Porter, Gregory - The Lonely One Lyrics

There is a very quiet boy, they call the lonely one
There's sorrow in his face and sadness in his eyes
And if you look into the heart within the lonely one
You'll find it's been deceived by broken vows and lies

Is it good to have cried with a longing to hide
All your heartaches and fears?
Is it wise to be cold and to struggle to hold back the tears?
If you could only see the boy they call the lonely one
You'd know that since you're gone, the lonely one is me

Is it good to have cried with a longing to hide
All your heartaches and fears?
Is it wise to be cold and to struggle to hold back the tears?
If you could only see the boy they call the lonely one
You'd know that since you're gone, the lonely one is me
You'd know that since you're gone, the lonely one is me

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Porter, Gregory The Lonely One Comments

    👍 Great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Andree Mcleod

    I fell in love with his voice the first time I heard him sing still melts my heart

  3. Annetta Jackson

    There has to be a lonely one for me?😩

  4. K. R.

    Thank You*

  5. Annetta Jackson

    I'm listening to this peice of art. His voice is truly painting a wonderful picture in my mind BRAVO!!!!

  6. Jae Mason Thomas

    everyone who is in a bad relationship or has ever been in a bad relationship should hear this song

  7. Maryanna Chris

    Un vrai délice et ça c'est tout ce que j'aime !!!

  8. Sylvia Washington

    His voice is captivating

  9. kim allen

    Did i pick the wrong one?

  10. Angela Crosby

    Heard this and immediately thought of a Young Smooth sounding Nat King Cole and Luther Vandross. What a Soulful voice to embrace

  11. ahmed aden

    Amazing voice but I wonder how the King Cole will say

  12. Towanda Eve Savage

    Here lies my beauty in healing, in words, in time, I am no longer bound to invisible scars that were far worse than physical scars that may be covered. I was in perfectly beautiful then...Desiring that thing we call love.
    The years came & went, as I picked at my invisible scabs...A new skin emerged and He saw ME. Thanks for this stirring reminder.



  14. Conchita Holman

    Amazing, I'm in love.

  15. Mimmo Biello

    Rafenate music...in my mind, in my heart...Gregory Porter is an excellent soul/jazz singer..He has a great, natural, voice for eachone tune that music asks!!!

  16. Ofelia Hernandez

    I love this song for the music and the lyrics. Jazzy and real. E. Willis signing off.

  17. Betty White

    I think I'm in love with him. This is the song that heals...the kind of love everyone needs.

  18. luke moynahan

    ooooooooooohhh! He lit up Santa Cruz (de Tenerife) and our souls - gracias Sr. Porter!

  19. Malcolm Poulton

    Amazing I'd never heard of him an hour ago but quite by chance i heard a concert on Italian radio. I was dancing in the kitchen and I don't dance.

  20. Kisha Chukwuemeka

    Love! Love Love! his music.....

  21. Nathan Coyle

    Gregory porter is a fantastic jazz singer this is a fantastic song it makes me think on my relationship

  22. MrMufasa7

    Relax music

  23. Tellmia Bedtimestory

    No disrespect to the drummer but I would love to see Brian Blade perform this tune.

  24. Tellmia Bedtimestory

    The crescendos put you over the top then the lyrics you picked the wrong one - Baaaby!
    Take me to the moon or Mars, I'm ready

  25. marc doyle

    Yeh man

  26. shawnie small

    Gregory Porter is the truth :)

  27. TheEjack662

    Gil Scott-Heron.... Reborn

  28. Veniese Wilkinson

    This music is a comet... I am just glad that I am alive in this world with Gregory Porter.

  29. Amit Oknin


  30. Keely Johnson

    My poet.

  31. Nathan Omoregie

    I love this song!!! If you listen closely the saxophone line plays the Melody of one of my favourite Jazz songs 'Little Sunflower by Freddie Hubbard. I like the version with Al Jarreau check it out!

    Jae Mason Thomas

    I knew I had heard this before I could not place it! thank you! this helped I had been puzzling my brain

  32. • Desiree ••

    Your voice is like --- Cuddling up in a soft and tender quilt while sipping on your favorite tea on a cold winter night near the fire place. --- *Sigh* So cozy.

  33. Nat Images


  34. SATT 89

    accirt tu e sta music e merd ma va acaca int a nu cess
    ps si doveva dire

  35. Empress Renee

    when you really need to repair your soul and find your inner love gregory porter is the one.

    Rex Durrett

    Shana Simpson , you said it better than I could ever ....

    Syd Ney

    Definitely the right one

    Jean Selby

    Shana Simpson yes dear Lord Gregory Porter..

    Shelia Pea


  36. Derrick Smith

    the best Damn Radio station on line.

  37. Michael Curtis Hanna

    Intense, Energy, Awesome serenity - Baring the pain and vulnerability of friendship. Greg has mastered the ancient delivery of emotion in song.

  38. Marina Banks

    Love his phrasing, his voice allows you to believe he has lived each song and lyric.  Captivating.  Interpreting the writers sentiment is what makes the song.  Words, become lyrical and Gregory sends me to a place of love, life and the depths of all the emotion bottled up inside of me!  Bravo.

    Carole Joyce

    that's the feeling I get too..

    emma brown

    He makes my heart move on this track. I'm going to play it again. Peace

  39. Ted springs


    Gil Michel

    +ted springs He'll be in Durham on Sept 24th

  40. Claire MacNeilage

    Amazing lyrics! <3
    I hope to find the real one. The real thing. The love that will last.
    But for now the lonely one is here. And it will be ok. 


    @Claire Schuyff Maybe, he´s that "not handsome" sweet guy that you see everyday.....=*



  41. edda lozna

    B... A... D..! (translated really really really good!)

  42. Ruth L

    he heals my heart space I cry and it feels like healing to my mind body and soul

    Barry Nelson

    Crying is healing then love comes revealing...

  43. Shani Davis

    I absolutely love this song!

  44. Fatma Dridi Ben Aissa

    Fantastic voice!

  45. ella Jean-Marie

    Fantastic Composition...the best "slow drag dancing music"....slap that white Camellia on and float on....Sucre!

  46. Mike-Ajda Bach


  47. Keliief

    Simply beautiful

  48. leda fitzgerald

    Just like water, his voice is so soothing.

    leda fitzgerald

    I love this guy. Wish I could see him in concert.

  49. deewrek28


  50. Georgia Corley

    Powerful voice a delight to Hear!

    Georgia Corley

    Delight To Hear!

  51. Brian Carter

    Probably my favorite song on this project! That horn is just captivating.

  52. satsuma55


  53. Devlon Miles Mayhem

    This brother is bad. I just discovered him last weekend and so far all the music he's done is dope, I'm most certainly purchasin' this brothers music.

  54. Luiz Costi

    awsome, deeply beautiful!!!

  55. kimberly echols

    Did you pick the wrong one?

  56. Karen Sexton

    Absolutely captivating,,,

  57. K Montgomery

    Great music , that is forever.  Love your work, MR. GREGORY PORTER.

  58. Khaaliq Thomas


  59. kinglemuelpro31

    Gregory Porter,, thee Musician Brother Of Moments... The Truth right here

  60. Palmerchannel1

    Just warm and brilliant! I feel myself hugged from his voice... enjoy him

  61. UpDogg72

    Powerful and very soulful.....moving music !! Thank you Gregory Porter 

  62. sapporo-bonyu

    lovely voice...

  63. Denise Jenkins

    My husband introduced me to you today. Your voice and words have inspired him to start back writing and just for that I say Thank you!

  64. VertwheelGaming

    u a girl marry me?

  65. unwriiten

    This is the first time I am hearing about this lovely man and it is a shame because he sings and speaks to you beautifully. Hopefully one day we cross paths and I get to listen and meet him in person. :)

  66. Adetokunbo Anubay

    Oh, just sweet & Divine! Love all work,
    and thanks for sharing the spirit of your being
    with us.

  67. Алекса́ндр Миха́йлович Василе́вский

    god im loney

  68. LNVDG

    i am 16 but i love this so badly

  69. Demetrius Hickmon

    I have never even heard of this gentleman until today. Where the heck have I been, he is AWESOME. Where have I been all this time? I will be going to see him October 25th at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center.

  70. Joy Slipper

    Mr. Porter, I love your amazing voice!!!

  71. Dick McLamore

    The Very Best!! The singing, the material, the band and Everything!! Mr. Porter, I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Betty Green

  72. Sonia Levbaum

    magnifique juste magnifique j'écouterais des heures entiéres whouééééééééééééééé

  73. Rebeca Molyneux

    Such a lovely song and so peaceful one of my favourites :)

  74. Brandon Mcmillan

    love it Judy pgh

  75. Savvynlady

    I am just discovering this brother. a friend told me about him just last night and I'm like, oh this brother is good. too good. someone said why isn't this man on BET? I feel the same. this man is a GEM and overlooked for these half digit young silly behind artists? are u kidding me?

    Sherlena Andersonward

    Savvynlady tell them sista

  76. William Williams

    I hear a little bit of marvin winans in him

  77. Green Day Fan

    This is my second type of music my first favorite is rock and roll.

  78. bengo940

    Aye, me too

    I'm 19 though :)

  79. smartcoco

    Oh yes.

  80. MyHusbandMJ

    Hello Mona DONNA lobg time no speak ! How have you been sweetiiee ? Please inbox me soon alright love ! SMILES :D 3

  81. Mocha Sistah

    love his music!

  82. TeRon1081

    story of my life...wow I love this song

  83. NorfSide Menace


  84. sean york

    This is just soooh beatifully black

  85. Jennypurr

    Psst, in the address bar, type the word REPEAT after youtube but before .com and hit enter ;)

  86. FAPsphnxFAP

    I wish there was an infinite auto-repeat button. This song deserves it.

  87. fluidjazz

    Obviously not listened to Kurt Elling.) Porter has a very soulful voice though, I'm a big fan....

  88. FADUTV

    this song is crazy dope.

  89. Marlo Henderson

    This guy is blessed!

  90. nostalgivfeatz


  91. J.F Gonzalez


  92. Josue Mendoza R

    God the best song i heard ever

  93. Bryson K


  94. carlonmaggot

    you are right about the grammar i see it now XD

  95. carlonmaggot

    you way better than the rap shit of today!!