Pop, Iggy - She's A Business Lyrics

She's a Business
She's a Business
She's a Business
A business girl
She's a Business
She's a Business
A business girl

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Pop, Iggy She's A Business Comments
  1. aNdzel0t

    asskickin drumss.. iggy maaan.. what a creature!

  2. mrpuppyman



    mrpuppyman SAAAMEE

  3. r00tbeerfountain

    Um, Marty? Have you ever seen a moose before?

  4. shepmathe

    Good good good

  5. jumpmasterjm

    It's a wolf!

  6. MattAlbie

    Haha actually so did I. I yelled IGGY! in the theater and got a big laugh.

  7. MrZimms950

    I've got the opposite reaction while watching the movie!

  8. Abby F

    Uh, have you ever seen a moose before?

  9. Frederic mortelmans

    a special..

  10. Nathalie Adelise

    Jules making out with a wolf! ;p

  11. Taj Holmes

    Such a good scene...

  12. MyHellothere123

    "I dare you to make out with that moose over there."

  13. MattAlbie

    Cabin In The Woods!

  14. leonakita

    Music is now free... artists must make thier money on tour...by 2020 ticket prices will be $1000/show

  15. leonakita

    Great drums and synth noises acompany Iggy's, thru a cone, altered vocal

  16. Detroit Bullet

    These Drums are anal Fuckin cool Iggy!

  17. Heiner Schnicksler

    man, thank god for youtube! i would never had listened his new stuff if not for coincident.. (on youtube..). IGGY IS GREAT!

  18. Larz Gustafsson

    What kind of album is this??? I USED to be an Iggy fan.

  19. klarissimus

    the album totally rocks-one of the best ever!!compared to what is out there

  20. shreivox

    I like this 'idiot' reference. This album stands equal to former ones, or maybe better?