Poppy - Chewing Gum Lyrics

I like myself again
I finally found a friend
His name's nobody and he loves me
I found him on the web
The world wide internet
And on the day we met
I felt lovely

I hope you never try to leave me

Cause I want you under my thumb
I'm just a girl and I want to have fun
So don't make me hate you I, won't hesitate to
Spit you out like old chewing gum
(I love chewing gum)

My life feels like a dream
Now that he's on my team
I melt like ice cream
When he loves me
He calls me poppy seed
And treats me like a queen
He's everything I need
So I tell him...

I know you'll never try to leave me

Cause I've got you under my thumb
I'm just a girl and I want to have fun
So don't make me hate you I, won't hesitate to
Spit you out like old chewing gum
(I love chewing gum)

Am I just insecure?
Are we being immature?
Who knows for sure? (Who knows for sure?)
Atleast I got my boy and I tell him

That I've got you under my thumb
I'm just a girl and I want to have fun (Have fun)
So don't make me hate you I, won't hesitate to
Spit you out like old chewing gum
(I love chewing gum)
(I love chewing gum)
So don't make me hate you I, won't hesitate to
Spit you out like old chewing gum

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Poppy Chewing Gum Comments
  1. Marianne B

    Miss this era

  2. Zonnie Hoffer

    I Know Her Pop Phase Is Over, But This Makes Me Smile Everytime I Listen To This Song.

  3. gacha life jello?

    Poppy is a rodot she singing adaut that old vid that other jobot that wos chewing gum and then she faund a guy on the wed and vomerted blid ew


    Read much?


    Also, Gacha Life sucks :)

  4. HRH Princess Kenny

    She stuck by that nobody for a long minute!


    It only been 4 years. but it feel like she just released this song yesterday. she look exactly like Cameron Dove and sound like Ariana Grande when she speak she awesome just saying. and if anyone agrees leave a like comment or both.


    RAINBOWNATE RAINBOWNATE I came back because I just remembered it exists.. god I miss this poppy

  6. Sebi The Hunter

    "He calls me Poppy Seed" omg

  7. carolina

    anyone else hears “there’s a fire”


    Apparently there was a fire in the making of this song.. I’m not sure on how true it is but that’s what some people say

  8. Bruce Iaukea

    The only song thats not Horrible. Unlike her Terrible Metal music *Flashbacks* oh g o d


    She makes great metal music. She’s just talented... don’t ruin the comments with your negativity.

    Bruce Iaukea

    Its just A Opinion.

    Danna Esquivel

    Bruce Iaukea
    Your oppinion doesn't count when you express it like that. "The only song thats not horrible"? Seriously?

    Syahril Huda F

    If you want to say about your opinion, use a right word

    I don't think horrible is a good word for that

  9. Adelaide Katrina

    bpd song lol

  10. Juan Sanchez

    Seariously, this is the best song ever! So underrated...

  11. Decayed Knight

    Really cute song.

  12. N A N I K U N

    Anybody know mars Argo vibes?

    Sosa Topf

    I wonder why...




    Everybody wants it all :)

  13. Juan Sanchez

    Favorite song ever!

  14. Rosanne x


    Rey Secreto

    Because it's unreleased D:

  15. Yue



    @Tammie veentjes l think they were referring that the song is fire. You can even hear the guy's voice in the first seconds of the song Lol stop overreacting :)

    Tammie veentjes

    @Tonyblairz do you mean that im overreacting?


    TAMIKO AND ESMEE Maybe haha

    Tammie veentjes

    @Tonyblairz haha rotkind dat je er bent. Je hebt vast en zeker niks beters te doen. Ga lekker uithuilen bij je mammie en pappie haha doei doei

    Della's Mashups

    i always thought that said "have fun!!" or something lmaoo

  16. Strawberry Sundae

    Damn I wish I could download these songs ;-;


    use savefromnet website to get the video then you can use a video to audio converter app to get it onto your playlist

    Syahril Huda F

    I already download all her Am I A Girl album song

  17. black frosting

    I can relate. Im super insecure, and half of the boyfreinds ive had i wasnt even slightly in love with.

  18. CherryCola

    I love this song but i cracked my phone while i was dancing to this song:/


    omg what make is it :(

  19. rain 51db


    Sinh Tố Xoài


  20. Roman Arana

    these are unreleased right?


    They released this song 2 years ago but they deleted it

    Sosa Topf

    @Junkyartist No one knows.


    @Yue isnt it bc of the mars argo lawsuit didnt she sue for abuse and for bubblebath being like her album same cover and almost the same songs...

  21. chrispycreme

    Why do I imagine this playing low volume at an empty department store late at night

    five six


    Boe Boe Fish


  22. Just a normal guy

    Finally I found her older songs. She has such a pretty voice and I like her pop self better than the metal-Poppy.

    Syahril Huda F

    I love both

    paparruno 500

    I love both 😍💖


    both are great for different moods

    Dr Agon

    Does she still have that extra channel that's meant to be basically saying she's a robot or something that theorists like? If the channel isn't being updated anymore, maybe it's more metal because she's not going for the controlled pop princess idea and more her own messages and tastes in music?

    Irrelevant Danny

    @Dr Agon well her and did Titanic did split recently

  23. Atomica

    At least she makes good music because this rabbit hole is long and creepy.

  24. milk

    this song is so cute

  25. ishiriyu

    i dont remember the end sounding like that.. it was normal right? but it sounds good tho

    Cas Winters

    I remember it being different too !!


    ishiriyu its Because this is the full version

  26. TheChelian07

    “His name is nobody and he loves me”

    Omg me

  27. IHESUCKS!!!!!! SO MUCH

    We need this on ITunes