Preatures, The - Pale Rider Lyrics

I shall not want
But I do want
I do want you, stranger
I shall not wake
But I do wake
To the vigilante come for me

Oh, oh
Pale rider

Shake me back cause I’m coming back
To the town where my true love turns in his sleep
And perhaps in the silent of the night he came
Lines of menace all across his face

Oh, you know him
Pale rider

I know he leads a darkened light
But I do not fear
The shadow of a man
I love and understand

Come from nowhere
Leave from nowhere
Oh, it’s an old, old game
Watch his figure
Bound and blooded
Turn to me as the light shines from the pane

I know that face
Pale rider

I know he leads a darkened light
But I do not fear
The shadow of a man
I love and understand

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Preatures, The Pale Rider Comments
  1. revenger2

    i love your music so much ! i wish you all the best from Romania

  2. cari rose

    gives me goosebumps, love it

  3. Edwin Martinez

    What a voice

  4. Michael

    Phenomenal. Love the drums.

  5. Starry&Bohemian

    futuristic Jefferson Airplane ?

    Mitchell Watterson

    @Starry&Bohemian more patti smith, but each to their own


    @Mitchell Watterson More both so... but she  cames later so... and what about the aesthetic who seems more psychedelic than a seed of punks to come

  6. Mathew Hurtado

    Shocking Blue 2.0, magnificent.

  7. HMan

    Sound reminds me so much of Blue Oyster Cult... Pretty good for an indie emo-rock band!

  8. cinemar

    Only 2 years ago they sounded like a totally different band.

    Ray B

    Gideon left

  9. IMAGINETHATaustralia

    This clip is great. Recurring dream nostalgia!

  10. Alexandre Rodrigues

    Like the oldies. Great music.


    Love it. The sounds remind me years 70's and 80's

  12. CindyVision

    This is like Shania Twain on acid! I love it.

  13. Kombat Kitty

    She reminds me of Chrissie Hynde in this one.

  14. Steve Hawksworth

    On this one... No higher compliment, a modern Grace Slick

  15. Tammy Minor

    Reminds me of Jefferson airplane , somewhat.

    Ted Marsden

    I was thinking The Doors with a female lead.

    Jeremy Whitney

    @Ted Marsden I was thinking the same exact thing as soon as it started playing.


    I think of The Pretenders or Heart

  16. Saskia Black

    guys haate to break it to u...its an old song...its a cover...a very very good cover...

    Anna Cuthill

    It's not.

    Luc Knight

    Is it? I know the theme from the film "Pale Rider" (an instrumental) but am not familliar with a different version of this song. Who sang the original?


    Still waiting . . .

  17. My Name Is Erin

    I'm starting to fall in love with this group! This is coming from a 14 year old girl, by the way.

  18. Dane Bonomini

    This comment would have been better if you kept it to yourself.

  19. Keef9264

    The open stanza and the way Izzy sings is very reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux. The resemblance is so close, its freaky.

  20. Wowo Mah

    Cannot get over how astoundingly well written this song is, the music video fits perfectly too

  21. Jarrod

    This song would have been awesome, if Beach House hadn't released an album in 2010.

  22. Stefano Manfredi

    Still one of my favourite Preatures songs!! Nice job guys.

  23. James Swartz

    You guys are fantastic, who did your music videos?

  24. Miguel Jiménez Alfaro

    I love her!

  25. Wayne o

    she's got a great voice.

  26. becmajec

    got this when it was single of the week on itunes- couldn't believe my luck. great track.

  27. Sabs K

    incredible song.

  28. Bharath L

    I will remember the day when it becomes a huge hit and will tell my friend I knew it!!! :)

  29. TheUnDeAdRoCkStAr666

    loved these guys live!!!

  30. onukoll

    We need more!

  31. 1stleda

    what a gorgeous voice, so sensual

  32. Twincesttheband

    Invincibly beautiful!