Post Malone - Fuck The Internet Lyrics

A-yeah-yeah-yeah (ohh)

I just seen lil' mama Instagram an' she flexin'
Don't care about your puppies, just that ass and them breastses
So good, you a model, damn I never woulda guessed it
An' if you tryna throw out all them vibes, I'ma catch 'em
The lifes that we live is just too dangerous
Paranoid since they've been leakin' my shit
Wonder if it'll come out on the web
An' I can't help all these bitches on my dick
Takin' a photo an' postin' that shit
Comin' home late an' I crawl into bed
She always be askin' me, "Where have you been?", woah
The world has gone to shit an' we all know that
People freakin' out, like, hit the Prozac
Leon DeChino shorts got all the blows, man
Well, fuck the internet, an' you can quote that, woah

It's a lot; well, if ignorance is bliss, then don't wake me up
An' I'll prolly be the last to know
'Cause I don't get on the internet no more
It's a lot, and they try so hard just to fuck shit up
An' I'll prolly be the last to know
'Cause I don't get on the internet no more

It's a lot; well, if ignorance is bliss, then don't wake me up
An' I'll prolly be the last to know
'Cause I don't get on the internet no more
It's a lot, and they try so hard just to fuck shit up
An' I'll prolly be the last to know
'Cause I don't get on the internet no more


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Post Malone Fuck The Internet Comments
  1. krustykrabpizzeria

    I'm pissed off that I discovered this existed because I know it's never gonna drop and that makes me so sad

  2. No Limit Turo

    Kanye West - Bye bye baby (new)

  3. Andwele Simpson

    Kanye's vocals after his hook is pure artistry. 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Mean Bean Productions

    Good Lord, Kanye! Release This shit!! This that Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy typa shit rh. 😤😤💪🏻💪🏻✊🏻💯

  5. maro maro

    haa haaa Haaaaa

  6. Júlio Pipa Francisco


  7. cain webster

    imo this version is 3x better than the album version.. mix sounds smooth too

  8. Dinsanga f-natic Forest

    Ebebbebebebbebebebebbebebe ebe be e e ebebebbebebebebebe ebebe e e e e ebe ebe e ebebebebeb

  9. NMOI Burrito

    *listens to this version...WHAT THE HECK

  10. Adapt Nation

    What the fuck was Kanye saying 😂

  11. sauce

    This would’ve been Posts best song if Ye finished his verse

  12. Hak Dog

    Henananamnananamanana hehe bebe bebe refereed

  13. Matthew Gabriele

    Prolly didn’t make the album cause Kanye went Christian😒

  14. Inside My Mind

    I always felt like the internet was missing something. I found out why


    Same! I always thought it felt short

  15. Sean Tame

    its called Fuck The Internet actually

  16. Riley Olivier

    Yes plz I hope we get this

  17. Black Manny

    With a kanye feature maybe this wouldn’t have been the most boring track in the album. No hate love Posty and this album but this song on its own was kinda underwhelming honestly. Feels more like an interlude then a full song

  18. Koolaid Connor

    "f*** the internet and you can quote that" - Post Malone

  19. inanew tongue

    idk why man. but all i know is postys the only guy whos keeping me todream in going to the us

  20. JishAFish

    Kanye was setting his flow in this and then gonna was gonna fill it in with words later


    Turns on subtitles

  22. Amery Anne Amoroso

    Debadbedbadebdbade bedbabdabdebdade
    - Kanye, 2019

  23. Hamburg Student

    Love 🔈🔈

  24. Osf Odd squad Family. Gheghe

    KY verse lyrics: aabbaaa naaaanaaanana saababababa akhuaususjsmakahahahahansnsnsbabananana skakakmskakala internet no more...

    Thnk you😂

  25. ty gotta yeet

    ye killed it

  26. TheOriginalUserName9

    For proof that Kanye shaves his dick and his girl is surprised 1:29

  27. Ib The Cat

    1:54 eargasm

  28. pvztv

    Kanye still killed that verse prove me wrong

    Osf Odd squad Family. Gheghe

    We dont prove you wrong.We prove that your so stupid and have no brain😂

    Inside My Mind

    Osf Odd squad Family. Gheghe Bruh both of ya’ll are dumb.... many artists do this thing to find the flow Kanye was testing out a flow and then he was kinda re record it with words. A lot of rappers do this. We have a leaked practice/proof of concept with kanye

  29. Jared Ballesteros

    1:30 🎶you shavin his dick🎶

  30. Jared Ballesteros

    “All in yo ass sebadebedabein yo ass” -Kanye

  31. MxHunter

    bruh wtf no one plays this song on the album, it woulda been a top song if they went through with this

  32. Dakota Shane Nunley

    Does anyone feel like this melody and song was wasted on too shallow of a topic? I feel like this song could've been a classic if Kanye and Post tackled an issue similar to Runaway or Heartless or something deeper than Instagram/staying off social media.

  33. OCHEAT23 10

    This honestly would have so much potential only if YE had a Forreal verse

  34. Michi. xTrain

    1:55 - 2:20 i need a full version with post.
    so good.

  35. Carlloz Allvez


  36. Austin Alcantara

    Would love a deluxe where there's a finished version w/ Kanye's verse, that would actually be cool


    Kanye switched to gospel, this song doesn’t exactly praise Jesus. Looks like it’s not happening in the foreseeable future

  37. Nicholas Azzollini

    Do you think that they are ever gonna actually finish this? Cause its fire


    I really hope Post releases a remix with Kanye

  38. Frankie Martinez

    I have the leaked version with Kanye in my drop box if anyone want it shoot me your email 👀

    Antonio LaPorte

    What’s your IG

    Frankie Martinez

    Antonio LaPorte @franksends

    Inside My Mind

    Is this real?


    Frankie Martinez Well thats shit because Kanye confirmed he didn’t complete the verse lol

  39. I am OOMIM

    Kanye West🔥🔥🔥🖤🖤

  40. kyle willis

    I like the vocals but not the mumbles

  41. kyle willis

    Wtf was kanye saying?😂

  42. Southpaw Billings

    Kanye sounds like Opie from family guy 😂 I mean Opiates 😂

  43. Guy shilon

    Such an amazing collab are they gonna release the full version some day?

  44. Michael Worley

    [Verse 2: Kanye West]
    Double the ahh, it's all on your ass, ball on your ass
    I ain't gon' be here all night on your ass
    I was up grinding, I was all on your ass
    Double the cahh, double the bih'
    I got 'em up and then y'all in a grit
    I bet what's happening, y'all in the dih
    I was up buh and all of the dick
    Ain't big this big, my favorite shit
    She grabbin' my, you savin' this dick?
    Crankin' it bit, then hangin' it bit, duh-buh-buh you hangin' in it?
    Came in this bit' but it's say-bih-dih-bih
    *gibberish* been taking this dick and then taking this shit
    *gibberish* belt
    *gibberish* everything I felt
    Instagram and shit, dry snitchin' on theyself
    Duh-nuh-muh-nuh how you ever felt and I know that

  45. Link.-.Slayer

    im skinny sooo yeah not so hard to tell fyi i weigh 137 lbs 5 feet 8 inches and i am 16 so yeah im getting there

  46. Kc Cash

    I'd love to hear what this would sound like finished

  47. Callum61921

    Kanye when he found Kim's tape 💀💀 Nah fr kanye a goat and this song would have crazy

  48. LittleItaly457

    hopefully they complete this and they release it as a remix..


    Kanye's verse went hard. I'm in my car BUMPIN this shit. Loved whenn he said "benenenansbnaenensnamenaeneennene"

  50. Rage Quitter

    Kanye went straight up Pootie Tang.

  51. Paul Ryan

    Still better then mumble rap

  52. Bryan M

    Me eating Popeyes chicken sandwich: 2:45

  53. usualusername99

    Sorry but Kanye is trash on this

    Doctor Drake

    this is unfinished, it's just guide vocals

  54. Violentator 300

    damn this version sucks ass compared to the real one

  55. Callum61921

    This is beautiful

  56. alseesghosts

    For everyone asking, Ye uses a method called mumbles. He basically mumbles what he wants his flow to sound like and then fills in the blanks after, it seems like a pretty genius strategy lol. Hope this helped!


    nah i thought those were the lyrics


    That's exactly what I was thinking, these were placeholder lyrics.

  57. gluegunassault2010

    Honestly, this kinda reminds me of XXXTENTACION. Makes me wonder if Kanye was really influenced by him.


    Other way around. This was made in the 2016 Fade sessions.

    Karmon Dhindsa

    gluegunassault2010 go listen to 808’s and heartbreak my young friend, it’s really the other way around

  58. Its Landon

    I was the 1000th like

  59. Pedro Menendez

    Hearing Kanye making a demo is so amazing to hear, wish post kept him on the song or ye finished his verse so we could hear the final version of this :((

  60. Alcoholic Semen Thrower

    I didn't understand a single world Kanye said I can see why his part didn't make the cut

    The Roy4lty

    Alcoholic Semen Thrower it was guide vocals pal, it was to show the producers how the vocals would sound and so Kanye could get a feel for the melody. You get me?

  61. Mighty Morphin98

    Lift yourself pt.2

  62. Peyton Culver

    Post took his first L not including Kanye on this. Wasted potential

  63. Kerth Michael Yadao

    thats why he's humming because its not official yet, we need a ye remix guys

  64. Freyday 615

    I wonder why posty removed Kanye's verse, the version we got feels incomplete and waaaayyy too short

  65. jacksoncrane17

    Listen to Kanye singing at .75 speed

  66. The life of Dan

    Kayne gotta get on this and finish this!

  67. ArcangeloLV

    Kanye casting spells in this shit...

  68. rarevfx

    Why did he release this song without the Kanye part :(

    Matthew Pirela

    prob because of the studio

  69. JaketheJedi

    Kanye could mumble my death sentence and I’d still bop to it. 🔥


    JaketheJedi lmfao

  70. Jean Mikail

    Kanye 🔥

  71. Oscar Boswell

    Kanye west ...bommnommm himmmbommm aookkkk kkjhyjbb hfdbjhyg ydsbjohg ...kills it lmfao what a day to live in

  72. Nick Locker

    I pray we get this finished version of this some day


    Bro this is weird, Frankie keeps killing everyone that gives their email


    Mister Forlorn


    Rory Lennon

    Mean Bean Productions

    @Roberio that ain't it!!! 😤😤💪🏻✊🏻💯

  73. Renel Francois

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 kanye eddebe


    i hope they release atleast as a single this is so much better and longer tgan the album ver.

  75. Skrt V

    I fucking love the new album. But when this song was leaked, it wasnt even bad with the mumble tbh. Something about it wasnt a turn off. Shouldve kept it. The new one sounds like they legit just clipped out Kanye and it doesnt flow right


    This is just a sample of what they were trying to make

  77. Hyrum Secody

    They didn’t drop this because if they perform it live are they supposed to mumble the whole time!

  78. Se koominen

    such a kanye track! shouldn't have put this unfinished to album

  79. Ilham Rahim

    So you like all the comments bitch?

  80. PBA Lowlights

    1:30 “She grabbin my dik, said she savin this dik”

    Dylan Vlogs



    PBA Lowlights BRUH ☠️☠️☠️

  81. Broke Frog

    [Verse 1: Post Malone]
    I just seen lil' mama Instagram and she flexin'
    Don't care about your puppies, just that ass and them breastses
    Oh girl, you a model? Damn, I never woulda guessed it
    And if you tryna throw out all them vibes, I'ma catch 'em
    The lifestyle we live is just too dangerous
    Paranoid since they've been leakin' my shit
    Wonder if it'll come out on the web
    And I can't help all these bitches on my dick
    Takin' a photo and postin' that shit
    Comin' home late and I crawl into bed
    She always be askin' me, "Where have you been?", whoa

    [Pre-Chorus: Post Malone]
    The world has gone to shit and we all know that
    People freakin' out, like, hit the Prozac
    Leon DeChino shorts got all the blogs mad
    Well, fuck the internet, and you can quote that, whoa

    [Chorus: Post Malone]
    Well, if ignorance is bliss, then don't wake me up
    And I'll prolly be the last to know (Whoa)
    'Cause I don't get on the internet no more
    And they try so hard just to fuck shit up
    And I'll prolly be the last to know (Whoa)
    'Cause I don't get on the internet no more

    (Verse: Kanye West)

    Turn up the aux, fall on yo ass, all in yo ass,
    drink in the bed haning in lit
    dshfkaljfah;;fhs;ahsdedde taking that shit
    dslvsfhhs;gh belt dkakfn;sdn;fjs;djf;sj;
    instagram dry snitching they self
    isajf;ajf;iasjf iiSFJifd6a24929492
    ПриветПриветПриветЛюбовь Любовь Любовь
    Любовь Любовь audlahdlhal bitch

  82. JSJ00710

    I don’t think it was posts decision to “drop Kanye” lol. I think it would have been more to do with Kanye

  83. Bolgann

    The production reminds me of 808’s and heartbreak.
    The violin part makes me think of Robocop. This makes me wish Kanye would make a part 2 to 808’s

    Mister Bruhh

    Yeezus is 808s part 2. It sounds wildly different but it is


    Mister Bruhh and how is it 808’s part 2?

    Mister Bruhh

    Bolgann 808s is about the people leaving his life (his mum and his fiancé) and Yeezus is about the people entering his life (Kim and north). On 808s we see Kanye’s ego death, on Yeezus we see Kanye’s ego through the roof. Think about the stages of grief. 808s is obviously sad, but Yeezus is mad and angry, with some sadness mixed in (like on Hold My Liquor, BOTL, and Guilt Trip) but it ends on a happy note on Bound 2, signifying he’s found happiness through the people he’s gained. They obviously sound completely different but only because of how different and opposite they are, so I think that they must be linked.


    Mister Bruhh i see what you’re saying, but of using that logic you could argue that mbdtf also could be described as part of the “808’s” where ye talks about his personal life and loss of people he cared about. You could also say that “Ye” follows the saga of 808’s with similar topics and talking about personal life. Anyhow, what i ment was a sequal to the album in collaboration with Cudi that had a similar sound to it.

    Mean Bean Productions

    @Bolgann nah, Yeezus is an intentional foil to 808s. MBDTF doesn't relate to 808s in that way.

  84. Scott Thompson

    Didn't know Kanye was a mumble rapper...

    dank dude

    He was trying a flow out. Not having words yet

  85. Nick Locker

    Why do Ye’s vocals sound so good when he’s singing the hook

    Mister Bruhh

    Because he's one of the most emotive voices in music history. He doesn't always sing well or has the best lyrics and all that but god damn his voice is always emotive and he's one of the best at working his voice into the song as opposed to just singing over an instrumental


    They dont


    CHRISTOPHER MORALES you’re either deaf or high as fuck


    Nick Locker ikr this collab woulda been fire

    Mean Bean Productions

    @Mister Bruhh it's cuz the man realizes that his voice is a fucking instrument, not just a lyric-delivery device. It's what makes him so damned special and powerful. Young Thug's great at that also.

  86. MoonlitTrev

    I wish Post at least finished the song instead of just cutting that whole section out... This song has so much potential

  87. Lisa Bullock

    Very Good for today's youth to hear, Everyone enjoy life, don't listen what people are saying about you love yourself, family, and friends 📻🎤🎵🎼☮🔥🔥🔥😍

  88. CaMo BeAtZ

    Seriously?! Kanye is just mumbling along with the beat! He aint saying shit! Garbage


    CaMo BeAtZ he was trying to find a flow idiot

  89. Yogi69

    Jesus they should've finished this song and dropped it with the album. It would've been #1 NO DOUBT. Sucks.

  90. Venom100

    This could’ve easily been one of my favorite songs off of the album if Post would’ve kept Kanye on this track. This version is Way better than the one on the actual album.

  91. Carlukio

    Dam this is way better

  92. Joseph LaChance

    Kanye mumble, stutter-rapping? Odd

  93. xMXWLx

    this is not kanye


    It is though

  94. Cristian Tassone

    Kanye’s bit is a demo, if it was completed the melody would be then mumbles... 😍 hopefully a remix comes out

  95. reaylea

    This shet is beautiful

  96. samko

    kanye's part is incredible. can't believe this will probably never get released

  97. Max Barov

    wowwwww this song woulda been so good!!!! You can tell its an unfinished verse by Kanye...if only they did it all the way this song coulda been unbelievable

  98. Itsyeboi Tee

    Fjdjejsjwjajejebeje I guess it’s not that hard to rap. I’m going to be famous now.

  99. Furkan Aibani


    Kanye west : hauahabsgwnyanabshsnahhznzhshsbxbah insta love

  100. Jake Stowers

    when kanye said "edebedeabaedbeabeba" i felt that

    Titan Gaming


    Stramatic Hail

    I absolutely love this comment


    Thats how artists make flows then add lyrics

    Dave Breezy

    Lmaoooooo I'm dead 😭

    Dinsanga f-natic Forest

    Abebebebeb e e e e