Powerwolf - Blessed & Possessed Lyrics

Et Affectus

Warfare, pain and murder
in Golgatha we stand
for the last rite of heaven
the seventh sacrament

Born of blood and fire
and blessed by midnight's hand
in the core of the pyre
no sorrow we repent

And we ride by the storm
in the night we're reborn
and we carry our hearts to the dome
To the Bible we're sworn
in the dark we transform
and we die
by the dawn all alone

In the night we can't rest
in the dark we are blessed
and in moonlight we fight for the father
We are brave to the heart
blood and fire we part
and forever we pray for we are

Blessed and Possessed
Blessed and Possessed
Blessed and Possessed

Cursed by our desire,
and guided by our lust
holy father in heaven,
in sacristy we trust

Blessed before the altar,
no life in celibate
for the call of the wicked,
the wicked we await

And we die by the sword
undead life our reward
and we carry our lust all alone
To the Bible we're sworn
in desire transform
we're not blessed
when undressed to the bone

In the night we can't rest
in the dark we are blessed
and in moonlight we fight for the father
We are brave to the heart
blood and fire we part
and forever we pray for we are

Blessed and Possessed
Blessed and Possessed
Blessed and Possessed

Et Affectus

Et Affectus

In the night we can't rest
in the dark we are blessed
and in moonlight we fight for the father
We are brave to the heart
blood and fire we part
and forever we pray for we are

Blessed and Possessed

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Powerwolf Blessed & Possessed Comments
  1. The White Oni

    Thank you ymfah

  2. BloodAngel

    Best for dark souls!!!

  3. Striker ClaN

    When you finally kill manus on sl1

  4. H. D.

    What is the original song called which is there at the beginning? The 'benedictus et affectus'
    I've been searching for half an hour now but I couldn't find anything :( anyone tell me pls

  5. Dave of the Dead

    love how many dark souls players know of this band now

  6. Elias Ainsworth

    Ymfah uses this to let ya know that you can broke most of every game that he plays

  7. The Killmaster Gaming

    Thano ymfah for introducing me

  8. Kobe Vriens

    Who's better

  9. Polish Hussar

    Powerwolf is kinda censored in France REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. Red Legionnaire

    I know this is christian, but...


  11. Red Legionnaire

    I ain't christian but damn does christian rock sound pretty damn good.

  12. Shimox of Astorias

    Dark souls

  13. Arlon

    Ben affleck-tus

  14. Arlon

    We need one of these but for the greek gods. Jesus is wack as fuck

  15. Evert De Rijke

    Christianity: The Church is slowly getting empty.
    Me: You know. If you did this...

    viking of 1353


    Evert De Rijke

    @viking of 1353 I said the church got empty. I didn't say to start the crusades. One zealous religion per century.

    viking of 1353

    @Evert De Rijke halleluja

    Evert De Rijke

    @viking of 1353 Amen and peanut butter.

  16. Chaotik

    Thank you Ymfah for introducing me to this amazing band

  17. Zombycow

    Group: powerwolf
    Genre: Crusader metal

  18. Cyberspino

    This+Doom=Most Christian thing ever

  19. Hunter Parsons

    gets real at 1:14

  20. DinoTheRuler

    I like to think that because of Ymfah that millions of people know this band lol

  21. Shivam Roy

    Time to claim the holy land back!

  22. Shouter

    Kodlak Whitemane: this is a curse

    Everyone in the Companions circle: 1:32

  23. Malika Bance Nicole


    Malika Bance Nicole

    je suis d accord avec toi gg mon gars

  24. 后辈

    안녕 to ymfah. :)

  25. Voracious Sergal

    Too bad the only good part of the song is 20 seconds long and then it becomes generic slag

    Xander Shullaw

    Well you're not getting into Heaven

  26. Dark Warrior

    Im here to spank ganks (dark souls) and eat sweet rolls (skyrim), and im all out of sweet rolls

  27. MythicalRaboway

    *who 2019?*

  28. Patrich Morrone

    Singing this while playing a giant dad run

  29. Mágico Sagan

    Miyazaki loves swamps.

  30. Zoe Grace Harris The First

    Holy shit Catholic werewolves

  31. plus 4 me daddy

    “so what song are you playing at the dance?”
    “it’s christian rock, don’t worry”

  32. Bruh Moment


  33. Panfu0071

    One does not simply walk into here without ever having watched a ymfah video.

  34. Reigniac

    4:02 is the part Y'all lovely ymfah subscribers are looking for

  35. Alicia Edgar

    i am this is my favorite metal songs that ymfah plays in his intro

  36. Nl Nl


  37. PreGame

    I play mount and blade warband 😆 just here to get the right feeling 🙏😈🏹👊

  38. 『O C E A N M A N』

    so you want to sl1 dark souls he

  39. real anime girls?

    You mean to say this song is about crusader knights that are also werewolves?

    That’s the most badass, stupid, hilarious, Christian, and edgy thing I’ve ever heard of, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

  40. Thom

    Ymfah is probs the best promoter of this band. Never would have heard of powerwolf otherwise.

  41. Collette Andre

    You need Jesus

  42. The Bounty Hunters

    And they say that rock cant be christian friendly...

  43. Nekrotik Plays

    when you play orzhov magic decks in innistrad block.

  44. Doerte Ohmsen

    Gael ymfah gang 4 ever

  45. Erik van der Velden

    I feel like my hair is too short to be listening to this

  46. Виталий Литовченко

    Purely for the final boss Darks Souls 3

  47. Zombycow

    i try not to get too excited.
    >hears 1:13
    >begins swinging arms like a madman, beating dragons to death with an iron mace

  48. Begzod Melhem

    His kepping soul and gods and nether realm

  49. Begzod Melhem

    This should add in Grim soul game

  50. Phy

    I eat your ass

  51. TheSlipGateStudios

    I got +10 Blessing, +77 Holy Power and +144.000 HP boost


    still level 1

  52. Grissom Rose

    If you need badass music during a boss fight power wolf is your man

  53. Accident07

    This is basically Christian metal


    My spirit music indeed

  54. Ezra Mann-Thompson

    All memes aside this is actually kinda good

  55. gage barker

    Someone plz make a 10 version of this :-\

    gage barker

    Edit: 10 hour or 1

  56. FabimVrau


  57. Silverlord 82

    YouTube made a playlist for me called “Mix - Heavy metal” this was the first song to pop up.

    This isn’t heavy metal, the people at YouTube are uncultured swines

  58. Pablo González Rubio

    1:13 YMFAH

  59. Un Tip Oarecare

    who came here from How to Beat Skyrim Level 1?

  60. fire place

    i found them on deezer once great song so i cam here

  61. Alexander's Video Picks

    Great tune. Would be better with full video, but great sound!

  62. TeamWolfRules

    Song fits me during combat

  63. Uruburus

    powerwolf are like the space wolves in wh40k

  64. SrMinamuns CSGO y Fornite

    I love this song

  65. styww2 w

    gotta sl1 some dark souls after listening to this

  66. Titouan Pontet

    Really good

  67. Thanin Dystans

    I got introduced to powerwolf by my friend when we was in highschool, i knew that he played dark souls but didnt know much more about it, years later i started playing Fromsoft games and discovered ymfah, and now everything is clear as lake during a sunny day.

  68. Midnight-Blue766

    In Crusader Kings 2 I once got a demonically possessed werewolf crusader canonised by the Pope.

  69. Mr. Crusty Cheese

    Gains werewolf ability in Skyrim


    Ymfah squad

    viking of 1353


    Thomas serri

    Companions liked that

    viking of 1353

    @Thomas serri DEUS VULT

  70. Dáriel Villatoro

    How to SL1 Soulsborne games AND EVEN FURTHER BEYOND

  71. Juan Pancho Man

    Mom: You better play something christian
    Me: Don't worry mom, I got this

    Jim Setinbocci

    Pretty much the only Christian music I voluntarily listen to


    Ah, an intellectual

    viking of 1353



    @Cyberspino you better play E1D1 while playing doom tho.

  72. Dry Apple

    Lord of cinders has fallen

  73. SilverUnicornGamer 2.0

    I beat BB bl4, DS1 and DS2 sl1, now.. DS3 time.
    Need to listen this song more often to get ready.

  74. iundex gamedyre

    *Sl 1 op intensifies*

  75. TLE Sunspear

    1:13 Ymfah

  76. thomas serri

    How to level 1 skylim

  77. Josh Spiv

    I let my dog listen to this. He's now the Pope.

  78. Lena Malá

    I'm inlove :p

  79. Keno Gallegos

    I wanna know if they intended for this song to be about the crusaders

  80. Ahad Azeem

    2.22 is the best part


    DEUS VULT!!!

  82. Илья Чемагин

    *this song was liked by the ymfah gang*

  83. Alex Harris

    I keep seeing in the comments about how this music would be awesome werewolf paladin music (which it would be because this music is awesome), but I seriously get more of a vampire paladin vibe from the lyrics.

  84. Arthur Delai

    Is there a classification to this type of metal?
    Or is just "Jesus Metal"


    I think it's just Powerwolf Metal

  85. Deity of Memes

    ymfah introduced me to this stuff and WOW! It’s GOOD



  86. Galahad

    More like stressed and depressed amarite

  87. 99ghostsmoke

    Cea mai tare trupa ever

  88. SKULLZz

    When you finally make your weapon +10 on your first playthrough


    >be me
    >be retarded
    >use dark hand

  89. floweringmywaters

    Jesus' taste of music

  90. Memes GD

    I just love the fact that half of the comments are about ymfah

  91. RiboZurai128

    Bless ymfah for introducing me to this 10/10 band


    Yessss!! Ikr! <3

    plus 4 me daddy

    Best video I ever clicked on

    Kawaii Potato Animations, gaming and art

    Ima be 100% honest, I only knew about their song “resurrection by erection” (amazing song :) )

  92. Mousek801

    "You taking mad shit for someone within Crusading distance."

  93. Gman Gaming

    Eyy dat shit gooooood