Prefab Sprout - Green Isaac Lyrics

Stella Mater, light is failing
Making such a fool of thee
When you'd love to be someone...

This is the time, I've set aside
From selling old rope
And telling bad jokes
And cul de sac pride

I've learnt today, while falling apart
The most eloquent way
To speak or to pray
Is straight from the heart

Oh but to shine like Joan of Arc
You must be prepared to burn

Forget the style and choose from twelve notes
In itself it's a joy
Whether it soothes or annoys
A song starts in the throat

Take two kinds of look, and one wedding day
Now isn't it clear
There's nothing they'll hear
That you'd want to say

And if you've no new clothes to wear
Then simply wash and comb you hair

And little green Isaac, you're gonna walk backwards through the room
Does that mean I won't see you?
It means you're gonna walk backwards through the room
And little green Isaac, I hear you're still wet behind the ears
Isaac's a soft name, it sounds like a pocketful of rain
Well up that stairway he rose, and down that stairway he goes
Green Isaac
Green Isaac
Green Isaac

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Prefab Sprout Green Isaac Comments
  1. Paul Roseen

    Bon mot after bon mont

  2. Isaac Santella

    what does it mean

    Lue Blobster

    It's about you

  3. Seth Reynolds

    Yeah this album will take off within the next 12 months. Said it here first. Exponential growth.

  4. Natasha Baldrian

    best harmonies ever, just gorgeous

  5. W D Clarke

    I've learnt today, while falling apart, the most eloquent way
    to speak or to pray, is straight from the heart

    Sanjay Srikonda

    +W D Clarke but to shine like joan of arc is to be prepared to burn.

    This and 42 makes sense

  6. David Verlinden


  7. Dead Deer

    Chords please anyone?

  8. IsaC T

    Favourite lines:
    'Isaac's a soft name
    It sounds like a pocketful of rain'
    Great songwriting

  9. maaya111mk

    GGGGreen Isaaaaaaaac <3
    Their 1st & 2nd is the best.

  10. scodee

    Increadable song .. From an Increadable album !!

  11. Arthur Adamson

    Just love this song. Thoughout my life I have listened to, and enjoyed many other artsits. But no matter what I get into, I always seem to come back to this album again and again. Paddy McAloon is simply out on his own when it comes to totally orginal song writing. There is simply nothing like this then or now. Unique !

  12. Dave Hall

    I hear you're all still wet behind the ears?

    James Beattie

    Yea int it lovely, just as long as you have a pocket full of rain.

  13. lonegroover

    @Bustin5Knots yes, the reason being the Format nicked the opening lines to Green Isaac, which was released over twenty years earlier.

  14. Jackson Vose

    @Bustin5Knots or other way around

  15. Jackson Vose

    is there any reason they took a few lines from the format song "pick me up?"

    Dan Harper

    Jackson Vose - oh the ignorance of youth, The Format stole this from Prefab Sprout
    , this came out twenty years before them