Pop, Iggy - The Endless Sea Lyrics

Oh baby, what a place to be
In the service of the bourgeoisie
Where can my believers be
I wanna jump into the endless sea

Oh, oh the endless sea
Oh, oh the endless sea
I wanna jump into the endless sea
Let it wash all over me

Above us is a dirty sky
Full of youths and liquors
A little girl, a little guy
This air can't get much thicker

Oh, oh the endless sea
Oh, oh the endless sea
Oh, oh the endless sea
Let it wash all over me

And when you're tight for the rent
You think you're gonna break
But you know it's no damn good
Just one more phony on the take

You better go home, buddy
I really think,
You better go home, buddy
You better go home, buddy

The endless sea

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Pop, Iggy The Endless Sea Comments
  1. Isaak Garcia


  2. Paul Savage

    Who fucking cares about David Bowie!? I'm glad that he is dead just like the 1960s and 1970s!!!

  3. sasa M

    Bass guitar is recorded like never before Great track

  4. MiddleFingerMotionPictures

    24 people got lost looking for Katy Perry videos.

  5. norman

    yo! azayliah am i rite ? :p
    whos here in 1984?

  6. deleted account

    no samples here budy, sorry ryan fanz

  7. Chris Drummond

    Great sax.

  8. Sylvester Weiter

    Magical. This song should be famous

  9. Phil Morgan

    Vastly underestimated track. Possibly his best solo track. Lovely build up. Then a quickening towards the end. Lovely.

    Al White

    Phil Morgan probably my favourite Iggy track also. Never get tired of it.

  10. Arce Sousa

    This song inspired me to write a history about pirates.

  11. Joni Dawn

    Recorded LOUD...just  how  we  like  it.

  12. April M

    wish this song would never end

  13. MrMoustache27

    Sounds like Pink Floyd

  14. Mister Arnauna De Lisio Clips & Pics

    Great Song For The Voice of the Rock!

  15. freddie alien

    i love girls,only 5foot 1,,,me passengers...

  16. krycklund

    I love the way this song just slowly emerges with every instrument taking a few bars to appear one by one.

  17. AQ Records

    Bowie must sucked up some ideas from this record and the Soldier to make up the Scary Monsters.

  18. Filipe Fonseca

    The outro should be ten minutes long

  19. Charles Ovenstone

    Iggy stated that Elvis dying was the worst thing that happened to his solo record sales.

  20. Nerida Walker

    What a guy... Wonderland.

  21. james dunn

    The Church did a killer cover of this. such a awesome song.

    Richard Roberson

    I prefer the Church version but this is cool to

    Eric de Forest

    Iggy's version is cool, because, well...He did it. The song reworked by The Church, on their "Box of Birds: covers album is a gem in The Church's deep catalog of amazing music. ....Steve and the guys nailed it.

  22. coalseamwig

    The natural successor to Jim Morrison. One of the best live performers (and survivors) of the modern era. Only a shame that for much of his career he had to answer to drugs and alcohol, but would he have been the same without?

    szs voc

    any1 who like s that git shouldnt be listening to iggy

  23. Walter Evans

    I always feel sad when I heard this song back in the early 1980s.....The lyric & the tone represents Iggy really melancholy & depressed. Unlike what we're used to seeing.....He sounds here like a man standing on the edge of a cliff looking down in jaded despair......Poor Iggy... God bless him. God, he saw a lot of the dark side of rock  n roll as well as the upside. Sad sad song.

    Rob Jones

    +Walter Check out "Kill City" for sheer desperation.

    He was a homeless junkie who had been committed
    to a psychiatric unit. Bowie was his only visitor.
    "No Sense Of Crime" is utterly heartbreaking.

    Few people have come back from such a terrible place,
    to go on to make money and have their own radio
    show. Actually, there isn't anybody....

  24. Krystal Lake

    This is the first song to really fuck me up in years. Listening on over-ear headphones in the middle of the night. Wow. Love it.

  25. Murray Dick

    The best album... 20+ years of a good addiction...........................

  26. Gasparuccio X

    i love this song

  27. Luciano Goyenechea

    richard wright-ish

  28. John Hehir

    Such a blast

  29. Nigel Robinson

    Should have been on the idiot album - superb track!!!

  30. unemployablegraduate

    I love the synth on this song. I've never worked out if it's Moog or ARP. Whatever it is, those filter sweeps sound ace - reminiscent of Floyd's 'Welcome To The Machine'.

    Hurricane Jones

    unemployablegraduate I'm not sure either but I am determined to get a hold of those old analog synths. It's a legitimate goal of mine😃

    Virgin Mary should have swallowed

    Its Klaus Krugers drums and him playing a metallic strip with his fingers. Saw him do it live in April 79 Davis Ca.

  31. James G.

    Well used in the film "Dogs in Space".

  32. Andrew Prince


  33. SummersPep

    OMLord #IggyPop knows his shit!!! ♡🎤

  34. spearman

    unbelievable how this song isn't known by many

  35. cuttygrass

    fuckin tune! the golden era

  36. Greg Jay

    Brad.. The Bourgeoisie is the Ruling class you know Wall St and The War Machine known as the Military-Industrial Complex.

    john grossi

    thanx captain liberal millennial obvious

    Tate LaBianca

    Fart on my dinner baby

  37. Greg Jay

    This number and Im Bored are two great great songs. Both are in my top 25 of all time.

  38. AM Anthony HK

    Awesome production.

  39. Me'Shell Elaine

    awesome song

  40. Hannah Janda

    dogs in space

    MK Ultra

    Hannah Janda yes

    Temera Matlock

    Awesome movie





  41. Tim A

    Electric Slide brought me here.

  42. Captain Sunil

    Iggy Pop -------- The Endless Sea ----//////

  43. Eddie Da Silva

    In the service of the bourgeois?

    Justin Bean

    part of the communist party in russia, lenin created it


    @Eddie Da Silva Bourgeoisie. Certainly not communist!
    I've always loved this track since it came out. A Pop composition. Angel, Five Foot One, New Values. All great tracks showing Williamson's production before he left the business for a protracted absence before his welcome return.
    The best solo album by the Ig, IMHO.

    Justin Bean

    @mdr23 the middle class, typically with reference to its perceived materialistic values or conventional attitudes.
    (in Marxist contexts) the capitalist class who own most of society's wealth and means of production.

    Scotty Rebels!

    +Justin Bean Hilarious comment. A sterling example of wise-assery at it's finest. Thanks for the laugh

  44. BurningCityStudios

    I've been listening to Iggy for a long, long time. But I just realized that if any record should have put him in his rightful place in rock'n'roll history as a solo artist, New Values should have done it. It's a god-damned shame it didn't.

    And this song is the gold hidden away in the attic.

    Iggy, the King.

    saint james

    BurningCityStudios agree 100%

    Scott Briggs



    @Scott Munsey Great joke! I'm an Iggy fan but Comfortably Numb shits all over this


    From The Stooges through Kill City,The Idiot,Lust For Life and this Iggy Pop is one third of the Holy Trinity of Rock n Roll......

  45. lismoeff

    Great one

  46. Wayne King


  47. Sister Sister

    American Idol has done its job on tiny uncle sam minds

  48. CreepyClownPro


  49. radgroh

    6 views?!?!? you gotta be kidding me!

    Shaun Francis

    radgroh .... that ain't me ... but I'll go with it ... this air can't get much thicker .