Posner, Mike - Don't Ask The Sun To Shine More Like The Moon Lyrics

Don't Ask The Sun to Shine More Like The Moon
Read by Dr. Wayne Dyer
Rest in Peace

'If I told you I believe in more than I can see,
Would you call me crazy?
If I said I could do anything I wanted to,
Would you say it's gone to my head?
If I told you I believed that you and I,
We are more than bundles of hearts and organs
We are notes from an organ with more keys than we can imagine
Strands in a spiderweb spinning through infinity
What would you think of me then?
Because I do and sometimes they try to change me to somebody new
To which I say, Don't ask the sun to shine more like the moon'

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Posner, Mike Don't Ask The Sun To Shine More Like The Moon Comments
  1. yair cohen

    it's so inspiring loving and real to see how Mike and more people are waking up. And the comments here so positiveeee. I really love this

  2. 126cardinal

    this guy is clearly gifted with a great singing voice

  3. GamingYearly


  4. David Papp


  5. Harshit Mittal

    If you u have got the meaning of this song and felt the vibe, Probably your life is gonna be ,Beautiful and Is already an box of choclate.

  6. Harshit Mittal

    Feel the vibe??

  7. Daniel Sayre

    Yo guys now that we're all getting woke, let's make a pact. If any of us get super rich, we'll spend a good portion that money on programs that prevent war, starvation, and hatred.


    I realised i was in this world
    i realised i wasnt in this world
    then again i realised i was in this world
    life's somehow tough
    cant hide
    so i decide to ride😂

  9. Chou Monu Mein

    Great song, great lyrics, great tune.

  10. lesile barber

    Cool ✌🏻🌷👊

  11. Kanwal Singh

    Posting from my dad's account... This shit is beautiful... 🙂

  12. Ramiro Reyes Duarte

    Absolutetly love this video 100%

  13. GamingYearly

    Perhaps Michigan’ll be the place my kids are from. Michigan born and raised ✋🏻

  14. Phaedo 82

    I listen to this song frequently and it always makes me happy. Thank you, Mike.

  15. N5EMI

    Bruh Mikes music shook me so hard at my foundation. truly touched me came across the video on accident didn't know, i found the song (live before i die) so far hes the only artist Ive found that has the exact way of thinking as i do, dealing with cancer in my family losing my friends to drug overdoses losing myself at times going from making 100k a year to $9.30hr it all means absolutely nothing if you cant find peace. helped me get my groove back god bless you Mike Posner life truly is now. please keep making stuff like this. your a good dude.

  16. Rayban Nunes

    Thank You Mike....

  17. Kyle Whitlock

    I realize what your saying more in some way Everytime I play this

  18. Kyle Whitlock

    Thank you for making this music. I needed it and it changed me

  19. حسن الشريفي

    A new world coming together.

  20. dustin bean

    God dang, Life change

  21. GrubWarp

    quit porn

  22. Priscilla Rodriguez

    Back to the basics ❤️

  23. Allison H

    Most people go their entire lives never learning this truth. “I am something much more beautiful, deeper than even I know”

  24. Lord honey

    I've seen this Guy killing on the stage. Girls crying for him. Damn he doesn't give a fuck no more.

  25. Haisea Umik0


  26. Kofi Donkor

    He clearly loikes it ; )

    Kofi Donkor

    ya he does

    Kofi Donkor

    Ya i like it too

    Kofi Donkor

    So do i ;)

  27. Chris D. I

    There is nothing more true than these words.... you are my inspiration, man

  28. Brandon Charette

    Who's ready for this type of vibe in their life? 🙏🏻🤚🏻

  29. xeb edy


  30. Thomas Cox

    guys I need your help, I wanna drop out of college and travel the world but do I do that or finish college


    Chase your dreams after you travel the world, good luck.

  31. UptonEC

    Love the message in this song makes me feel better in times of depression thanks Mike

  32. juan carlos S

    I love you. And I love you too random reading this comment. I mean this. Have a good day! :)

  33. Tony hodge

    "Beginnings always hide themselves in ends"made me quit smoking weed after 13 years straight... being sober is my less familiar state and thank you for making me realize this

    Iva Gianna

    Yay, Im so happy for you. 😊

  34. al_creates

    good lyrics

  35. Gian Franco Rodriguez

    This is 10000 times better than I took a Pill in Ibiza

  36. Pablo Lion Castro

    Que lindo! Eu sei sobre o que você fala e sente.. Parabéns

  37. Rishav mishra

    Maybe this video has not enough views but, while watching this you really feel the vibes . I gotta goose bumps at first
    I'm the huge fan of Justin Bieber . He means everything to me ,but even while watching videos of him or any other like Ed, Katy, ari, and the list goes on , you don't feel this beautiful felling. I've tried it . It touches your soul . Owl City songs are also like this one but this one is special and it will last till eternity.

  38. Nercam1

    "Ships are safe in the harbor, but that ain't what ships are made for" dude... I REALLY FELT THAT

  39. The Unstoppable

    i love this ,real art that gets into your heart and talks to your soul in a deep way

  40. abhi dutta

    Thank You

  41. Under 2 minute recipe

    I’m not gay, but I’d suck Posners cock. Well, maybe I’m a little gay.

  42. Xtian Paul

    I love this lofi vibes on this song add it to my playlist

  43. Divakar Kasinathan3333 Diva

    Were's cooler then me.....were's that mike

  44. Divakar Kasinathan3333 Diva

    I love u bro....from India

  45. Miranda Swanson

    Love this! Amazing, can’t wait to hear more songs with messages like these 💗

  46. Ayush agnihotri

    So much talented but yet so unpoplar..😢

  47. L R

    I would love to see a conversation between Mike Posner and YesTheory!

  48. Boudica

    I'm going through a bunch of shit but this song made me a little bit happier.

  49. Vanessa Boas

    “I am not my haircut, I am not my body, not my clothes. I am something much more beautiful, deeper than I even know.”

  50. Pheonix 14k

    Mike Posner into the wild

  51. iloveyou19982011

    I’m loving what Mike Posner is all about. So genuine and real 💪🏻

  52. Robert Moffatt

    I think he sounds a bit like mc miller

  53. Aayush pokharel

    This song along with others in the album seems to connect with something beautiful, deep and real. Something that is in each and every one of us if we only dare to look inside. I really want to say thank you for bringing out these feelings in the form of such beautiful songs. Congratulations man for living your life to the fullest.

  54. Loopybixxh

    He is Waking up in every meaning of the word. Look at yourself. Get off the wheel. Find your own Dreams. It doesnt have to be just songs.

  55. TheCliveGlenAgency

    Pure poetry

  56. littleasiandude

    hes grown so much as a person damn

  57. Shaune Pratt

    Now the piece of shit is comparing himself to Jesus?

    Lost so much respect for this guy over the last year. Go fuck yourself you judgmental, self-righteous piece of shit.

  58. Lil Dump.

    “Donated all my Jordan’s didn’t take a post, they were taking up the space I needed to grow”

  59. Jesseca Waxler

    It took me 26 years to wake up , nothing is wrong ♥️

  60. Konrad Sieczkarek

    Hi Mike! I want ask you about Two person in text: who they are: Wojciechowski and Leboski? I live in Poland and i didn’t hear about them... soooo if you can talk something about them it was be nice...
    Keep going and some of Your fans waiting for you concert in Poland !

    Ważne Rzeczy

    Konrad Sieczkarek Big Lebowski and Asher Wojciechowski if I’m correct :)

  61. Gitface

    I wish I knew how not to be a hamster on a wheel

  62. Shaune Pratt

    I hate to say it but every since Mike Posner decided to become Forest Gump and went on this self-righteous judgment/preaching campaign his music has really, and I mean REALLY sucked. I also lost a lot of respect for him after his bullshit music video where text pops up explaining how he was bit by a rattlesnake while images & footage of his Steven Segal like recovery played. He was so dramatic and his self-prognosis was incredibly misleading. I don’t like this Mike Posner...he’s a dramatic, whiny, bitch ass Phuck boy.

    The honey Choudhary

    So you don't like him anymore .

    Shaune Pratt

    The honey Choudhary nope...not a fan. I liked him better when he was a smug douche.

  63. Ben Ink

    Amazing Mike Posner's an inspiration

  64. mikeaudus

    Sage Francis line... sweet

  65. DDS

    enlightened man

  66. Rocky Dee

    He gave up everything in order to live a life worth living.
    Far better than some kanye bullshit

  67. Matthieu Houziaux

    mike "supertramp !" well done ! such an inspiration !

  68. Tom Mathew

    When you break enough you realise your unbreakable.

  69. Gripstress 451

    Love ya, man

  70. Darik Grae

    Amazing, I remember him back from his college days of "drug dealer girl"! I'm telling anyone who reads this that this is pure happiness and pure love! Go Mike man you inspired me!! Darik DDUBB Wolf

  71. David Huynh

    We are perfect, but modern society will lead you far from it. WAKE UP

  72. Art Azzle

    Im in love with this song. Beautiful soul, man.

  73. Ojuii -

    Got a Mac vibe on this song and i fuck w it.

  74. Ricardo Cárdenas

    just listened to this, I'm still crying, same realization, it took me 30 years, but it happened, deep inside, nothing is wrong

  75. death lizard

    Yeah nothing is wrong, he made it all back front

  76. Oudom Chan

    Great song

  77. Varun Kumar

    I believe everyone are same , you might be a normal guy or a famous celebrity but when u die even if 1000 people cry you are not gonna get your life back so live a life just like you want a good life... that's what avicii father said "One day you'll leave this world behind
    So live a life you will remember" not they'll remember....

  78. mardie tolentino

    Just ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Manpreet Kaur

    This song touched my soul❤️

  80. Humpty Dumpty

    1 like for Ram Das, the men he got vision from...

  81. Jamil Zaidi

    I enjoyed this kind of song


    que bien viven los blancos

  83. 6xChamps


  84. LoLaLy TV

    Wow I'm trying to understand why I am just now hearing about a Mike Posner!!??? Just listened to three of your songs including the one that brought me here, The Walk of America. Wow!! I love your stories! I love your music! I love your positive energy!! Wow.

  85. Artur Brzozowski

    2:58 Hit me sooo hard. Thank you Mike

  86. 170266 Ghina

    hit me right in my soul.

  87. Vivien Rácz

    It's in the best moment. I don't know who you are, i don't know your music, but i love you're changing and new you. Touching me, my soul and my changing right now. I love it. Just go on! ❤️

  88. 13254687109doh

    I dont leave a comment very often, but mike is helping me view my self and the world with a new thought. Keep it comeing mike, you seem to have find that inner peace.

  89. Adriana La Torre González

    Man, this is some good lyrics!

  90. DJ Èssance

    this will age like fine wine, I showed my friends this song but they’re not ready for this vibe

    Colton The Hipster

    Iiiim ready and I needed this so bad

    Reign Dhariwal

    I feel you ,friend❤️

    xeb edy

    As I was listening I was thinking I wish my daughter would realise the songs message... She's messed up inside, but she's not ready, maybe for some you have to experience the message before you can realise it.

    Kofi Donkor

    Then its treason

    Alexandru Ilonca

    did the same thing >:D<

  91. Anuj Choudhary

    U r such an inspiration Mike!

  92. She Blooms

    This is my new theme song

  93. Caitlin Nicell

    Want to drink tings & smoke things 💯 your like buda lol 😆

  94. jim catalfamo


  95. Tyler Stepp

    Love him but he should’ve kept the Jordan’s