Pop, Iggy - Waiting For The Man Lyrics

i'm waiting for my man, 26 dollars in my hand up to lexington 125 feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive i'm waiting for my man hey, white boy, whatyou doing uptown hey, white boy, you chasing our women around? oh pardon me sir, it's the furthest of my mind l'm just lookin for a dear, dear friend of mine i'm waiting for my man here he comes, he's all dressed in black, beat up shoes and a big straw hat he's never early, he's always late first thing you learn is thatyou always got to wait i'm waiting for my man up to brownstone, up three flights of stairs everybody' s pinnedyou but nobody cares he's got the works, gives you sweet taste oh, then you gotta split because he's got no time to waste, ah i'm waiting for my man baby don'tyou holler darling don 'tyou bawl and shout i'm feeling good, i'm gonna work it on out i'm feeling good, i'm feeling oh so fine until tomorrow, but that's just another time i'm waiting for my man

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Pop, Iggy Waiting For The Man Comments

    I also love ... suck on this bootleg !


    I miss you ! Omg ! I’m being harassed by fucking Christian ass holes now ! Fence Comapny ! Omg I love this! I needed this now ! Lol @ that’s very Christian of you ! Ahhh i miss life !