Post Malone - On God (Remix) Lyrics

[Hook - Post Malone:]
I might just steal your bitch, that's on God
I might pull up in that 6, that's on God
All my homies off the shits, that's on God
All these bitches off the shits, that's on God
Ay, ay, that's on God (that's on God)
Ay, that's on God
That's on God, that's on God (that's on God)

[Verse 1 - Post Malone:]
I'm a Score 40 something points
It doesn't matter if I'm coming of the bench
On God, On God
[?] when I'm a ballin' for the motherfucking Knicks
Oh God, Oh God
We in this bitch and you know my homies flexing like a motherfucking bitch
Oh God, Oh God
I'm trying to get rich and fuck shit ain't really making anybody sit
On Squad, On squad
I told him please I ain't got no time for no stuck up bitch
Sippin' on a 40 when I roll my swish
New Jordans like I'm J.R Smith
Cross Jordan hit a jumper on my A.I shit
I ain't fucking with a bitch she can pay my rent
Ray Allen like I'm Jesus that's all net
And my dad Denzel like I'm heaven sent

[Hook - Post Malone:]
I might just steal your bitch, that's on God
I might pull up in that 6, that's on God
All my homies off the shits, that's on God
All these bitches off the shits, that's on God
Ay, ay, that's on God (that's on God)
Ay, that's on God
That's on God, that's on God (that's on God)

[Verse 2 - Drake:]
Yo yo yo
I gotta pull up on ya
You gone make me have to pull up on ya
Don't go ghost on me I'm a go thriller on ya
I'm a just
I'm a let my hands do the talkin when I see you
Baby girl I miss feelin on ya
I miss everything that's real about ya
And that's everything about ya
That's just how I feel about ya
Been about cha and I'm still about cha
We ain't finished talkin
I told ya you don't needa worry about dem bitches
All dem fives needa listen when

[Hook - Post Malone:]
I might just steal your bitch, that's on God
I might pull up in that 6, that's on God
All my homies off the shits, that's on God
All these bitches off the shits, that's on God
Ay, ay, that's on God (that's on God)
Ay, that's on God
That's on God, that's on God (that's on God)

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Post Malone On God (Remix) Comments
  1. It'sLeeea

    I might just steal your man.. that's on Mike. Nah. Hahahahaha! I ain't a man stealer and I will never be.

  2. pearly cyel

    ungah ungah

  3. Tea Kanso


  4. Caitlin Cook

    I- I never thought Posty sang this! Oh no imma fake stan😔🖤

  5. KyNdRa ;-;

    2020 broski

  6. Meecko Fairchild

    I knew I was going to come here with a hoard of tik tokers in the comment section. It happens all the time!

  7. AaLiYaH LiKes meMes

    *me lip syncing to this as a bi girl at the age of eleven on musically*

  8. Rashea Stern

    I might just steal this song 😂😈 that's on god

  9. Ghosty

    fan: Yooo posty wass-
    Posty: thas ooon god

  10. Dare Devil

    I never thought this is post Malone’s i-

    Caitlin Cook

    Dare Devil literally same...

  11. {Mental_Roses}


  12. The Budget Fisherman


  13. Real Music

    Not a single person:
    Tik Tok: hippity hoppity this is my property

    blue balls

    not original

  14. Polo Mbunde

    That's on God he said that like 10 million times😂

  15. Mr Boombastic

    This aint drake this is bryce hankins

  16. Rose Editz

    Tiktoks. Version: I might just be your robber that’s on ME

  17. Lion Scott

    i might just steal your bitch....... There is no God.

  18. Abbie & Bismin

    Karen: I might just steal your kids that’s on god



  20. Gaby Hutton

    It’s called “on god by DJ tre80” on Spotify

    N Marples

    The beat just isn’t as good thoooo


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yahhhh fuck u tik tok😂

  22. Just Emma

    *0:00** - **0:17** = best moment EVER!*

  23. Janelisse Martinez-Torres

    tik tok be taking the best songs

  24. Manciuhas

    Bruh take me back to the simplier time

  25. stw flix

    Straightttt fire

  26. Lil Ink

    your personal replay button:

    i know you want that first beat drop

    Savage Unicorn

    Thanks lol

  27. Marcus Tapper


  28. [LVM] wawook's

    when is going on deezer plssss

  29. Aric Thompson

    how many versions of this song are there? theres one with some shit artist, and then theres a copy with Zuse. so far ive only found two versions though, ill keep looking

  30. Zertolx

    Who is the guy that singing like most of the song not post or drake

  31. Katie Phillips


  32. LeBeautiful James

    Bring this Post back fuck all that pop shit nigga

  33. Go Try Again

    I feel like the only one who hates this corny ass remix 😂

  34. Hawanuka :D

    I might just steal this song that's on Tik Tok

  35. r97 NeaL

    I never knew this song existed.

  36. Drew DaDude

    I f with violin

  37. Scatorred 392

    Here after Kanye dropped the song On God

  38. floyd walls

    Should sue Kayne on god

  39. TheSkyShow Webb

    The original is some trash

  40. TheSkyShow Webb

    In the first part when that beat hits got me like

  41. gabrielle_ marcil780

    i like this version way better than the original

  42. ashley Hedstrom

    when your only here cause of zarbruh 😗✌🏻

    Elizabeth Estrada


  43. Humairah Samia

    Might just steal your bish that’s on god🤯😍

  44. Payton Anderson

    “I just might steal your bitch, that’s on god”

  45. cammy

    why isn’t this on apple music already?

  46. Sarah Alhamidi

    I might just spread your pics that’s on rob

  47. Glacierhop

    I wish this was the real ass song and a single also

  48. Isabella L

    Put this on Spotify

  49. Deja Hudson

    Not ever God:
    Tik tok: I about to steal hehhe thats ong


    God can't even touch this song

    Payton Anderson

    I literally heard this song on tiktok and my dumbass self never knew it was posty until someone said something


    This was a popular song on musically back in 2016

  50. Naketah Barr

    On god I'm not gonn hit you

  51. TheAutistic DinosaurSquad

    This song is shit

  52. Alexzander Aguilera

    Why isn't thing on apple brooo

  53. WordedHafling

    2019 August! Anyone still hitting this!?

    TheSkyShow Webb

    WordedHafling I came in October

    Jessica Shelton



    Yo it's like almost 2020 and I'm still poppin this

    Alegra LPS

    Literally nearly 2020 and here I am

  54. Ano Nym

    Post malone Post mal alleine oder ohne.....;) free za See weel yeeeeeaaaah

  55. Ano Nym

    Ey ey hahaha yeah TATSACHE EY ♡

  56. Angel rubio

    Remember bumping this back in high school got me feelin like I CAN still yo bitch .. Thata on god

  57. Willie Causey

    "DON'T [email protected]£ M€, [email protected]£ (GOD)👼.👼,👼,👼...1982-0K00.👅

  58. Micah Davis

    This is not post Malone’s song

  59. Nibbalion


  60. Brenden Eamiah

    can download this on mp3 juices

  61. Neysa Bengtson

    That's on God

  62. goldenminer king

    this the shit

  63. Nigerian Prince

    that's on Jah!

  64. Evan Ollen

    Forgot how hard this shit slaps Jesus

  65. ν є я σ l σ ν є ღ


  66. Mua_sophie23 Beauty

    Who’s listening in January 2019?

    Willow Heath

    Mua_sophie23 Beauty December 2019..i-

    Ava DeBaker

    Ilias Atif yessss

  67. MotoMike

    Still have no idea how this isn’t on Spotify 😔 been banging this tune for years, used to have this remix on my mp3 music app it was fire

  68. Charlie Lees

    2019 ???

  69. hey.

    drakes part is from the song "mine" that features beyonce.
    you're welcome

  70. Alejandro

    i was finna download the original version but this shit hit hard asf on subs

  71. Lazerlazer 1

    I might just click this vid that's on tod

  72. Zuc'ary

    Shit trash asf

  73. IsTheEnd TV

    This is sniper rifle 716 wanna play I met in season 2 or3

  74. ChiLee RuNs

    Drake was so trash in this

  75. Jennifer Chavis

    Yall crazy i only liked this cuz the Future Kingz

  76. Skar Works

    this isn’t Post Malone 🙄

  77. SB Scyther

    It this on spotify

  78. Chris Miranda

    I understand u guys need to troll drake videos but heres a suggestion, let the world know who u r and stop hiding already. Sick of the trolling, let the world know who u are and ur names, plz!!! You guys got the gift, reveal urself already. 👍👏🙌

  79. Cyber-Bully

    I might just steal your kids.

  80. Decco The DEMIGOD

    Das on goooooooooooo

    Umm he never finished that one

  81. TheSmaj FN

    not original version. this kid bad

  82. Tre Basua

    Is this song on Apple Music

  83. um noob

    I didn't know this was post Malone at first than I looked up post Malone on something and this popped up. I did this one on musically (Tik tok) and I didn't know it was him

  84. whatsup birb

    The layers are appreciated

  85. mystic mystic

    2018 anyone

  86. Skyler Hood

    Hey you are right

  87. Sean Allan

    Ain't got no time for a stuck up bitch

  88. Killr tord :3 And killr tom :3

    Its good

  89. BmxAndVlogs

    Straight fire?🔥🔥🤘🤘