Poppy - Auld Lang Syne Lyrics

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
For auld lang syne
May auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne

Hi, it's Poppy!
On behalf of Charlotte, and Plant, Skeleton, and the whole Poppy family, we would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We love you!

For auld lang syne
May auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne

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Poppy Auld Lang Syne Comments
  1. DarianFYH

    I missed this poppy 😭

  2. Analog Girl

    Happy new year Poppy! 🖤

  3. The Gecko Crew

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎁

  4. Valentin Koscheyev

    A very cool, traditional & no whistles & bells version of a sadly powerful song . . . Bravo!

  5. weirdo

    I didn’t know this was a song its so good 👁👄👁

  6. john divine

    You're an angel sent from God

  7. Samantha Nahuel

    I love You poppy :3

  8. Millie - Poppy’s biggest fan P⃤

    Merry christmas everyone!! ♡♡♡♡♡

  9. Nakkles

    Merry xmas boys and Girls✌️

  10. DaniloWine

    Merry Xmas for u and the Man Poppy :3

  11. The Lonely Lemon

    I am so happy that it's the time of tear to listen to this again. What a piece of art

  12. The Athiest's God

    agh. mormon flash backs. please no.

  13. Sophia Marie'

    oh how much she's changed in one year...

  14. Sonia Nevermind

    I like to think the deeper voice is coming from the cat

  15. Shark In Space

    It's not christmas and i love it

  16. jacob white

    merry christmas poppy :)

  17. BM Official

    I like so much your voice 😍❤️

  18. Samuel Arredondo Sister

    Why is this psycho even famous??

  19. Sean Motley

    Holy fucking jazz chords, Poppy! Wow!

  20. joshua francisco

    Im crying..so beautiful 😍

  21. Welcome to my boring channel of weird stuff

    Make it to 2 times more faster than you can hear a man singing

  22. Welcome to my boring channel of weird stuff

    I want to cry

  23. iconic kat


  24. akebo92

    This actually might be my favorite rendition of Auld Lang Syne

  25. Brayan Reyes

    I was watching this with headphones on and accidently pressed the volume bottom and it freaked me out!!!

  26. Len Kagamine

    A few days late with this but I'm not complaining lmao

  27. Nisanur HH

    love you cat

  28. Ø Ø


  29. Lotte Gawlik

    Guys, I Think she is a Beautiful falen angel

  30. Soulz Studios

    Love that song the chorus makes it sound great congrats!

  31. caua sz

    Happy New Year Poppy 😻💞💕

  32. Denz ORAA

    Yup definitely human

  33. Luna Lovegood

    Poppy has contained The Man again

  34. Sophie Donnelly

    Anyone else thought she was just tryna stay still?.....

  35. fadime kaya

    cat kedi 🙀🙀😺😺

  36. Abriana Campbell


  37. Lamar Doss

    This is gorgeous... The harmonic accapella here is euphoric.

    I hope there are more songs arranged like this in the future. 😎👍

  38. five six

    Much better audio than usual

  39. Yusuf Arslan

    I love you 😥

  40. Popium336

    Titanic Sinclair killed it.

  41. Caitlyn Marie

    This sounds so good in my new headphones. Merry Christmas!

  42. MAD MAX

    I love you poppy gimme your heart pls~ °~°

  43. The Lonely Lemon

    It's Christmas I'm back and ready to jam

  44. Jake Blair

    Merry Christmas, Poppy! ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Matheus Matias desenhos

    CD sacanagem

  46. Matheus Matias desenhos

    Pai nosso que estais no céu santificado seja o vosso nome venha a nós o vosso reino seja feita a tua vontade assim na terra como no céu nome de Jesus repreendido o nome de Jesus aprender os numerais

  47. not active sowwy

    Merry Xmas poppy :)

  48. monster Stoner

    Can someone tell me what Auld lang syne means

  49. Caelir Merlo

    Pobre gatito :(

  50. Arose2Amoeba

    That cat is everything.

  51. Mr. Koli


  52. Taylor Isaacson

    dont put caps on your hambs

  53. -Potato Queen-

    That poor cat

  54. Thepinkdiamond Hannah

    WTF 😨

  55. フランシーヌFrancine

    We never subscribed to Poppy but she is still wishing us a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Same to you too Poppy!

  56. Erin schenkkan.

    thanks for sharing poppy! <3

  57. The Noname Household

    Their staring in to my soul... 😱

  58. King Sorta

    This video is so sweet. I love you ❤️❤️😊

  59. Chicken noodle Soup

    My last brain cells during a test

  60. MrStraynge

    Beach Boys, nice ;)

  61. Cian

    That barbershop tho 👌

  62. Rachael bitch

    Poppy can you please put this on streaming services so I can put it in a playlist

  63. robotghost gaming

    Merry Christmas poppy we all love you poppy

  64. flashy jOejo

    Black cat bad luck

  65. Rachael bitch

    This is so good it deserves more recognition 😍😍😍 merry Christmas

  66. william minerva.

    Ahhh her voice 🧡

  67. Stephen Croce

    that is a beautiful arrangement. love the acapella. awesome

  68. Your response Doesnt Matter

    We love you Poppy!!

  69. Esteban Chumacero Cárdenas

    Me parece que las canciones de Poppy de Am I A Girl están muy subestimadas, me parece que Poppy.Computer alcanzó más fama. Sinceramente :( Pero me encanta esta canción. Feliz navidad, Poppy :D

  70. Princess Alcira

    Love you poppy

  71. Jason Chow

    u worship Satan. why are u wishing people merry Christmas? Christ? shame on u

    Eijiro Katsuki

    WE already joined her cult too❤


    Jason Chow Fuck you


    She has her beautiful cult uvu

    Eijiro Katsuki

    And we're on it too❤

    Eijiro Katsuki

    Care to join?

  72. Sir Augusthuz

    Illuminati bitch


    You have an Illuminati on your profile, idiot :3

  73. Mh Frosbite

    Creppy song.......

  74. Fuyu SenpaiKun

    Awww merry christmas poppy UwU

  75. Ho-Oh Shiny

    you are so beautiful. thanks for your vids, they helpt me

  76. Crimsonredslayer :l

    This is amazing!Poppy isn't even that creepy tbh.

  77. Erma The Gerd

    love this

  78. Redbull Raven

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Poppy, Plant,Charlotte and skeleton

  79. Sabakin Life

    Shit Up

  80. Chelsea Liann

    Ummm guys am i hypnotized or something?

  81. Venom Gaming 97

    Tbh that cat is so cute I want it right now

  82. Bleach Blonde

    Is anyone else hearing Titanic in the background? 👀

  83. not donald trump

    Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year queen❤️

  84. jheric yuzon

    Merry Christmas Poppy
    I love you! 😘

  85. Rusty spoon

    Beat this Mariah Carrey!

  86. Yam yam Na

    Merry christmas too poppy

  87. Souad Touami

    Your so prettyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  88. Chönk

    *My scottish ass is pleased.*

  89. Bone Clink

    Beerus sama 😂

  90. Gee! thanks

    Poppy has angelic voice 😍

  91. Lvl 100 Mafia boss

    Should poppy be forgot YES SHE FUCKING SHOULD

  92. Dank Hill

    The cat has better nails than me.

  93. Waqas Ali

    not warking vodei nononononnonon


    Happy holidays!💕

  95. ガールデッド

    Should i'l be scared?.....

  96. Lizy Lol

    Ur cat looks looks mad

  97. Solar Proficiency

    Merry Xmas Poppy

  98. Barry McCockiner

    Merry Christmas poppy