Poppe, Maddie - Nothing Good Comes Out Of California Lyrics

What's a heartland girl doin' way out there
They say you'll get tattooed and purple hair
You'll miss the Friday night lights and the county fair and that's a pity
They say traffic there is a perfect mess, how you get around's anybody's guess
You gotta wheel and deal in stiletto heels in the city
They say it's beautiful but it ain't always pretty

Nothing good comes out of California
They'll convert your heart and we'll have to reform ya
Dance with the devil in the city of angels
They don't know the words to the star spangled
Girl, you can't say we didn't try to warn ya
That nothing good comes out of California

In motel off Heartache and Vine
The seat's in the shadow of the Hollywood sign
I see a few stars from time to time and take a picture
Oh, and I gotta dream burnin' inside my heart
Songs to write on this guitar
No matter where I go I never get too far from their whispers

Nothing good comes out of California
They'll convert your heart and we'll have to reform ya
Can't trust a place where the sun shines all the time
With plastic smiles they sip their wine
Girl, you can't say we didn't try to warn ya
That nothing good comes out of California

Guess I'll have to write a song that makes my hometown sing along
The cynics and critics, I'll prove 'em wrong

Nothing good comes out of California
They'll convert your heart and we'll have to reform ya
Dance with the devil in the city of angels
They don't know the words to the star spangled
Girl, you can't say we didn't try to warn ya (didn't try to warn ya)
That nothing good comes out, I tried to make you proud, even if nothing good comes out of California

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Poppe, Maddie Nothing Good Comes Out Of California Comments
  1. Zandrix Funesto

    Hope she will rise also like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood 🙌💖😍


    She is talking about a VERY specific part of California (LA), and even a very specific part of LA, which is the part that people trying to make it in music or movies see. That's not the part the natives see, and the people who live and work in that part of LA usually aren't natives. I know most people not native to CA make this mistake, but you can't use CA and LA interchangeably. Southern CA is like a whole different state to someone like me, who grew up in Northern CA. There's quite a bit of rivalry there, actually, and while I do think a lot of good comes out of LA and Southern CA, it always irks me a little bit that people think LA (Hollywood specifically) is the sum total of California. We don't even have the same weather, for god's sake! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

    K D.


  3. Sun Flower

    California is wonderful. There's a reason why people come here. Y'all are just jealous. Well bless your heart.

    Kato Tornado

    I’m from Iowa wishing I lived in Cali.

  4. Awesomebird27

    Discovered this lady from her featured track with American Authors, and I gotta say holy hell did I just discover the happy Amy Lee?

  5. Rich Young

    Holy crap! Everything good comes out of Maddie

  6. Hope Mehmen

    I live like a few blocks away from ya!

  7. Hope Mehmen

    Iowan here!! Hometown girl you made us proud! Thank you Maddie!

  8. Patty Goetsch

    Love your music. Your are very talented. Just be you.

  9. Radha Chaitanya

    1. Maddie Poppe as a person seems sweet and genuine; obviously her voice is amazing.
    2. I see how more words rhyme with "California" than "Los Angeles"...
    3. Growing up in a small farm town in California, I am a country girl at heart, so the lyrics of this song do not resinate, but i can see how most people relate California to Los Angeles.
    4. I believe everything happens for the best and so only good comes out of all things [: 
    5. I will move along and continue listening to Maddie's positive songs <3


    This song is meant to be positive, you are right it's LA not all of CA but the message I think that's meant to come out of it is small town midwestern people have negative stereotypes about the big city that aren't true "Guess I'll have to write a song that makes my hometown sing along, the cynics and critics I'll prove them wrong..."

  10. Dexter Williams

    There’s NOTHING like Growing Up in the Midwest! AMERICAS HEARTLAND!!!

  11. David Luna


  12. talgwatr

    nothing good IS IN California......

  13. Danielle Rhodes

    She has purple hair now...

  14. Richard Dodge

    ...MADDE POPPE in her song 'NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF CALIFORNIA" ... "you'll get tattoed and PURPLE HAIR you'll miss the Friday Niights and the County Fair and that's the city" ...

    Kato Tornado

    Richard Dodge proceeds to play a show at the Butler County Fair lol. I’m also from Butler County along with Maddie.

  15. Marc

    So spicy!

  16. Resting Bird

    Love it!!!

  17. Dezerina Rayer

    Feels like she is the new age shania twain

  18. carol Ringham

    Absolutely love this song, and the album. So excellent!!!

  19. JacobB477

    Who else who keeps listening to the songs on this album over and over? It's awesome!

  20. Bob Morphis

    A very timely song! I so totally love your Midwest roots and lyrics! I just hope you find a way around the stiletto deals! Love your heart!

  21. Kim G

    These songs have so much replay-ability

  22. Kim G

    Love this song!! Sticking to your roots, don’t let fame change you Maddie!!

  23. Kim G

    Every song on this album is so good ToT

  24. Jean Anderson

    Grew up in San Diego. So loved it then. It wasn't expensive or overcrowded way back then. I love this song and I don't live in California anymore.

  25. Grady Smith

    This has my favorite lyrics of any song on the album. The wordplay is so much fun -- and there is SO much imagery. I mean I guess I should expect that, given the fact that Tom Douglas (of "The House That Built Me" fame) is a co-writer! I'd love an acoustic/country version one day!

  26. Lali Almendariz

    Such a beautiful song!!! Very unique and true!!!! :')

  27. Cora Passey


  28. PauTuang Officials

    I Like this song🎶👏👏👏

  29. MsPippi

    ❤California native here and I'm not offended, 😂👍 I love it! 🎵🎶

  30. Nutmeg Meg

    Dig it 👍

  31. Traci Wood

    Perfect road trip song!! Loving this album!!

  32. Tiffani Linde

    So proud your so inspirational and beautiful and amazing and talented congrats. Best album ever. Great voice

  33. Tiffani Linde

    Amazing song

  34. Dianna Marie

    Way to go Maddie!

  35. Emmie Kemp

    Love it ❤️

  36. North Land

    Like it. Best song I've heard so far. Nice words, vibe, and vocal timing.. I like the overall diss of cali. Haha.

  37. Sherrone Boudreau

    Perfect but i was born in california and was fortunate to move to montana..country girl always.. great song again

  38. Bert Jones

    Written by Nashville which is Calif south.

  39. Andrea Beaudoin

    I love it!

  40. Angel Adriel

    Simply Amazing!!!!

  41. LovelyKitty936


  42. Katie Recker

    I’m an Iowa girl! Proud farm girl 👧🏼 🥰

    Luna Lovegood


    McKenna Bush


  43. texamania 1

    Go Buy Maddie's album just released   http://hollywoodrecs.co/whirlwinddl

  44. Daniel Boone

    Love this song Maddie.

  45. kays vida

    But I love Cali 🌸

    Ed Zinda

    She sings near the end that she will prove that good things can come out od CA.. not those exact words but listen near the end

  46. Connie Bartlett

    This is one of my favorites, Maddie! This album NEEDS to go to the TOP of the CHARTS!!!!!

  47. kjam22

    Great great song. Its like finally someone wrote a reply to “it never rains in southern california”. I love this song

  48. midland99ful

    Wow!!! You go girl.  Amazing.

  49. J Williams

    What a great song! Very accurate picture of how many people in the Midwest and South feel about California (and probably New York)

  50. dhruba intisher

    *Oh my fucking God this is art*

  51. Alex Aguirre

    Reminds me of a Miley song

    Adam Griffith

    which one?

  52. Rayce Kendrick

    Should’ve sang this at the Dodgers game 😂. Love it!

  53. Denise Guifarro

    A bop just came out of Iowa

  54. aafster life

    Maddie, I can't believe how good every single song is!!! This is classic, amazing, sing-along music. Wishing you the best of luck, girl. Hope your label does right by you.

  55. butterfly girl

    Awesome song and love all of her songs🌹

  56. Rachael Vacanti

    As a Nebraska girl who’s been to big cities, I can so relate. I’m feeling my roots right now.

  57. John A

    It is a good song. Anyone know if she wrote it?

    Wendy Frantz

    She co wrote all of them

  58. Patricia Corcella

    Just awesome!

  59. Lorri Kammien


  60. Christine Bloem

    Great song about people's perception vs reality and how it didn't change Ms. Poppe!

    Anthony Wheat


  61. rachit bhargava

    Yo... Another hit song .... #bigfan #loveya 😍🎵👍

  62. Leen Ardenio


  63. Gary Kent

    You've made ME proud!

  64. Angelica Howell Music

    I am here from day 1 of American Idol to this day. I will always support till the whole world knows how awesome she is! ♥️ This is real music 🎵 ♥️

  65. God's Community

    *Have a lovely day!* ⌚⌚

  66. Mark Antonio Juarez

    👍Something great, just came out of, Clarksville Iowa

    Emma White

    Mark Antonio Juarez Thats such a Ryan Seacrest thing to say! I swear I heard his voice saying this as I read it 😅

    Kato Tornado

    Lol there’s so much talent in Iowa. Maddie grew up just 20 miles from me, I’m from Greene, Iowa.

  67. Karan Shukla

    If the debut album is this good then I can just predict great things for us fans and you

  68. TheSassy1962

    Great song! It hits home....a California girl from birth, I finally fled to the midwest! Best people on the planet here!

    Carol Mack

    Same here, but, I flew to the northwest! People are pretty decent here, only if you overlook the weird ones.


    @Carol Mack ...the Pacific Northwest has become Californicated. When I was a kid it was a wonderful place. The whole west coast has gone to hell in a handbasket.

  69. Aaron McPherson

    Amazing!!! ❤️

  70. Kaytlyn Brooke

    Small town Oklahoma girl with big dreams.... this song is so relatable, Maddie! I thought wildflowers was my favorite, but this one took it to a whole new level!

    D H

    She's from Iowa

    Kaytlyn Brooke

    D H I know. I’m from Oklahoma. I can relate because Oklahoma is super rural too.

    Paula Prater

    I thought Wildflowers was my fave too, but this one is even better.

  71. Swiftie Glambert BTS Emily Hutchpoppes 13

    This is totally a great song!!!

  72. Rex Racer

    OK, did she just skip to a greatest hits album with this one? I can’t find the filler song anywhere. Too good.

    Maddie Poppe

    Rex Racer thank you so much!! I wanted every song to be special. A lot that didn’t make the cut, but would still love to release some day.

    Rex Racer

    Maddie Poppe: Greatest Hits Vol 2! Congrats on this one. It was worth the wait.

    Oleysia Ogren

    @Maddie Poppe Hi Maddie I luv all your songs. Please give me a heart. So I know you saw this. Thanks. 😀

    Oleysia Ogren

    Wow Maddie replied to you. That's so awesome.

    Rex Racer

    Oleysia Ogren: Yeah, she’s very genuine, like her music. Peace to you!

  73. J G

    So true lol

  74. Steven Guzman

    Very good song.

  75. Mccarthy Household

    So goooooooooood👌

  76. Lane Allen


  77. Sunkissed Amythest

    This is my new favorite

  78. zeeval

    great song! so proud of you!!