Powderfinger - These Days Lyrics

It's coming round again
The slowly creeping hand
Of time and its command
Soon enough it comes
and settles in its place
Its shadow in my face
Puts pressure in my day

This life well it's slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing like I had planned

It's coming round again
The slowly creeping hand
Of time and its demands
It settles in its place
Its shadow in my face
Undignified and lame

This life well it's slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing like I had planned
Control well it's slipping right through my hands
These days turned out nothing like I had planned

Soon enough it comes
Soon enough it comes
To tie us down

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Powderfinger These Days Comments
  1. FXBB Softail Streetbob

    2020 another year of being depressed boys. Let's get it.

  2. Daz Cash

    My funeral song

    Daz Cash

    Love you peanut

  3. Adrian Wylde

    Man we've got and had some great aussie bands cool stuff

  4. philip sinclair

    I'm just about finished, these days turned out Nothing like I planned.

    Dylan Parker

    Bloody hell mate... I dont know what to say... I saw your earlier post and now this. I can only hope you're not in pain and have loved ones near,it would be terrifying. Sorry mate😞

    philip sinclair

    @Dylan Parker I'm not really looking for sympathy, but people like yourselves make life worth fighting for.

  5. ?????

    I was just looking up this song while my TV was on in the background playing an advert about "canadian club" whiskey. All of a sudden youtube sends me an ad about canadian club whiskey.... 🤔. Proof that smart phones listen in on your conversations.

    War IV

    you needed that as proof? your phone has voice recognition it does not turn off when your phones screen is dark....none of the apps do they keep running in the back round. I for one welcome our new insect overlords.

  6. Brice Henry

    Also proudly aussie love the 80s 90s 2000s long haired bands shit such an awesome era ,onloy current band keeping it alive is Steel Panther, keep kranking it everyday everyone.

  7. Daniel Norster


  8. drew sale

    I saw Powderfinger support Crowded House at their last gig at the Sydney Opera House steps in 1997. I knew that one great Aussie band was ending and another was beginning.

  9. Rushdi Ishmail

    Great song.😎

  10. Cathy Leyden

    Lived in Australia from 88-2001 and I have only just discovered this band. Don't know how I missed them but what a song and band.

  11. rayden lowry

    Anyone else remember this from Singstar?

  12. Natalee Oz

    Two Hands.
    Was dancing in the club they called the titty twister when two hands came out lol had no job for a while

  13. jorre877

    Cant believe this was released as a b side so good still today 19

  14. philip sinclair

    Just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. These days turned out nothing lke I had planned. I want this song played at my funeral.

    SaturdaysR4 The boyz!

    @philip sinclair I couldnt imagine what your going through mate but if it makes you feel any better my girlfriend and I built a house 2yrs ago in a new estate and our neighbour has terminal cancer, his in his 40's and has a wife and 2 kids. Im not sure what stage cancer or what type he has etc, BUT with medication these days his still my neighbour today and still smiling. Chemo took his hair but its now grown back, he knows his illness is eventually going to get the better of him but his had it for over 2yrs now and is still with us so while your able mate spend as much time with your family and friends as possible because a good support network and a laugh a day seems to do wonders. Goodluck mate👍

    drew sale

    @philip sinclair That's a righteous prayer. I'll say a prayer for you then.

    philip sinclair

    @SaturdaysR4 The boyz! Thanks for the post and words of encouragement. I am trying to be positive and hoping but not necessarily confident. I have pancreatic cancer which has spread throughout my stomach. I am not on chemo at present as the doctors say it won't help. I wish your neighbour every hope and encouragement. Miracles DO happen. Whether you believe or not, a prayer will help.
    If anyone has any family history of cancer it's a good idea to have a checkup.The week before I became sick I rode my bike about 100kms, did some weights workouts so I was fairly fit. One day I had no symptoms, the next day I was very sick. My surgeon said that most cancers show no symptoms until too late. However caught early enough a lot af cancers can be cured or managed. Good luck.
    ps. I am very lucky as I have friends and family who comfort me . The religious ones pray for me, which I am very thankful for. The others give their love and support which I couldn't do without.

    philip sinclair

    @drew sale I appreciate your kind words more than you will ever know.

    drew sale

    @philip sinclair Thanks Philip. Prayer sent. May God give you and your family peace and happiness.

  15. Ankur Kharal

    I love powderfinger. Greetings from Nepal🇳🇵 Have a wonderful day.

    dontsayaword but

    Ankur Kharal Lado josto

    Ankur Kharal

    @dontsayaword but tero chaak kina polecha chahiya ho lado

    dontsayaword but

    Ankur Kharal ma chigini 👍🏼

    Ankur Kharal

    @dontsayaword but randi ko baan 👍

  16. Matt Stanley

    Two Hands! RIP Heath!!

  17. jack Slater

    Based on every step on life and experiences

  18. cm243286

    Better than Nirvana...

    Mr Ballsack

    Fuck oath!

  19. con r

    Good song

  20. Blair

    My 16 year old brother committed suicide June 2001, a week before Tim McVeigh was executed(Oklahoma city bombing), 3 months before September 11, they were strange days.

  21. jack Slater

    Best depression song

  22. Paul South

    It's tragicomic, isn't it? It slips through all our hands

  23. Twin Vlogs

    Still listening to this song in 2019 bro

  24. Kiki Vol-au-Vent

    seems to be a teenager dream song:

    It's coming round again
    slowly creeping hand
    of time and its command
    soon enough it comes
    and settles in its place
    its shadow in my face
    puts pressure in my day
    This life well it's slipping right through my hands
    these days turned out nothing like I had planned
    It's coming round again
    the slowly creeping hand
    of time and its command
    it settles in its place
    its shadow in my face
    puts pressure in my day
    soon enough it comes
    here it is again
    slowly creeping hand
    time and it's command
    soon enough it comes
    settles in it's place
    puts pressure in my day
    undignified and lame
    This life well it's slipping right through my hands
    These days turned out nothing like I had planned
    Control well it's slipping right through my hands
    these days…

  25. jason palmer

    Low key dark
    Two Hands. Heath. <3

  26. Bolts Kush

    Fair dinkum

  27. carol bierman

    These Guys are up there with Hunters & Collectors and Icehouse imho
    Teenage years flash back!
    This song brings back so many memories of my childhood it’s amazing🥺🙂

  28. Tony brown

    "This band broke up quicker than they planned.."

    Long live powderfinger
    This song brings back so many memories of my childhood it’s amazing🥺🙂

  29. Hajjam Hicham

    Romper stompers across Melbourne shed a tear

  30. Darin j6789

    Songs points out to me that we are all just lost souls ,,,, filling in time waiting to die ,,,, one Australia’s most profound bands ... ✌🏻👍🏻

    Dave Marshall

    Darin j6789 lost souls in search of our own destiny vs the tyranny of time. And the people we meet along the way

    Paulo Domonic Aquillo

    No way, I'm a free bird, flying through the best life ever

    Darin j6789

    Paulo Domonic Aquillo ,,,, you will get your slap down from life ,,, everyone does ,,, hope you don’t fall to hard when you do finally crash .

  31. Jez J

    Those guys going deep from heights

  32. Rushdi Ishmail

    Great song.👌🏾

  33. Adrian Jeffery

    David Thoreau in his book ..’Walden’ .wrote ‘Most people live lives of quiet desperation’ .

  34. Jason Balsan

    I started Monday. It’s fantastic!

  35. katina.svenska

    So nice

  36. Phoenix Ce

    How many hands?


    2 hands

    MMA Forever

    deep scene songs flows so well with it

  37. Jason Balsan

    Friday is my last day at my current school. I'm a 5th year senior in high school and this year wasn't very good. I'll be starting at a college transition program Monday.

    Jane Johnson

    Best of luck on your new start, hope it's better for you.

  38. OneMan101

    These Guys are up there with Hunters & Collectors and Icehouse imho

  39. Rephund


    Luan Zeka

    GR8 Song - GR8 Film! Wally Go n Get the other F...ken Gun


    Fuckin Pando mate,cunts fuckin mad


    @Luan Zeka I know the guy wally is based on.True story.

  40. Pegasus

    Two Hands is very funny and a really good movie. But this song spectacular 'cos both are Aussie. Hehe

  41. Lilly Talty




    Miss Tery

    It's cool when the lyrics are up

  42. Linda Mitchell

    If you love this Aussie band then also have a listen to a similar Aussie band called Skunkhour...
    "Morning Rolls" is a classic...

  43. Jim Potter


  44. Delusional mooron el bey

    Titty fuck my butt cheeks

  45. LS3.8YA

    Who just watched two hands? Best aussie movie

    MMA Forever

    chopper is but two hands is fuckin great

    Steven Leo

    If you're unhappy about the situation,then why don't ya get up an do something about it ? I mean there's nothing like doing it with your own Two Hands !


    Best move ever

  46. Warriors Son 1966

    "This band broke up quicker than they planned.."

    Long live powderfinger

    Andrew Slazmo

    Good things never last. They leave an impression that lingers long after the image has passed...

  47. Stephen Nev

    Australia Day is tomorrow, today is 25/1/19, Friday.

  48. Gavin Ladewig

    every day above ground is a good one life's over in a blink of an eye


    Lifes fucked.....
    Then you die.

    I Want To Believe

    Well said

  49. Royal MC

    BJ's heart broke when this was played at their last concert.

  50. mynka666

    Sounds like a gay fart.

    Shawn Hill

    Go eat a bag of dicks.

    I Rage

    must of been near some gay farts in your time bro haha...

  51. Mellon Walker Movies

    no one I have met in the UK has heard of these guys! Crazy


    I went to Brixton for the Powderfinger farewell tour gig.. all Aussies LOL

  52. Josi Bro

    This song brings back so many memories of my childhood it’s amazing🥺🙂

  53. Central Intelligence Agencies

    A world without this song is like a world without Vegemite

    Gregory Hull


    Louise Wooby


    Answer_One1 G

    or penis but-ter language hay, fuck the cia set me off again hahaha when theres a central intelligence ?? that's smart but dumb, wheres it get it intelligence hahathru the cookeries

  54. Norbi Schnorrbi

    Reminds me of the time in Australia! Great Landscape and people! Time of my life! Greetings from Austria!

    McLoughlin Mini Loaders Australia

    Norbi Schnorrbi you’re welcome back anytime.

    komma_ klar

    Same here brother

  55. Rushdi Ishmail

    Great song.😎

  56. Tyrone Howie

    RIP STAPLES 6025

  57. Shannon Davis

    Great song, Great band, Great album.

  58. McGhee Foulmouth

    One of my parents favourite songs now its one of mine

    Josi Bro

    McGhee Foulmouth same

    Linda Mitchell

    I hope our daughter remembers this song that way too.


    you're making me feel old...


    Your parents have good taste in music.

  59. Anon yMous

    These days? pfft MY ENTIRE LIFE has turned out nothing like I had planned

    Linda Mitchell

    Just goes to show you that we can't really plan our lives? haha...that's not a bad thing.

  60. New Cheese

    Low key dark

  61. Gabs

    Teenage years flash back!

  62. hshsjsj bdhjsjs

    I'm getting ready to marry a GORGEOUS Aussie who introduced me to powderfinger!!💙💙💙💙how the fuck I had never heard of them is crazy!!

  63. Matt Smally

    Romper stompers across Melbourne shed a tear

    Edward Clark

    great fucking call matt

  64. christyvoros

    One of the most brilliant albums ever. Found them when I lived in Australia . Overplayed the album to death and still amazes me every time I hear it .

  65. Dimitri

    I Ii
    II I_
    is this ???

    Lack of Gravitas

    fkn lol

  66. Adrian Jones

    I may be from England but I love this song!


    is england your city

    Luke Brown

    @Dimitri England is his city

    Adrian Jones

    @Dimitri No, England is a country.

    Adrian Jones

    @Luke Brown No, England is a country.

  67. Pres Chu

    I got injured last December now I can't walk anymore. These days really turned out nothing like I had planned

    Anon yMous

    That's terrible friend. How did you get injured? (if you don't mind me asking)

    Gregory Hull


  68. pokinatcha punx

    Two Hands. Heath. <3

    Misapa Chilala

    I went to high school with Heath . As much as he was a legend on screen he was off.

    Drew Russell

    Two Hands was just a beautiful film. Heath gave one of his best performances in that film, along with Bryan Brown.


    @Drew Russell Heath is good but Bryan made that film. He is brilliant.

    Luan Zeka

    pokinatcha punx Dave Heith Played such a top Class role, I Actually Disliked The Man on Set lol


    I can get lost forever in 80s music I go back in time when what ever your dream is you go and do it back to a simple life

    Andrew Inman

    MAL SHANLEY this is not an 80s song?

    Tyler // blackpegasus4

    This was released in 2000

  70. Chantel O'Farrell

    These days turned out nothing like I had planned. Relatable.


    got news for u buddy
    u gay

    Anon yMous

    These days? pfft MY ENTIRE LIFE has turned out nothing like I had planned

    Misapa Chilala

    @Dimitri with a name like Chantel liking men would be normal. Look up the word oversight.

    Amanda Kaye

    Masterpiece of Music

  71. Trumby

    miss ya wicks

    Julie Wicks

    I miss a wicks too.. David..

  72. Evn M

    Australia's incarnation of Journey


    Evn M He who has come

    Marni Zavaleta

    I remember having a great discussion with a friend in about 97 I think, that Powderfinger were the late 90's incarnation of INXS. Not the sound so much as the way they tapped into the aussie consciousness of the time. A great 5 piece that didan awesome live show!


    This song makes me want to sell crack to orphans.

  74. FedoraSmoker

    That's so Triple M

    Elijah Films

    FedoraSmoker triple j


    Triple J is better

    Ham Bone

    Triple m is the best triple j is just crap songs

  75. mason turd



    u going to hell

    Royal MC

    I did that last night. I think I bought a bad batch. Still not a hundy.

  76. Erin Livan

    the eagles..r...wilting...

  77. ben jarmin



    r u sure

  78. TokyoStickShift

    anyone came here from two hands

    Phoenix Ce

    @War IV yeah shotties are good mate

    Phoenix Ce

    Shut your fuckin mouth wally!


    Yeah shottys are good


    Get in the fuckin car Wally


    Pando's wife was hot af sitting on the balcony when the phone rings.

  79. Jason Power

    good funral song,i love it

    elis lindholm

    I'll put it on my list ,cheers


    yeh i played this song when my brother died

    Samuel McCredie

    Fun (but not that fun) Fact: it was played at Heath Ledger's funeral.
    Perfect song for the tragic death

  80. Sophie Dubois

    Is it coming ‘round again??


    Sophie Dubois yes

    ben jarmin

    I think the writer is talking about 'the black dog' (could be wrong)

  81. Jason i love oz

    too fast


    or too slow

  82. Chef Toastyy

    Proud to be Aussie

    Stephen Nev

    Australia Day tomorrow brother!

    Robert Johnston

    to be an aussie how lucky are we

    nick c

    Frank Cooke good song but

    nick c

    Ned Smith like you

    Kaylee Rose

    Dinky dye !

  83. Salvation

    powderfinger are a band that makes beyonce whilt

  84. mmc81073

    i spent a year in Oz 99-00, loved this song every time i heard it on the radio, brings back memories


    I lived in Newcastle from 99-02. My parents had the cassette in the car.

    Jarryd Matthews

    @mmc81073 Come back for a visit mate. We'll welcome you with open arms.


    thanks Jarryd, kind words, beautiful country and people, i'll be back someday if it's the last thing i do


    @Jarryd Matthews But would you welcome an Aboriginal Person of Australia?

    I'm figuring that you would considering the English are outright cunts and you guys hate them too.


    @SneakyBadger muppet

  85. Danny Roele

    i saw the live 1999 when i was Backpacking in OZ
    And 3 times in Amsterdam .... LOVE IT!!!!

    Matthew Chilala

    kool bro

    not ry

    i'm jealous, i was only 1 :(

    Linda Mitchell

    I was in Amsterdam Town Square on the eve of 2000..does that count as cool enough too??
    Never did get to see these guys live. Lucky you hey.


    2 or 3 years earlier and you might have crossed paths with ivan milat.

  86. daniimatt170409

    what a song...great aussie music

  87. Kylethepro123

    love this song :)