Poppe, Maddie - Wildflowers Lyrics

I'm missing all the summer nights
Running with the fireflies
Dancing in the rain, counting every single plane
That's flying by
It's not a place you go to
It's more a place you travel through
It doesn't look like much, but it's way more than enough
It fits me right

And you can take me far away
But you can never take this part of me
You can take me far away
But some things never change

When I see clouds, I see faces
When I see roads, I see places where we could go
When I meet strangers, I say "Hello"
I come from where the wild wild flowers grow
When I hear thunder, I sing along
'Cause I'm the daughter of where I'm from
A starlit sky will always get me home
I come from where the wild wild flowers grow

I miss my parents' living room
A little mud under my shoes
And though I'm feeling blessed, I get weary in my chest
From time to time

And you can take me far away
But you can never take this part of me
You can take me far away
But some things never change

When I see clouds, I see faces
When I see roads, I see places where we could go
When I meet strangers, I say "Hello"
I come from where the wild wild flowers grow
When I hear thunder, I sing along
'Cause I'm the daughter of where I'm from
A starlit sky will always get me home
I come from where the wild wild flowers grow
I come from where the wild wild flowers grow

When I see clouds, I see faces
When I see roads, I see places where we could go
When I meet strangers, I say "Hello"
I come from where the wild wild flowers grow

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Poppe, Maddie Wildflowers Comments
  1. Peach Beach ._.

    I want to know the meaning to this song! Does anyone know where I can find it?

    I’d also like to hear what it means to everyone else.
    For me it’s about my desire to travel and see things and meet people. I’m 24 and always thought I’d see the world by now or atleast some of it. Since I was little I’ve wanted to travel. I’ve been waiting and keep getting told “one day” and letting others put my need to travel on the back burner. These are real and strong emotions and I have a burning passion to experience the world. When I listen to the song I cry and scream a long. It reminds me I have to tend to my deepest desires because they will never go away. This is who I am and when I see roads I see places where I can go and I’ll never stop seeing them.

  2. texamania 1

    still my favorite song its the one you just take off down the highway listening to

  3. zevys

    This really deserves more views!

  4. Zandrix Funesto

    Hope she will rise also like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood 🙌💖😍

  5. S Hoff

    Love This Song!!!!

  6. Gracyn Hatcher

    who else heard this in a store and asked siri what it was called

    Lucas Lawless

    One of the few good songs my work played. Always made me smile when I heard it, especially on bad days

  7. Jessica Brecount

    This is such an Iowa song. Seriously perfect!

  8. Akho'z vero

    So good
    Should / must subscribe

  9. Kevy Huynh

    I'm from Iowa (110 miles from your hometown actually) and this song always reminds me that even though we're not as popular or well known as California or New York, we are unique in our own way and I love my home. By far one of my favorite songs. Thank you for this anthem to Iowa.

    Hope Mehmen

    Kevy Huynh I live a few blocks away from her she is so sweet

  10. McKenna Bush

    This song is talking about iowa❤🌽

  11. Estrella Penaloza

    ❤🌼*My summer anthem* ❤🌼

  12. Dude Drover

    This is an AMAZING song like if u agree

  13. Steve Schiely

    If this album / CD is out where do you buy it??

  14. Jose

    Thank you Maddie, may all your weeds be wild flowers

  15. Ella's DIY's hack's comedy

    Favorite song yet keep up things like this !!!!!!!!!!! :]

  16. Danielle Rhodes

    For real I can't stop listening to this album! IT'S SO GOOD!

  17. Nanchilo Magh

    Keep up Maddie ♥️🌈 love you

  18. Sadie Baldwin

    I'm actually related to Maddie. She most likely will not see this but my Grandpa Heiser is her cousin, I think... Like so she may see this!

  19. Fran Poole

    Love this album!!!!!

  20. Salena

    Love that their is a POSITIVE song about Iowa

  21. Shae's Show

    Love it and you

  22. Bob Morphis

    I was looking up at our post-storm sky with all of it's puffy white clouds and saw faces! And thought of this song and smiled about your songwriter sensitivity.

  23. John Meinard


  24. Tamra Stefanski

    I love it, You are so talented, so beautiful.
    Thank you for being you, very special

  25. Cristi Leibold

    Love this song <3 Amazing <3

  26. Ekansh Tyagi

    Currently My Favourite Song❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Aaron McPherson

    My Favorite!!!

  28. Becca Christiansen

    Underrated song!!


    Its so relaxing

  30. georgina corcoran

    My favorite

  31. Chesil Arengh

    One of my favourite 🥰🥰

  32. Camille Gomez

    Great song Maddie ❤❤❤

  33. Cora Passey


  34. Reilly Steinhour

    I feel like this is a song from a movie soundtrack ahaha

  35. Hollie Shantel

    I love your voice so much.

  36. Bea G


  37. Jenn Lueck

    Love this album, this is one of my favorite songs. I was thinking awhile back you needed to cover Tom Petty's song Wildflowers, and then you come out with your own. Love it!!

  38. leviticus x

    i absolutely love this album ughhh i wish i was famous bc i’d promote the stuffing out of your music. you deserve it so

  39. Lynn Burns

    Great song Maddie Poppe !

  40. North Land

    I like maddies individual singer songwriter talent!
    Didn't like chorus.. but,
    I liked the verses
    Producers not so much.
    Sounds over produced again

  41. theChestnutMtnTinman

    Another great song. I bought your album. You are a superstar. Love it all!!!!

  42. Gearhead 6971

    Maddie is popin '. Yeah I went there. A voice of reason in a world of chaos. Thanks Maddie!💜

  43. Nikki White

    Oh my this song has my heart ❤️

  44. Sherrone Boudreau

    Love this song

  45. Fallon Barron


  46. Lionk2002 !

    wow all these songs are amazing

  47. Jo Young

    Love it

  48. Katie Recker

    Love this Iowa girl! I’m glad that you’re staying true to yourself ❣️ I’m an Iowa girl too. 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

    Julia Lanpher

    Katie Recker ❤️💛❤️💛❤️ #GoState

  49. Shannon Bliss

    Nothing beats home. Especially in the Midwest! I love it here. This song is amazing!

  50. Isabel Romero

    One on my favorite 🎶💜

  51. Devin Leigh


  52. Tra ze


    Hope Mehmen

    Tra ze meeee

    Hope Mehmen

    I live a few blocks away from her she is so down to earth and sweet

  53. Ray C

    this one gonna rocks!!

  54. Tharr Ralzz

    Loved your music Maddie... keep it up💗💗💗💗

  55. Angel Adriel

    Whoever is trying to promote you is doing horribly... not even 10k views in a day? I love you Maddie but you might need to get new managers

    Oleysia Ogren

    True. Noone looks to be helping her.

  56. J Williams

    I feel like I can actually picture Iowa through this song, and the joy and calm it brings to Maddie!

  57. Rayce Kendrick

    Man! I’m loving the album it’s so obvious how authentic each song is and they tell cohesive story together - so cool and adds to the weight of each individual song. It’s one of those things where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

  58. Mike Flinn

    Amazing song. Amazing album. I especially identify with this song because I'm from Nebraska. I wish you were pushed towards country though, I think your voice is perfect for country.

    S Hoff

    She could be a cross over. I could see this being played on country stations

  59. Elise Culpepper

    Great job

  60. haileyxin

    Wow I love this

  61. Chelsea Powell

    This is the perfect summer anthem!

    Chris G

    I said the same thing!!!!!

  62. Kim Knutson

    I hope you release this as a single!

  63. Wendy Frantz

    My favorite song. I can relate so much. ❤️❤️❤️ love the whole album!! Iowa is my home

  64. Old Fashioned Girl

    Waited so long for your album to come out!! Love it

  65. Roses Lace n Laughter

    Love this song!

  66. GeekWorthy

    Already predicting this will reach #1.

  67. Lori Schafer

    This is my favorite!

  68. S Hoff

    I thought Made You Miss was my favorite, then I thought maybe Not Losing You but the more I listen to this one I just can't decide. Glad they are all on the album. I love how this song just ends no fade out, just ends. Really Cool

  69. Travis of Bickley

    Beautiful, Maddie, just like you!

  70. Lisa Haynes

    Maddie, your dream is coming true. Never forget where you come from. You are a talented musician, and instrumentalist. Love your music. Very refreshing sound.

    Anthony Wheat

    I follow her on IG. She still wears her style of clothes (overalls, sweat pants, etc)and acts the same, so, I doubt she will ever change. Music producers had to change to keep her the same.

  71. Sandra Buchner

    great music, wonderful voice, more of it

  72. Tiffani Linde

    Love this song so much so proud congrats love you Maddie your amazing love your voice. Your an inspiration.

  73. Leen Ardenio


  74. Jj Smith

    I will listen to this album over....and over..... and over..... and over...... and over..... and over.... and over.... and over..... and over...and over....and over....and over again until my sister's slap my in the face. Then I'll start over again next morning.

  75. Gary Kent

    So proud of you!

  76. peb peb


  77. Angelica Howell Music

    This is overwhelmingly beautiful! All your songs are OMG! 😭♥️

  78. butterfly girl

    Awesome song and voice, love all😍 of Maddie's music and she is an Amazingly Incredible vocalist, with such great talent. Thank you

  79. Poppe's _

    This album is awesome 😘☺

  80. tiaandupreez

    Love this song!!! 🎵🔥❤👌

  81. Karan Shukla

    I am struggling to figure out which one is my favourite

  82. Daili Maheo

    Like the music and the beating...👌
    And great voice.

    Ekhriio Kape


    kas mah


  83. Lily Shemereko

    Absolutely loving your ALBUM! This song is too cute, I can picture me driving alone and just listening to this song and thinking about the good ol times. ThankYOU!

    Steve Schiely

    Where did you buy it?

  84. Ammar K.p


  85. Aaron McPherson

    Soooo Good!! ❤️❤️ 🙌🙌🙌🙌😍

  86. Radley Avenue

    Congrats on this album! It’s awesome!! :)

  87. Sophia Faith

    This song has my shooketh

  88. Zoe

    One of my favorites on the album 🥰

  89. J G


  90. Swiftie Glambert BTS Emily Hutchpoppes 13

    This song is such a beautiful tune.

  91. Zach Weaver

    You have such an awesome gift of story-telling with your voice and songs! Grateful for your music and am thrilled to continue listening to your music on repeat! (Can’t pick a favorite yet, because they all are:)


  92. Rex Racer

    Too much quality.
    All these great songs.
    All dropping at once.
    Can’t process it all.

    It’s a whirlwind.

    Amy C

    Yes, it was a little too much awesomeness to handle at one time!!

    Lori Carstensen

    That's the dumbest thing I have heard... Ever.

    Rex Racer

    Lori Carstensen: Agree. I’m pretty dumb. Comments often are off the top of my head. I should stick to racing.

    Lori Carstensen

    @Rex Racer keep on racing!

  93. Lulu Jarratt

    Takes me back to my childhood and also to when my own children were young . Love it !!❤️

  94. S Hoff

    Wow can't decide which one I love the most.

  95. Maddy Lee

    This is probably my favorite🌪❤

    Shannon Fangmeyer

    Mine too! 🌸💐🏵🌹🥀🌺🌻🌷🌼⚘


    Yap it is so good!!! I am A Fan In South Africa

  96. Kaytlyn Brooke

    My favorite!

  97. Tamala Bothell

    Awsome maddie Poppe 💮🏵🌹🥀🌺🥀🌹🏵💮🌻🌼🌷🌺

  98. Sunkissed Amythest

    Love this! 🥰