Posner, Mike - Dating Lyrics


I asked her for her name and she drew a line between us
It has become my job to tip-toe as close as I can to that line without crossing
It's a game you love watching me play but you'd never

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Posner, Mike Dating Comments
  1. Juliet Capulet

    This isn't on any album but they do have it on iTunes

  2. androidlyrics

    It isn't on his album or any mixtapes.

  3. jessie campbell

    Is this song even on any of his albums?

  4. Ashley

    this song is sex

  5. Gabriel Dubois

    @FerrSureKatrina thats the point...artist's do it all the time. its hilarious. Love this song. way better than bday sex.

  6. laylamichelleluv

    @jeffhyuga91 im thinkin that tooo. WOO.

  7. Ki3diz

    Mike Ur A Dork ! xD

  8. Jeff Perkins

    @PaRwA4z so lol

  9. Parwaaz

    @jeffhyuga91 Dude! You're a dude. xD

    But, awesome comment... lol

  10. ashay94

    dont say you are not that type girl babe

  11. Ofwgktasdgaf

    Does it matter if he did a song that sounds like "Birthday Sex"? He's still very talented and amazing.

  12. Shane Fields

    this is so damn funny haha swag :)

  13. Highlarious024

    @lilduck234 and your a dumbass, because that's the point genius...

  14. Griffin Queen

    @lilduck234 it's a parody...

  15. Ohpissitsbert

    @lilduck234 thats what we call a remix. one artist turns an idea into his own. lol go to school son.

  16. Cory Barker

    @lilduck234 you really don't understand music do you lol. He did this for fun, it will never be on an album. figure it out.

  17. Jeff Perkins

    I think I just got pregnant.

  18. Kasarah Zeno

    LOVE IHTT ! (: <33

  19. Michelle Krumer

    @FerrSureKatrina oh ok, im not saying i dont like it, sorry if it seemed like that... its actually pretty good!

  20. Michelle Krumer

    Has anyone heard the song called birthday sex by jermiah! Cause this is exactly that song. It's not even funny it's a total copy :(

    Yung_Fish 00

    Michelle Krumer that's the point it's a parody ur retarded

  21. Pangea Soul

    @FerrSureKatrina no I know you made the video lol! I mean WHERE did you find the audio?! I follow his music alot and I never heard it