Poppy - Adored Lyrics

There was something that you started to say
If you want the truth, then give it away
I've been thinking over time
Infinity is on my mind
Listen in then give me a sign

I need to know if I'm alone

What is this "life" I keep hearing about?
Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
Can anybody tell me what I should look out for?
I wanna be adored
I want nothing more

Did you finish what you started to say?
If you want the truth you have to behave
So tell me what it was again
That made you think this was pretend
Maybe you can be my new friend

I need to know if I'm alone

What is this "life" I keep hearing about?
Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
Can anybody tell me what I should look out for?
I wanna be adored
I want nothing more

I want nothing more
I want nothing more
I wanna be adored
I want nothing more
I wanna be adored
I want nothing more

What is this "life" I keep hearing about?
Does anybody know what I'm talking about?
Can anybody tell me what I should look out for?
I wanna be adored
I want nothing more

I wanna be adored
I want nothing more
I wanna be adored
I want nothing more

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Poppy Adored Comments
  1. Dicky Jonathan

    I ❤ you adorable poppy

  2. Dicky Jonathan

    poppy is much more beautiful than any other songs

  3. jackiewissem louhichi

    Hi Sweety #Poppy yes please send me invitation to like and Comment and Subscribe Because I Love to give you the Love and support conversation exactly as it occurred.🌼👏🌹💐😚👱💜

  4. Mountain Months

    how is this so slept on it's literally her best song

  5. Rav3nbut po3

    Will always be most underappreciated artist. 🖤

  6. Random CatTV

    Here we are her and Titanic dont work together anymore so yea

  7. ovwarrior

    This is the best version of poppy.... The numetal thing is horrible.

  8. Leslie King

    This is how I am in real life.

  9. Pure fatima

    2020 😂

  10. Basti Blumenkraft

    Poppy is an art project. That's all, but that's perfect. 🌻

  11. Space Pirate

    I didn't know this song existed

  12. başak güngör

    Its have to be anime song

  13. Ryan Murphy

    We make the world happy and cute through the power of our perception. Those who wake up to this are creating the new earth. Thank you Poppy. :-)

  14. I Worship Bread

    if you rearrange some of the letters of adored it spells dead...

  15. Garry Rodriguez

    one of my fave poppy songs ever to exist <3

  16. John Van Poznak


  17. EJ Movement

    Riiight. I'm doing a series of reviews/theories/putting in my thoughts on Poppy's music videos and I forgot that this also technically a music video from Poppy that I could work with as well. so here it goes,
    I looooove the instrumental and Poppy's singing tone for this song, it works so well and super catchy. It sounds very wonderful and I have a lot of joy listening to this song. Really underrated song for Poppy. The message here seems a little more clearer than most Poppy songs (At least I believe). Pretty much, she is singing about wanting to be adored, whether it be as in appreciated as a person or (More likely coming from the whole project) a famous celebrity. Poppy in the video is on her phone the whole video (As many people can be like during most of their day.....unfortunately but nonetheless) which I still think is part of wanting to be adored. It can be speculated that she is looking through anything on her phone, say she's checking for Twitter or Instagram likes. This would be part of wanting to be Adored, which is in a bit of a unhealthy way at times (For example, check out rapper Token's music video for, "One Like Equals"). Poppy always liked to say how much she would like to be Famous and how much she loves her fans after all as well. Not only is the song really underrated, but the visual with it despite it just being on her phone the whole time in the song. I would wonder how it would've been if it was an official music video.

  18. red eagle

    Lights camera action

    ..uh poppy??

  19. DalnK

    Miau, me agrada

  20. Nay

    eu quero ser adorada......

  21. სერგი ავლოხაშვილი

    Idk why But this song reminds me christmas

  22. Rage of Infinity

    When I see you in San Francisco, look for the blue eyes with a ring of gold... coming from the one piece of coal in a field of diamonds.

  23. Rage of Infinity

    Only an adulterous generation asks for a sign... but if the stories are meant to be believed, Mary Magdelene, the love of the Christ, was an adulteress.

    You are adored.

  24. Manoj Shankhwar

    Poppy I will sex you for infinite time

  25. Teju Kaya

    So Wonderful Song💕😍

  26. Aida Kinto Creepypasta

    I WAnna be a doooooooooooooooooor *Truns into door* ;)

  27. 「cq1m」

    You are now adored.

  28. For The Honor of Grayskull

    Just came to say the devil is well aware he's *adored* ...

  29. Jettt Angel

    I adore u mommy!!!! ♥️🍭

  30. Batuhan Herkol

    the description really says "directed by Titanic Sinclair" lmfaooo

  31. Kinawaiio

    she's probably writing down the lyrics on her phone.

  32. Il Y Aura Du Soleil

    Interesting how the music video is her watching the music video on her phone

  33. maddieglow

    shes underrated . I love her

  34. yahya ahmed

    Who listens it still now...

    Maybe it's only me here😅

    sweet dream audios

    You’re not alone lmao

  35. Nicolás López

    Los subtitulos en español están mal

  36. Jettt Angel

    She’s revolutionary

  37. Mundo Televisa


  38. lal kumar mitra

    you're not

    Jess x

    Neither are you

    lal kumar mitra

    yes dork mixture I'm not alone

  39. Fred Austin

    Very nice song, she's so beautiful.

  40. your creepy emo cousin

    This song needs more recognition its amazing

  41. Raúl i

    Love this song

  42. mavidateeta

    listen and give me a sign /P\

  43. NOSE BOI

    Behind the scenes

  44. Princess Azula

    God it's been so long since I've listened to this 😭💖 I love this song so much

  45. Ender Knight1667

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh what the fuck 😶🤨🤨🤨🤔

  46. Loverandabitch Loverandawitch

    2017 was good year I miss it ❤️😕❤️

  47. Hu Ssss

    Your country system is in my pocket

    Do not worry

    You set me from the first sight ❤️🔥

  48. toka fukawa

    la poppy telefona bakma çatlarsın

  49. Hu Ssss

    If there is a chance

  50. The Something

    I like her outfit, it's purty

  51. Cadence Chambers

    2019 anyone?

  52. Richelle Collado

    hope this goes onto spotify now that she’s independent again

  53. Tõnis Kalm

    This needs to be on Spotify... :/

  54. Mari That Poppy Seed

    Her best song yet ❤️

  55. Marcelo Silva Folhas

    spotifyyyy it plz

  56. imbasil

    this is still my favorite poppy song

  57. Prplcandydragon

    This bish has 99 music videos

  58. Natalia Omayra Herrero León

    2019? <3

  59. Basketball

    Song still slaps

  60. Blue

    I've listened to Poppy since 2017.. how have I not heard this lol

    Jim Christou

    how? 😂

  61. Patrick Sky

    the most forgotten song of poppy.

    Aryan TheWeeb

    *I love this song*
    Do you like her new song -scary mask-

    Patrick Sky

    @Aryan TheWeeb yeah! Who doesn't?

  62. Cindy Russell

    She sounds like me a little bit..........because all I want is to be adored............to........
    I want to be noticed, I want somebody, anybody, to tell me that they love me, or at least like I want to be heard without being ignored I want..............
    Is that all to much to ask?

    Cindy Russell

    (And in case you think this is some stupid joke comment, think again)

  63. jacob white

    ami legit the only one who didnt even pay attention the whole first part of the video i thought it was just a picture until it zoomed in on her hands and said "So tell me what it was again? Made you think this was pretend. i literally though she only started moving when she said that line and it zoomed in on her hands....... O.O, until i went back and saw she was moving her hands all along

  64. ??????

    this should be released as a track!

  65. Lemon Aiden AGAIN


  66. cartoonprince

    I adore you Poppy.

  67. Daniel Salazar

    Poppy chan pls release this on Spotify!

  68. Windows Logo


  69. twyla Chicken

    My phone always crashes when i watch poppy

  70. Pure fatima

    I wanna know lyrics of this song I'm in love with songs 🎵 of poppy 😍😍😘😘

  71. youhao liew

    You are thinking about what you are thinking, you don’t even know what you are thinking.

  72. LibertyNatsa

    Sexy gloves

  73. Stxrry • Nxghts

    2019 anyone?

  74. Z ZIDRO

    0:51 jesus

  75. Франциск Басистый


  76. xAlciaQx

    I cried. This is beautiful and remind me my childhood best friend 😭💔

  77. amanda nuds

    Ela é um anjooo

  78. Melih Gövdeli

    Turkler bu kız unimati üyesi

    Melih Gövdeli

    Turkce speak

  79. rj roy

    mentel popy

    Solar Proficiency

    You can't even spell

  80. Migzone

    This is so good

  81. sun 2neki

    i loove this song, i need it to be on Spotify uwu

  82. Bob

    The low notes are amazing

  83. Jake Rise

    i love poppy :)

  84. Pam Ishiptoomuchthing

    Look for a dog...

  85. Tofi Whoops

    the lyrics is so beautiful that i thought the song wasn't hers lol

    Tofi Whoops

    Bryan the Trombone Band4life

    Yes! I love many of her songs, but in this one was like, idk i just wasn't expecting that level of beauty lol

    Solar Proficiency

    @Tofi Whoops I know why you feel that way, coz this is more emotional and personal.

  86. Batuhan Herkol


  87. mavidateeta


  88. ThoseGoodVibes

    Ear Rape!!!!

  89. Circe Hoe

    When you think about it their is no way she can be doing anything on her phone because she has gloves on...

  90. jimmymastiff

    I wanna be a dork

  91. my cat is a dog

    Poppy WHY IS THIS NOT AN OFFICIAL SONG (is my spelling wrong)

    Marko Bogosavljevic

    my cat is a dog I AGREE!

  92. ashley

    i like when she made this music :( i wanna be adored. i want nothing more

  93. Joe Yocom

    Put down the Fucking Phone if you want to be adored


    Exactly the opposite

  94. Rando Chando

    It’s cute and everything, but under three minutes? That’s an outline, not a song.