Prefab Sprout - Let There Be Music Lyrics

In the beginning was a mighty bang
As the shockwaves spread and the heavens rang
From the start this world was violent
Man asked why but the sky was silent
God was moved, he made a choice
He said: 'let music be my voice'

Let there be music
Music will be...
And you shall hear my story
You will glimpse my glory
And find a refuge
From the trouble that you see

Let there be music
Music will be...
And if your burden grieves you
Your baby ups and leaves you
I'll be your blues if you should choose
To lean on me

He, he said let there be (let there be)
Music, and there was...
Children don't you cry, because
He, he said let there be (let there be)
Music, and there was...
Children don't you cry, because...

There shall be music
Music will be...
And if cupid's bow
Strikes you low
Hey Jules and Jim
I wrote the hymn to ecstasy

He, he said let there be (let there be)
Music, and there was...
Children don't you cry, because...

I am always near you
So don't think I can't hear you
I am present, I am calling
In the sound when rain is falling

I wear the thin disguise
The lovers' sobs and sighs...
Don't you know
Who I am?

Who I am?...

He, he said let there be (he said let there be)
Music, and there was...
Children don't you cry, because
He, he said let there be
Music, and there was...
Children don't you cry, because

There shall be music
Music will be...

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Prefab Sprout Let There Be Music Comments
  1. Luigi Loconsole

    Paddy non posso crederci non ti vedo bene con la barba e i capeloi bianchi ritorna. Ti pregho giovane sei un grande paddy

  2. Sergio

    j'adore je reviens régulièrement l'ecouter

  3. jorge fortes

    The  songs that Paddy writes are from another sphere of music. Fortunatelly for us he managed to invite them to show up and here they are. Thanks Paddy.

  4. mikesmee

    Paddy is one of the best songwriters in history!

    buser michele

    I agree;)

  5. Stuart Goodall

    This is best group there ever was!!! Love them over and beyond!

  6. Franck Loddo

    paddy tu es un genie

  7. Jiri Jelinek

    awesome it. congrats ! ;)

  8. Guillermo Casanovas

    Pady Macloon ------a MONSTER COMPOSER MUSICIAN........Orchesta+rock+balade+sweet feeling+elctronic music a huge mixture

  9. Julio Carlos

    Fantastico° me encanta.

  10. Olivier Frey

    probably the best group in the world


    I agree...sounds like 90'

    Sr L

    no probably about it.

    Javier Carrasco

    Olivier Frey The best group ever, without doubt...

  11. Julio Carlos

    Genio! genio! genial. maravilloso, aquí tienes un fan mas Paddy, desde Lima Peru.

  12. Jace 00

    Let there be music so simple so beautiful!

  13. Iron chopper

    let there be....puddy.....greaaaaat

  14. Jose Barquero Saz

    Paddy eres un monstruo musical vuelve pronto se te hecha de menos. Cualquier canción tuya son fabulosas y cuando más las oyes más te gustan.Un abrazo

  15. Juanmanuel Tamayo


  16. Pan oRoya

    This is truly awful - it sounds like a pastiche of commercial 80s pop. I'm quite shocked because "I trawl the megahertz" is a brilliant album that I listen to regularly. Hard to believe it emanates from the same consciousness.

    Jim Stanton

    It’s next level those who know know

    veritas 9

    awful ?? all of PADDY'S tunes this trancends the decades, obviously are listening not feeling !


    His criticism probably emanates from his atheism.

    Javier Carrasco

    Pan oRoya Your music taste is awful...

  17. jean-michel Wain

    Très bon titre avec un rappel des premières années.

  18. Elisabeth Sauvageau

    Best. Song. Ever.

  19. WorshipDarkWave

    huh wha?

  20. ShakespeareAvenue

    Paddy wrote great lyrics before he found Jesus. It's a pity because he was one of the best.

    I really believe this so don't bark at me.

    There are new singers without the bible attached. England keeps producing great musicians.


    C S

    Paddy isn't religious man, he has a song on this same album where the opening lyric is "I've no time for religion". Don't be daft

  21. pasajerO 747

    seria imposible elegir un superhit de paddy, todo es encanto y feeling. como dice katona, en españa se te quiere paddy. ojala algun dia hubiera un concierto de prefab, aunque hoy por hoy es imposible. pero tenemos la suerte sus fans de este magnifico legado musical.

  22. whyyoulidl

    +1 on all the positive PS/PM comments.

  23. wayne curzon

    still has a gift for writing a good song and he always had a beautiful voice X love you Paddy X

  24. Azwel

    cant get enough of this one. most of the album too

  25. patcharisma

    Please, please, please: Post also the incredible "Angel of Love" <3
    Pat, Switzerland

  26. David Roussel

    mon seul regret est de ne pas avoir pu les voir en concert .

  27. enfinlibre68

    I meant of course 2000years of mental torture.Cf Associates and Billy Mc Enzie.

  28. William Francis

    I've been a fan since the Eighties. Top class!!!

  29. Tan Goo

    quel bonheur d'entendre du prefab

  30. plan9or10

    thier always unique so great! I have trouble with thier religious thing.

  31. SteelyDan77

    @cuacharin Exacto!

  32. JaiBlueCave2

    @gilliebrand How lucky you! I'd love to meet Paddy, I'm a big fan of him.
    From Argentina

  33. Somebody Else

    OMG!!! new music from Prefab Sprout? I am so so happy right now. This is still good, it usually happens that everyone who comes back years later really sucks. Paddy is amazing as usual!

  34. federation9

    super stuff!

  35. bh617

    great song, terrible vocal compression and terrible drum machine

  36. Megaaan_xo

    aha :^ ?
    i know him he's my friens uncle (yn)


    You know Paddy???
    What is he like???
    It always seems to me like he is a very pleasant person.

  37. Megaaan_xo

    aha :^ ?

  38. Paul Gill

    Forgotten how good Prefab Sprout are. I was born in the same village and worked in a office with his cousin. Saw him there once briefly. Really nice guy, and great song writer. Keep up the good work Paddy!

  39. john normile

    Beautiful... God is all over this album...

  40. john normile

    Beautiful... God is all over this album...

  41. Gelsyviolet

    Lunga vita e Felicita. Grazie

  42. Syntpop

    i MISS YOU!

  43. billy

    @strikeronetuber GREAT NEWS

  44. 9ertsch

    @sirarthurfiggis I can only think of one other: Green Gartside of Scritti Politti. Have a listen on YouTube to the beautiful 'Petrococadollar' from Scritti's most recent album. Green's voice, like Paddy's, is still in the same superb nick it ever was (Green's grown a big beard as well!). Great that he and Paddy are still around and making music.

  45. Z J Proz

    Paddy..... pre-Gillette endorsement deal.....sorry....but the beard has to go......beautiful music nonetheless.....

  46. LongBoarD

    en fait, ce n'est pas chronologiquement leur dernier album. celui ci a été enregistré en 92 apres "jordan the comeback". il avait été refusé par le label à l'époque...
    à quand un vrai nouvel album ?

  47. Jaume Gelabert

    very happy to hear his eyesight came back. This man is responsible for so many beautiful songs!

  48. Jaume Gelabert

    poor Paddy went blind :(

  49. alextw13jf

    Hats off for one of the greates British songwriters ever. Superb track. God bless Paddy.

  50. SusieLa1

    He was so handsome. Winder what made him grow the beard?

  51. Monstruo de Agua

    Paddy es un genio, de eso no hay ninguna duda. Pero la unión de los 4 creaba algo mágico. Los Mc Aloon siguen haciendo una música increíble, pero cuando los 4 formaban Prefab Sprout se podía escuchar algo parecido a la "eternidad"

  52. Jorge Andrés Arango L.

    @cuacharin Me parece que la voz de Wendy al fondo, le daban a Prefab un sello distitivo, único. Neil Conti, un baterista versátil, la banda no sólo eran los Mc Aloon

  53. Valter Giannelli

    nonostante gli anni che passano ci fanno sempre sognare!

  54. Monstruo de Agua

    Amo Prefab Sprout. Ojala volvieran a unirse con Neil Conti y Wendy Smith. Ni siquiera se le puede llamar mágica a esta música, es algo todavía más grande...

  55. Bear B

    According to Katona97 just here below, I´m glad a person at 12 years old of today brings the music of Prefab to His/Her life! My age is 43 and still listens to your music since the first album as an healing mindtherapy, sort of!?
    Prefab Sprout fills me up with great harmonics and intelligent lyrics... and I´m so glad you existing!!
    One missing part... Wendy Smith?

  56. Life Goes On Productions

    I'd buy it based on just this song. It carries the original etherial quality I liked in some of their the old stuff, into the present. Thought they were history, so this is great news!

  57. amicus82

    Mr McAloon is one of the greatest songwriters ever...If there shall be music let's please have some more from you soon

  58. katona97

    Paddy if you really knew that I was born in '97 along with your Andromeda Heights, and now after 12 years are helping me so much with your music. In my country (Spain) love you Paddy. Too bad this disc does not radiate or this promotion. Thanks for existing.

  59. Kontrol TV

    Hello Paddy. just to say that you guys are an inspiration and a presence in my life. the best pop music ever made.
    im a professional underground dj ,and ive always your cds on my ipod in my travels around the world.
    all the best!!!!

  60. 1cutchie

    Bless you Paddy, and all you McAloons. Your music has brought so much beauty and art to my life, thank you.

  61. sproutyDP

    This great sound may have been written in 92 but it will always be THE song of 2009 to me .
    Good health for the future Paddy.

  62. DNoelC

    Paddy is an inspiration. An artist who produces creative, melodic and uplifting songs. One of the true greats. I tip my hat as I look forward to hearing the 'new' album!

  63. awizardatruestar

    Makes you proud to be from County Durham. Roll Mo! (rgan)

    Javier Carrasco

    Wonderful and en honour.

  64. Alicia Nieto

    Miracles DO exist!!!!...Thank you Paddy!!!!

  65. iyrdy

    the last band of albums on plastic with a spiral etch that i had them all and needed to know i had everything they did, the last band

  66. Rob Mack

    is the new album out yet?

  67. yaze freeman

    Hello,magnificent and wonderful song and unforgettable band,thanks,bye.

  68. alextw13jf

    Cupid's bow strikes you .. and so does Paddy's music! Straight to heart. This man keeps surprising me. One of the best songwriters ever. Enormous talent, enormously under-rated but.. who cares.. beauty is for the ones who sees it. Lucky to be one of those! Love. Thans 4 posting.

  69. X0c0wa5d0x

    this band is incredible and for there age amazing

  70. xebio6

    For "those who wait": we may be in for yet more surprises, as it seems there may be three or four full unreleased PS albums hidden in vaults somewhere...

  71. Doubleringer

    Beautiful Sprout music

  72. Gettuned

    Thank you Paddy!

  73. patethebassplayer

    Darvoset.. yeah sure..

  74. greblac

    well well Paddy boy, this is so awsome. We have been waiting for Your comeback for so long. Its brilliant

  75. DEJAVU1103

    que buen disco,,,saludos desde Perú,,,,,

  76. Beruwela

    incredibly beautiful !!! unreal !!! a masterpiece !

  77. David Roussel

    prefab est de retour pour notre plus grand plaisir.....
    musique et paroles pleines de bon sens,comme seul paddy sait le faire ...
    merci prefab...

  78. Kenyon Mills

    I totally agree Paddy has some of the warmest chord progressons, & the music is so alluring in the way of it striking your emotions that is remenicint of Todd rundgren. This song reminds me of being in Germany riding around in cars

  79. xebio6

    Paddy is a genius in the same league as people like Donald Fagen: creative, original. That said, I've just bought the album and have to say I expected a little less synth and a bit more guitars, but it's full of songs that will grow on you. Some of his best singing, though i's a real pity the rest of the band didn't get to record it and as it is a one-man effort, it´s a bit too heavy on programming and drum machines, at least for my taste.

    Javier Carrasco

    Excelent comparison.

  80. patethebassplayer

    God I love this song. What a genius.

  81. 2LV2

    All hail the King of rock 'n Roll... (Pop!)

  82. nat33musique

    magnifique, majestueux et brillant
    la musique , la musique, rien que la musique

  83. clausimausi1962

    oh paddy love and music will come in poesie

  84. kirin2112

    Let's be concise. Do you like Prefab Sprout? Always were hoping for more? Yes to either of the above two should have you scrambling to your local retailer be they a store or internet site. Buy this at your earliest opportunity, this is why music exists.....Bravo!

  85. Arturo Fiquís

    I've never heard another artist whose voice has aged as pristinely as Paddy's.

  86. Miranda Diboll

    I was at that gig too but didn't hear the chatting because I was right at the very front!

  87. andygb1969

    one of the best bands of the 80's, so glad they are back again. the song is just fantastic...

  88. redrob67

    So glad I went to see the Sprouts (minus a couple of members) on their last tour back in 2000.

    Paddy has made it pretty clear he has no intention of touring again due to his health problems.

    I just wish the crowd at the Shepherds Bush Empire that night had showed a little more respect instead of chattering their way through the entire gig. Middle class media cunts.

  89. Ruth

    OMG! Gotta get this album! :-)

  90. tokaamlyqu

    Since their first album (little green Isaac etc...) they have continued to be excellent

  91. Der Golem

    I feel encouraged. i shall not make it grow - but just let it grow! i hear the neat scritti politti sound, but thanks Paddy it´s got the soul we have always missed back then

  92. Geraldine Drew

    great to see them back in the album charts!!

  93. crimsonrush

    I'm not into religion at all, but I love that he sings from the heart. He almost makes a believer out of me. :)

  94. crimsonrush

    I download everything but I made darned sure I bought this one. Love you Paddy.

  95. crimsonrush

    It was released in the UK on the 7th of September. :)

  96. Matthew Kruger

    This is music that grips your soul....

    Thank you Paddy for uplifting me!!

    Much love from the U.S.!!

  97. Geraldine Drew

    Only got the album yesterday but I am loving it so far. Earth the story so far is a beautiful song. I know it originally belonged between Jordan and Andromeda Heights and you can really hear that.

  98. Ivar A. Berge

    Beautiful album!