move!

  27. pedro ruiz

    paddy where the hell are you

  28. pedro ruiz

    folks leading a more. . .

  29. Simeon Banner

    High Praise but I think Paddy McAloon is as good even better songwriter artist than the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. All the pseudo Old testament nonsense of Dylan but Paddy weaves a very original tapestry of musical and lyrical power. His songs never really date. A great talent which if he was American would have been given the full credit deserved.

  30. Marco Torres Paz

    prefab sprout

  31. Rob Mack

    To quote the man "it's just a bloody pop song!!" him.

  32. skinny boy

    wot a grea idea...a prefab sprout pub...genius....access only by bringing in a album or c.d....

  33. randykawasaki

    I think a few people take the lyrics a bit too literally. Ethics and religeon are not the same thing. This was like 1992/3 and what is really interesting is how close Paddy is to House...

  34. chutasynth

    @cuacharin ese día hay que creer en Jesus jaja

  35. enfinlibre68

    In any case,Paddy is ambitious.His ambition is clearly that of a classic writer who creates characters as a novelist.His voice as a singer should not always be confused with that of Paddy the man.I am deeply touched by that song because I am making the opposite journey:the overwhelming majority of the most evil persons I can think of are christians or monotheist (the extreme being the mobsters italians,russians,irish,african,muslims,jews) but even if very few are good people we need them.

  36. enfinlibre68

    After watching an interview in the old TVseries Rapido.Paddy's clear goal is to talk about deep moral issues yet using a common dance beat of the time.Paddy being fascinated by popular musicals.He was still trying to write a religious one.Spirituality and Religion cannot and should not be reduced to any organized religion.See yourself as you are and find your own path to enlightenment.Free yourself!The lyrics in God watch over you go"I have no time for religion maybe doubt is a modern disease"

  37. tht707

    @hawera261: The lyrics tread in a very slippery way in what the sermon of the Mount pictures as people living saintly lives without having clearly met Christ. However, it contains teologically erroneous elements as it speaks of "not walking in the footsteps of their Lord" or "not walking in God’s light", since the beatitudes present people implicitly "walking in God’s light". It’s more than ambiguous. It appears inherently erroneous.

  38. hawera261

    I am a huge Prefab Sprout fan and I think this song is a beautifully crafted piece of music but I have an issue with verse 2. If you deny Jesus you will not be going home to Him. No good works will get you to heaven. We all fall short of the glory of God. We are all in the same boat, no matter how good or bad we believe we are. It is faith in Jesus that gets you to heaven. He rose again to show 'time on Earths the soundcheck '. Believe this and you 'will ride home to Jesus, head held high.'

  39. enfinlibre68

    Paddy is a brilliant lyricist and a true musical artist in the long northern CELTIC sense and tradition of the word.I guess the Beatles,Shack,Jah Wobble belong to this tradition also.Actually Andromeda H did reach a level hardly attained in the 90s and certainly not since Steve Mc Queen.I still regard the Swoon album breakthrough as something utterly different and deeply moving.It was hard to predict then they would get so sweet and still retain an edge but THIS won't change the World for sure.

  40. megaEDWIN3

    paddy should join zz top

  41. john normile

    peace and love... and endless gratitude to you for giving me hope since 84

  42. john normile

    I too want to live in the country and wear purple and create fantasic things....i love you

  43. Spike Worsley

    I don't know why I'm bothering to try to describe this song or this man...I am not worthy.

  44. SiriosIX

    I love his voice. Prefab Sprout are an amazing band. One of my favourite bands ever. They get better.

  45. billy


  46. Monstruo de Agua

    @Confite Al menos ahora se que no estoy sólo ni loco... :D Yo amo a esta banda, claro que estamos en la misma frecuencia, los podría escuchar todo el día y a todas horas, cuando eran los cuatro (mas algunos agregados ocasionales) eran perfectos. Un abrazo.

  47. Rob Mack

    what a load of crap! from the off but come on!

  48. JaiBlueCave2

    @AleksRealSyntek Ey escuchen a este Syntek. Creo que es un mùsico conocido de la escena de Latinoamèrica. Y si èl lo dice------

  49. Spike Worsley

    I'll buy you a pint mate!

  50. rickstill122

    Heaven to me is a Pub full of Prefab fans.

  51. lets beone


  52. dahalu

    Again, I have been listening for this song in the middle of my playlist and there is a difference. Best song that came out in 2009 - no doubt.

  53. rc42bass


  54. Spike Worsley

    Is Paddy, or is Paddy not, a total Blesspoppet?

  55. Monstruo de Agua

    Esta música trasciende el tiempo y el espacio. La perfección existe.

  56. Monstruo de Agua

    Si llega el día en que los Sprouts se vuelvan a reunir, con Neil Conty (dios de la batería) y Wendy Smith (coros celestiales) y vuelven a tocar y hacen una gira, y llegan a México. Ese día me puedo morir feliz. (de que quieres tu nieve?)

  57. DNoelC

    100% Genius.

  58. foggydayinlondon

    Wonderful,magic,uplifting - another great track from another great album from a truly great band.
    Great stuff, from Jock.

  59. coolti44

    my favourite record this year!!! I love it!!

  60. IGiveYouPermission

    Paddylicious, home to Jesus.


    How wonderful. Home to Jesus, heads held high. Thanks Prefab.
    Happy Christmas everybody.

  62. awizardatruestar

    Think I might return to church. St Godric's sunday evening mass prior to a night down town. God bless y'all!

  63. iainwish

    Class is permanent

  64. JamesBentley1981

    Wonderful song from a wonderful album. Thanks Paddy.

  65. greblac

    thanks Paddy

  66. Cesar Augusto

    un maestro, God Save Paddy!

  67. Brendan Farrell

    Just Great Prefab Sprout - again!

  68. Spike Worsley

    I always prayed that I'd live to hear Paddy write and sing yet another classic. Ahhhhh.....let's all ride home to our peace eh?

  69. parkingtech

    B e a u t i f u l .

  70. xebio6

    Great tune, yet I'll forever wonder what this would have sounded like played/recorded by the band... A highly polished demo with some of Paddy's best singing and composing. I just miss his underrated guitar playing and a "human" rhythm section. If only he took this on tour...

  71. Davide's Jukebox Television

    Love it, I hope the made an official video of this song

  72. greblac

    than you so much Paddy

  73. scodee

    Love This !!

  74. lennart birch

    old record ....nice ..

  75. Spike Worsley

    No, you are right! Stands the test of time though, which is a hallmark of great music!

  76. Bjorn-Inge Blomqvist

    Not sure his "back". The "new" album was made in the early ninetees but the record company was reluctant to release it at that time. That's what I've heard.

    Hope I'm wrong.

  77. Matthew Kruger

    Maybe it's- "The same good people will deny anything that they can't see with their own eye...." ???

    So true!!

  78. Matthew Kruger

    Soon the people will deny anything that they can't see with their own eye...

  79. Spike Worsley

    SUBLIME! Welcome home Paddy, missed but not forgotten. Hope you are well.

  80. JaiBlueCave2

    the holly grail for music searchers!

  81. João Almeida

    True Genius!!!

  82. JaiBlueCave2

    Es nuestro grial musical.


  83. Denis Carrick

    I would gladly spend my life carrying youre bags. Top of the Class.

  84. Sproutinghoopla


    Thats a kind of I like the razor edge of the song, where you can view it as a kind of Christian message, or say that thats not strictly necessary. Its an ambiguous song. And I like that, because, personally, if I hear music where I dont agree with the viewpoint in it its maybe difficult for me to enjoy. So it was a challenge to try and make records that have a spiritual theme, but wont alienate people.
    (Interview with Arnie Ziegler, Radio Bremen 2009)

  85. João Almeida


  86. Ni Cl

    This album is incredibly good