Powderfinger - All Of The Dreamers Lyrics

From your tower of ivory
I hear you rattle your jewellery
But in a hard bitten irony
You're a, a pillar of the community

When you come down to the barrio
To get a feel for the people’s scenario
It's your grand opportunity
To steal a march on the enemy

Now all of the dreamers
Are jumpin' at shadows in the dark
Follow the leader
Don't follow the leader into the dark

Down in the night it gets so cold
Under the shadow that you've thrown
The disciples stand at dawn
Wait for the world to be reformed
I never promised you the world
I just followed it round as it unfurled
So I string you up and along
With all of the dreamers

So you speak out loud like a libertine
But you're just another cog in the great machine
But in a cold bitter irony
You're a, a hero of the community

When you come down to the barrio
To get a feel for the people's scenario
It's your last opportunity
To steal a march on the enemy

Now all of the dreamers
Are jumpin' at shadows in the dark
Follow the leader
Don't follow the leader into the dark

Down in the night it gets so cold
Under the shadow that you've thrown
The disciples stand at dawn
Wait for the world to be reformed
I never promised you the world
I just followed it round as it unfurled
So I string you up and along
With all of the dreamers
Yeah I string you up and along
With all of the dreamers

All of the dreamers
All of the dreamers

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Powderfinger All Of The Dreamers Comments
  1. 69dodgy69

    what a blatant advertisement for @mincom

  2. Jarrod Gwynne

    This video came out 10 years ago and I’m still constantly coming back to it. I’m so sad I didn’t get to see this amazing band live. Fingers crossed they will do a comeback tour one day.

  3. meeeee1968

    Such a great tune

  4. BigBadAds

    Powderfinger are the greatest band to come out of Brisbane by far.........Change my mind. 😂

  5. Paul Hazel

    I could fix some choice problems with Windsor Smiths that big :)

    Paul Hazel

    I'd have to take a walk to Woodridge though :)

  6. Russell Bruce McDuff

    Boi s ,word is , they build em big up here, giants i;m told . Yyyyyeeeeeehhhhaaaaaa

  7. Arthur Watts

    Aaah, Brissie - they've slapped up a lot more highrise since this was filmed. It was still just a big country town in 1990 - such is life.

  8. Alex Rankin


  9. Guitar4Eva100

    god this was released in 2009??! damn. it feels like last year or something.

    miss these guys

    CryptoZoo Mauler

    They break up?


    @CryptoZoo Mauler yeh bro

  10. Jayden Lawson

    Brisbane all the way

  11. Kerrie Borthwick

    Michael Ryan R.I.P love finger & my sister - Maureen x x x

  12. lindalu22291

    This song was in a documentary on Surfing I just watched, and it was PERFECT for the surf shots. Loved it at first listen... never heard of this band, but I fell in love with this song. Amazing !!

    Jennie R

    +lindalu22291 yes! It was in Jack MCoy's Deeper Shade of Blue, great surfing movie and perfect song choice for the scenes

    Dwayne Heath

    lindalu22291 exactly where I first heard it. .and yeah it was perfect for that film

  13. Jimothy Pickens

    why does this place look like Brisbane Australia where i live...

    Melita Vander Drift

    Because it is

    TAYTE Elliott

    Jimothy Pickens I

    Suq Madiq

    I was going to ask how did they shrink Brisbane?

  14. chris hogan

    our finest band ever

  15. MrRsw123

    02:20 I have never seen both of those escalators working at once. EVER


    Hahaha Truth!!!

  16. hyztix

    omg youtube ads are the worst

  17. Jarryd Matthews

    Can't believe it's been four years

  18. Pycrete

    everything except for the traffic - lol

  19. charles amburla

    Best Band ever from Brisbane :))

    Steve Whale

    I think you should listen to Regurgitator, Dreamkillers, Blowhard, The Saints, Custard, Violent Soho, Misery and also Crypt

    matthew seerden

    @Steve Whale Bee Gees Redcliffe

  20. chaosphere87

    god damn...my girlfriend just showed me this band (which was filmed in her hometown) and i gotta say...this stuff is awesome. Glad to hear a band like this..Cheers Mates!!!

  21. Pycrete

    god bless Powderfinger

  22. zenith rabit

    It´s f...awesome song!! One of the best and honest band ever...

  23. tweaK

    Brisvegas, where everyone's a winner baby YEAH!

    still got my tshirt somewhere

  24. Daniel Hill

    I wanna come down to the bario.

  25. Susan Lang-Lemckert

    these guys could only have come from Brisbane ...

  26. Aaron9581

    People need to stop calling it Brisvegas....Brisbane is much nice than vegas, in every aspect.

  27. jakx698

    better get an aria.

  28. NorkiddExo

    Man took me so long to find this song!

  29. Morningstaaaar

    @PitFighter2007 oh I would any day :-) give me a couple years and I'll be there!!

  30. DunJen_Knives

    @Morningstaaaar u need to just get on a plane and come to Australia for a holiday....you'll never go back :)

  31. matthieus2

    Really like the song and video. I imagine after they finished playing there was a silence before, "Dude...we've outgrown the world! Where shall we play next?"
    I love Australia too.

  32. Samantha Duncan

    When I see this film clip, it makes me so homesick. Brisvegas I love you.

  33. Rob Black

    these guys went to my primary school

  34. marcpatrol


  35. Morningstaaaar

    That sky!! Nothing like I've ever seen here in New York! Makes me want to go to Australia 4238x more!

  36. Morningstaaaar

    Imagine if all music was this lovely!!

  37. A Lacklustre Packed Lunch

    this could be a foo fighters song

  38. ethdog33

    I love this song, and this Album. Best other than Oddy #5

  39. Deep40000

    Goddamn it Australia is fucking awesome compared to the USA

  40. lachlan miles

    I Love Brisbane

  41. AlphaTek795

    God damn it i love Brisbane.

  42. Bilbo Swaggins

    Fuck I love you brisbane, you'll always be my home

  43. ACDCisMYlyf

    @1061sarahs America or where ever you are from dont really know them :(

  44. Dave Sherratt

    my mate from aus recomended this band to me..
    F*** what have i been missing.. these guys are absolutely awesome

  45. James Pearce

    @Sand811 Fuck Melbourne's better :)

  46. goldcoaster90

    Geez my hometown looks good :)

  47. Charlie Hopkins

    i love the drums at 0.53 sec

  48. Jason van Pul

    Awesome song. Awesome music vid. Awesome band. Awesome everything. Why are they quitting!!?? Come on!

  49. alessandro moro

    I'm crying thinking about Brisbane and Powderfinger..I spent there the best year of my life..cheers from Italy

  50. stuartfaz

    tickets to their last concert ftw.

  51. sAINT

    totally gonna fly up to mackay to see them play with jet

  52. Rick Frisco

    Australia FTW!

  53. heppolo

    their last album is very much Manic Street Preacher-esque.

  54. xoJEZxo

    Powderfinger and Cold Chisel best bands in Australian History.

    I love you PD, can't wait for your farewell Sunsets tour. Will be my fifth time seeing you live wooooo!!! Well I can wait actually because I don't want you to "disband". *cries* :(

    I have the biggest crush on Bernard hahaha <3

  55. MajorClod

    Don't break up!!

  56. tyger0603

    whoooo brisssy!!!!!whooohooooo!!!

  57. sAINT

    what about silverchair

  58. Jimbo


  59. thepretenda

    great video!!!!! love the effect of the band in the city!!


    which city is that?

  61. Boombox2777

    How many people were killed in this video? Oh, Bernie...

  62. TomVeeKae

    Hey its brissy! epic win!

  63. 08thepower

    Best aussie band along with eskimoe joe...
    Australian hip hop is dreadful atleast you can make decent indie rock

  64. platotied

    this is a really coooooool video ^.^

  65. calakarak

    theyre gettin older, their music is changing.
    rumour has it this is their last album

  66. Clement Moraschi

    lol, there's plenty to appreciate. but i'm just sayin.. you kiwis have grass that's actually green so you know it's not just a pipe dream out of disney movies =p
    i dunno.. maybe this drought's getting to me.. but i like lush cool weather... really love it.. and here i'm far less likely to get it... unless i move to tasmania but then i'll get depressed and stabbed and probably brain cancer too.. so NZ is clearly the better option... yes, because of the weather...

  67. Clement Moraschi

    at least they don't fill their vids with pseudo-artistic pretentious bullshit =p

  68. Clement Moraschi

    aussie's full of nothing! =p
    at least you guys have more varied geographical inspiration within a much shorter drive =p
    i WILL say that... if we want pretty mountain streams and stuff like NZ we have to fly down to tasmania.. though if we go there we may as well fly to new zealand instead and be less likely to be murdered

  69. belmonsterr

    BarrIo= Neighborhood in spanish
    BaIrro = Neighborhood in portuguese

    Miss Forttitude Valley, City Cat, Elisabeth Street, The Family, Monastery, Story Bridge(so wonderful), IGA, Woolworth, Powderfinger, Videoke, The Saints, Ups and Downs, Kangaroo Point, Bulimba, River Side... Great band, Great people, the best bands ever. Bernard is a genius, changed my entire outlook on music and life.


  70. tomelifeisjustonebig

    Hi, could someone tell me where I can find a barrio in Australia? I didn't know there were any Mexican ghettos in Australia.

  71. Boombox2777

    Go Brisbane! Just don't step in the Yarra, your foot might dissolve.

  72. ganjamasta

    awsome song

  73. jlchinn

    wow. i'm from the USA and i gotta say they rep Austrailia well!

  74. Ben

    Job boys!

  75. Steph P

    Ohhhhh Cogsy!!!!

  76. M m

    Have they ever actually played in the US (let alone the east coast of the US ie Philly or NY)??

  77. jhendo72

    Go the finger well done guys and keep brissy in the focus for the rest of the world to see how amazing the place really is!!!

  78. Mr. Beard

    Not really.... I love the fact that they've filmed it right in the city of Brisbane. I love pointing out all the famous areas.

  79. doctortwyla

    I love this!!! Love ya work Popwderfinger and thanks for putting Brissy in a video clip... Rocks hard out!!!! I love seeing where i've been in this clip lol.. it's just shameful.

  80. tootster1

    In addition to my previous comment, I see another previous workplace clearly on Mary Street at 1.16mins the building on the left. Familiar, familiar!! Love it :)

  81. tootster1

    Brissy based and Brissy localities shown! Proud of them. Guess what, I think I can see my old workplace across from the Sofitel. Haha! Keep it up guys x. Thanks for posting.

  82. Hotrocklson

    At 2:20... It's odd seeing something on a video, when you've stood in that exact same spot and looked up at that exact same angle.
    Minus the giant fucking guitar.

  83. GoodMrDawes

    great song, & video to match.way to go boys!

  84. Teagirl009

    love the new song. Bernards voice is great as always :) Love these guys.

  85. mark s

    love these fellas Big day out comin soon

  86. Australian123Gamer

    great song great band cheers for the upload

  87. Trent Gibson

    BRISBANE RULES!!!! So does this band... love the finger.

  88. ryno99

    did the GFC hurt the budget for this video? Looked a 1980s special effects video.

  89. Australian123Gamer

    liked powderfinger since vulture street great aussie band

  90. -Leigh Espie-

    Addictive song and uber cool video. Very cleverly done! Makes me want to work in the CBD - would love a bit of that action outside my window!

  91. jdmusic07

    Great tune, love the Les Paul riffage. At first I thought this vid was a rip off of the Rolling Stones but then they got bigger.

  92. Al Latif

    wow, so thats brisbane huh? its beautiful..

  93. chillikoala

    Great song and an Awesome clip - Brisbane is a great city!

  94. Side Gate Studios

    JJJ can play some annoying shit though sometimes. But you are correct sir, I listen to JJJ all the time.

  95. wr2809

    triple j is the greatest radio station out there,,anyone who doesnt listen is really missing out

  96. robdotcom71

    Cool song and vid!!! 10/10

  97. Tanru2000

    Awesome song!

  98. DrunkSpleen

    I've been trying to find this song for a while, why can't radio stations say what they are playing?

  99. dankru

    I love the clip...Brisbane is beautiful city!