Pop, Iggy - Search And Destroy Lyrics

I'm a street walking cheetah
with a heart full of napalm
I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb
I am a world's forgotten boy
The one who searches and destroys
Honey gotta help me please
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby detonates for me
Look out honey, 'cause I'm using technology !
Ain't got time to make no apology
Soul radiation in the dead of night
Love in the middle of a fire fight
Honey gotta strike me blind
Somebody gotta save my soul
Baby penetrates my mind
And I'm the world's forgotten boy
The one who's searchin', searchin' to destroy
And honey I'm the world's forgotten boy
The one who's searchin', searchin' to destroy
Forgotten boy, forgotten boy
Forgotten boy said
hey forgotten boy

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Pop, Iggy Search And Destroy Comments
  1. Howtostudies

    Prefer iggy too but the bowie mix is underrated

  2. IIIDatMakoIII

    Iggy pop official: search and destroy

    Cod players: search and destroy

    John Cena

    Metallica. Seek and destroy

  3. J. R.

    anyone that prefer the iggy mix probably listen to music in cellphone speakers

  4. J. R.

    there's people that prefer boxie's mix. and there's people that are wrong

  5. ComeTheDawn 64

    Free Free Free

  6. ComeTheDawn 64

    I'm a streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of napalm
    I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb
    I am the world's forgotten boy
    The one who searches and destroys
    Honey gotta help me please
    Somebody gotta save my soul
    Baby, detonate for me
    OhLook out honey, 'cause I'm using technology
    Ain't got time to make no apology
    Soul radiation in the dead of night
    Love in the middle of a fire fight
    Honey, gotta strike me blind
    Somebody gotta save my soul
    Baby, penetrate my mindAnd I'm the world's forgotten boy
    The one who's searchin', searchin' to destroy
    And honey I'm the world's forgotten boy
    The one who's searchin', only to destroy, heyLook out honey, 'cause I'm using technology
    Ain't got time to make no apology
    Soul radiation in the dead of night
    Love in the middle of… Look out honey, 'cause I'm using technology
    Ain't got time to make no apology
    Soul radiation in the dead of night
    Love in the middle of a fire fight
    Honey, gotta strike me blind
    Somebody gotta save my soul
    Baby, penetrate my mindAnd I'm the world's forgotten boy
    The one who's searchin', searchin' to destroy
    And honey I'm the world's forgotten boy
    The one who's searchin', only to destroy, heyForgotten boy, forgotten boy
    Forgotten boy said, hey, forgotten boy, said
    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey

  7. arthur

    Hard to beat . Beautiful .

  8. llama40204

    I love the Bowie mix. It punches you right in the face.

  9. rocknroll_jezus9

    My freshmen year, second semester, my art teacher would play music while we painted and allowed picks. This was mine

  10. lofiluke

    Sir Psycho Sexy Outro Vibes

  11. Meegs B

    Please research the flat Earth!

  12. Lucia Angeli

    This was the favorite music of Kurt Cobain...


    Dude had a fine taste

    Lucas Müller

    omg! really?

    Lucia Angeli

    Lucas Müller yes😊

  13. Rick Ellison

    Rawk itskkkk!!

  14. James who needs to know

    F*ck fortunate son this should be the Vietnam song.

  15. lucalone

    the world's forgotten boy ...

  16. Alejandro Angeles

    "I'm a street walking cheetah with the heart full of Napalm... I'm the runaway son of the nuclear A bomb..." One of the best lyrics ever. I mean. You can't beat something like this....

    Charlotte Brooks

    Well said.

  17. S K G

    Metal: seek and destroy

    Punk: search and destroy

    A Tree

    Craig T Nelson?

    Chard Olog

    The Stooges

    beefy a la penis

    It has finally dawned on you that Metalica was influenced by Iggy.



  18. Yakovlievich

    "Get the hell off my boat."

  19. Jesper Cervin

    Actually this is an Iggy mix from 1973, the only song mixed by Iggy on the most common version of the album. The Bowie version is much better in my opinion and was first released in the UK in 1973. It's not available on CD. Sometimes referred to as the Embassy mix, sometimes the Bowie mix. There are many clear differences, for example the bass is much stronger on that version than on both Iggy mixes from 1973 and 1997, and the snare has a big reverb.


    I have an english repress from 1977 with the bowie mix ! only the english pressing has that mix!

  20. dwarfdigger135

    idk but like the Sucker Punch version hits different

    Dank Dank

    Bruh another Gen Z baby in a comment section full of baby boomers. At least I'm not alone here

  21. Mike Poitras

    Steve Zissou has had enough!! Go Bill Murray!!

    JM Rodriguez-Luis

    They should have used this version for the soundtrack.

  22. John Burns

    i can respect that dave did this in like, no time at all.. but it sounds like inexperienced teenagers in the living room. iggy's mix is what a record called Raw Power SHOULD sound like.

  23. Robert

    I prefer the bowie mix. If you prefer the iggy mix, listen to that one. They are both available. And the Album now comes as a double album with both mixes. Peace.

  24. Kelly Gardner

    IGGY!!!!!!! 🔈🔉🔊

  25. Michael

    Great concert at the Opera house in Sydney,awesome

  26. Rick Jones

    This mix sucks...David Bowie was not perfect and great at everything

  27. melissa bell

    this mix is horrible

  28. Logan Somers

    Bowie loved Iggy, not so much the Stooges.

    It’s obvious in this mix.

  29. Setherian

    Iggy is the shit but he sounds here like Justin Bieber!

  30. João Paulo Rodrigues dos Santos

    Moment where John Locke meets Sawyer in the village darma Lost sixth season

    Wills World

    João Paulo Rodrigues dos Santos yes my friend! Got me hooked on this song

  31. warren zahar

    if you guys think the mix on this is terrible you've obviously never listened to an early Misfits record...cause you know what? this sounds pretty fucken good and its punk af

  32. Robert E. Roman, Jr.

    STILL KICKING A$$ AT FORTY-SIX TODAY !!! (February 7, 1973 - N O W)

  33. Astro Boi

    Where the bass at?

  34. awesome420ication

    Feels too clean. Honestly, it's not Bowie's fault. All he had was a day.

  35. SpongeBath ShitPants

    This mix sounds like somebody is singing along with the song in their car.

  36. David Coston


  37. GO BIDEN

    Come to LA? Please ? I’m not well I’m losing it ... I need your music live ? Please? I’ll forever be your la stage prop ... Wendy

  38. John Tate

    This low quality audio upload sound like a dude's in the back background scribbling on a chalkboard.

  39. Whippet Lass

    never beaten , never bettered,stooges forever! best album ever made.

    Kyky Ahonen

    Right. What more can you say. Been searching for better ones, some come close ok, like Ramones, Hanoi Rocks, of course Thunders, even Beach Boys Sunflower, ok even... but in pure ok, Sex Pistols, but Raw Power is FREE EXPRESSION

  40. ciaran caughey

    I did some heavy gear to this in the 70's.

  41. no one

    I like Bowie but this sounds terrible. I prefer Iggy's mix.

  42. Joseph Aziz

    The problem isnt the mix its the master. This sounds great on vinyl & the original cd


    This version wasn't even on the original album, the iggy mix is the only song iggy mixed that made it to the original album, bowie mxied the other 7

  43. Christy Jia

    Bowie's mix has no low-end. Iggy's Mix has deep groove. I've always liked Iggy's mix more.


    the deep groove is there anyway

    Buster The Bear

    Christy Jia Iggys mix is better with the remaster but I still prefer Bowie’s mix

    Gus Sandoval

    Its funny u r right, bowies mix has no low end but to me, iggys has more but its so muddy and murky, to bad it isn't more present like the guitar and drums. Oh well.

    harrison wintergreen

    Iggy didn't know what he was doing and mixed the vocals on one stereo track and all the instruments on the other track. It sounds like crap. Bowie had only 1 day to salage Iggy's bizarre mix. It's a minor miracle Bowie made it sound halfway decent

    Gus Sandoval

    @harrison wintergreen wow. That makes sense.

  44. Bob Dobbs

    I prefer the Bowie mix, also. Williamson's guitar heads straight for the viscera, then splits yr skull like yr grandpa's fave maple-handle ax. Kablooey, sir.

  45. mdr23

    I first heard this in 1973. I didn't read Rolling Stone or anything like that - since then, I've not much more music press. It was a bit of a shock because of this. All I know is that is the best fucking thing ever. I love the way Down on the Street and Loose kick off. I love the intro of Prokofiev's Montagues & Capulets.Vaughn Williams' Theme on Thomas Tallis and the Funeral March for Queen Mary by Henry Purcell which all hit the mean spot as does Beethoven's Allegretto bit in his Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 part II. Bowie's Bewley Brothers and the Pink Fairies' City Kids are class along with 'Head's Ace of Spades, AC/DC's Thunderstruck & Rammstein's Ich Will. Can's Father Cannot Yell, Mushroom & Mother Sky match another strand of my psyche along with Young's triplet of Old Man, Heart of Gold & Hurricane.
    I have a modern list too, but at the end of the day, all things considered, the Stooges' Search & Destroy from 1973, recorded and perfected after being holed up in a flat in Wimbledon....it's the best fucking thing ever. Slated at the time and now avidly pored over as in this comment train, it is what it is from what things were. Nobody is ever satisfied if they're an artist, but sometimes the shit you just have to get out, come what may. It's said that Chopin went back and twiddled, time & again, with his masterpieces - so obviously not masters in his ears.....?
    A friend, Alistair Campbell, painted a picture for us with his version of S&D tied to the cover of Lust for Life. His photo of it he made into xmas card and sent it to Iggy. Iggy replied very courteously and this reply is now Alistair's most treasured possession. The painting I kept for years and I've now given it to my daughter.
    Time, is waiting in the wings, he speaks of senseless things, his trick is you and me.

  46. Jhoanna Pri

    lo escuche por EMF, ya decia yo porque es tan genial ese tema? jaja pero la reactualizaron muy bien eh?? esta es maa rock and roll que rico EMF mas rock pop pero igual me gusta jaja

  47. Steven Brown

    Did Bowie just not like drums, and love treble?

  48. Scott Garriott

    I don't know if it's because I got used to the Iggy mix first, but the guitar riffs sound like the volume is being turned down and it totally kills the energy.

  49. Charles Hall

    This is The White/ White Heat album of the 70's!

  50. David Schlotterback

    Good grief. The Bowie mixes sound like complete trash!

  51. Marc Day

    this sounds like shit. the fing album is called "RAW POWER" . Like everything Bowie did, it sucks.

  52. Николай

    Best song ever

  53. Tendo Pain

    Ragdolls part in Pig Wheels Slaughterhouse brought me here

  54. lucalone

    "the worlds forgotten boy"

  55. lucalone

    best mix.

  56. Lucas

    (Iggy Mix)

  57. Lucas

    (Iggy Mix) is a Raw Power! Version

  58. kostasxrysogelos

    A compromise between the two mixes would probably solve all problems: I would take Bowie's mix, add a little more power in the rhythm guitar, which is too low, I would lower one bit Iggy's vocals and probably add some bass. But Bowie's mix still sounds like a garage proto-punk band giving people hell. But you have to fill in the aggression and the rabidness. The band sounds here like an all-promising gang still waiting to be discovered. 1970 or 1971, at best. 1973 had moved on.

  59. Sgtwhitepepper

    A joke compared to the iggy mix. Straight up sabotage

  60. MegaSilverBlood

    I never heard the Bowie mix before but now i get what people say about this and iggy's, and with all do respect to my #1 solo artist and top 10 favorite bands, iggy's mix is better even if sometimes it gets too loudly distorted

  61. Scott Hobbs

    definitely my favorite mix of the song...

  62. Anderson Cooper

    This mix is Porto Punk wow such lack of respect

  63. Ryan Hale

    Yeah...Bowie's mix sucks.

  64. elmore crane

    james did a good job on the kill city remix tho

  65. elmore crane

    cant stand the iggy mix

  66. kakolykia

    strange mix - no bass, no percussion

  67. Fender Blitz

    No Words!

  68. ภัคเกษม ธงชัย

    softcake music

  69. damon albarn

    ce mix pue du cul les z'amis

  70. padistedor

    If you don't know The Stooges, reevaluate your life.

    Miles Tang

    How can you know to do so if you don't know about them?


    just as others have said, i love the iggy pop mix over this, tho this isnt too bad either. man the first three stooges albums were such a huge inspiration on me in music, ive got this one fucked up stooges shirt that i literally slept in for a good month when i was smoking quite a bit of dope last summer haha. my band has got a demo up on this channel, its taken a lot of influence from iggy and the stooges - give it a spin if you feel like it. some live shows are up on there too, plus the ep will be free for you guys when it drops. - xx John

  72. Joshua Stephens

    Guess I'm the only one who prefers the Bowie mix

    Scott Garriott

    I prefer it on a couple of tracks like Hard to Beat and Death Trip, but it sucks on Search and Destroy. What's with all the volume fluctuations and limp sound?

    David McKenzie

    Oh no, you're not the only one who loves it !

    C. Parks

    I like Iggy's 97 remix, but it doesn't do justice to the screeching guitar riff.

    Richard Peterson

    Joshua Stephens Thank you for being yourself! If people disagree with you, you are on the right track.

    William Lim

    James Williamson and Ron Asheton both preferred the Bowie mix, apparently

  73. Peter Smernoff

    This is WAY better than Iggy's remix, which, as RAW POWER fans rightly point out, is so overly compressed that you can't even make out any instruments on it!  There's a difference between 'primitive' and musical oatmeal. Unfortunately, Mr. Pop didn't have a clue what he was doing with that 1997 monstrosity.


    thank you

  74. Jonathan Banchetti

    for all you folk regarding the quality of this bowie mix, as every contenent on youtube this is heavily compressed, becouse youtube do that to audio files. To enjoy the bowie mix and all of it's weird dynamics listen it elsewhere.

  75. Uncle Jack

    This is the real f*cking deal right here.

  76. SpiralDream

    Sorry but the Bowie mix is fucking trash. Some guy on YouTube remastered a recent vinyl version of the album and it sounds way better than this and the nuked Iggy Pop mix. Go find that one.


    Do you have a link to this recent vinyl version?

    American Waste

    Fucking liar


    American Waste It's still up btw

  77. Jesse De La Cruz


  78. James N. Osterberg


  79. Jonathan Vogel

    wheres the ballsy bass line gone

  80. U Miami

    The mix on this is terrible

    Ashley Pomeroy

    I think the story was that they had a 24-track recorder, so Iggy Pop recorded all the guitars and bass on track one, the drums on track two, the vocals on track three. Nothing on tracks 4-24. David Bowie was then given a day to make something of this.

  81. Dragon Slayer Ornstein

    Never knew Bowie did his own mastering, this sounds a lot like the reel to reel master of "The Man who Sold The World", so I guess he mastered that one.

    Cary Rumley

    Dragon Slayer Ornstein What? Bowie did sooooo much producing. Including himself, Iggy and Lou Reed, just to name his early works.

  82. Semba Timothy Nkalamo

    Love the chili peppers' cover

  83. Justin

    I could appreciate this mix because of its influence in music but I really prefer the Iggy mix. It feels so dirty, raw, and disgusting. Just how I like the Stooges to be. Plus, I enjoy being able to hear percussion.

    yvory Shade

    U don t understand anything.... Its because of this dirty sound, which its "so precious", that, we, volks, which we knew it when being young, we love it so much!!!!
    But you ll get old too... Unless you die before


    this is iggy's mix from 1973! all aother tracks were mixed by bowie.
    you mean the 1997 remix by iggy!

    and that remix SUCKS BIG TIME.
    brickwalled to death, no dynamics and you can clearly hear clipping!

    yvory Shade

    @lucalone if yr post is supposed to answer mine.... I agree with you !
    I was not talking about this precise remix (which I even haven't listened to...)
    I must have wrong expressed myself....
    I too am an "origin" Stooges lover....
    Nothing can be compared to the original "Raw Power" vynil sound...
    Sorry for confusion, but must tell that my main tongue is French... So sometime, I miswrite what I want to really say....

    Maria Radu

    This mix is decent, but Iggy’s version has more meaning, more guts and more grease and I think it fits the message and era much better. The Bowie remix is just too appropriate, too vanilla; you can tell it was remixed just for sales, not for the quality of the music.


    @Maria Radu

    bowie mixed the whole album (except the first track) in just one afternoon because the record companie wanted it to release soon!
    therefore his mix is gold!

  84. Michael Wosslert

    I think its BECAUSE of the unorthodox production that makes it so great.


    thank you.

  85. The Blonde One

    This sounds like it was recorded months ago.

  86. José Aquino

    No balance at all, guitar and vocals too upfront, drums on the background and almost no bass in hearing. Awesome song, one of the best ever, nonetheless!


    Guitar and Vocals upfront... sounds like a good idea actually

    Steven Brown

    Bowie was probably coked outta his head and was in that glam, treble headspace


    @Steven Brown ha ha. up all night

    Fernando Arouche

    hey man, i've tried a mix here https://youtu.be/WrOynCWARfk

    phillip ph

    @Fernando Arouche
    it's almost like jones williamson and osterberg wanted to mix the ashetons out of the release. good job bringing up scotty

  87. slimedog

    I heard this when it first came out, buying it the same day that I bought the first Dolls album! Listening to it now I can't imagine hearing anything better as it is one of the best albums of all time! But Funhouse is better.

    Davide Oreste Pandini

    +slimedog Totally agree ... still going crazy listening to it !

    Ray Foote

    Remember a young man amongst the gods known to some as Bobby pin¿

  88. Joshua Stephens

    Fucking!!!! Classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Hector Medina

    I argue this is as Proto-Grunge as it is Proto-Punk. .


    +Hector Medina Kurt Cobain would probably agree with you.

    Frank Irons

    +foresight87 It was Kurt Cobain's favorite album!

    Tricia Barron

    ur just to young to really appreciate the sheer genius and ground breaking talent .....anyways.....who are you to criticize such an ICON?? I've been listening to them for 40 years.......no one compares......silly boy!

  90. Ken McElhaney

    The story as told by Iggy Pop is that David Bowie used a "special device" that he ran the drums and bass through to improve the results. However, the device looked suspiciously like a bong. Although the remixing effort in the 90s are somewhat distorted and probably too modern to have been done back in the early 70s, Bowie just didn't do a very good job of mixing this track or the album...bong or not.

    James Oakes

    @Ken McElhaney Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the production couldn't have been better. But based on what I've read there just wasn't much to work with because of the way the tracks were recorded. Any audio engineer worth his salt will tell you that recording and micing the band properly is about 90% of what determines an albums sound quality. Mixing is just an afterthought to emphasize certain parts. I think Ron Asheton put it best: "Don Fleming goes, "You know what? When Iggy's Raw Power mix comes out, I'll bet you're gonna go -- we always used to say how bad the original David Bowie mix of Raw Power was -- Fleming's going, "When you hear Iggy's mix, I guarantee you're gonna say, 'Man, remember that great mix that David Bowie did?'" So I heard it, I got the advance copy from his manager, and listened to it. Then I called Fleming and I'm going, "Gee, Don, I just listened to Iggy's mix of Raw Power. Man, I sure loved that old David Bowie mix. Was it ever great."...Basically, all that Iggy did was take all the smoothness and all the effects off James [Williamson]'s guitar, so his leads sound really abrupt and stilty and almost clumsy, and he just put back every single grunt, groan, and word he ever said on the whole fuckin' soundtrack. He just totally restored everything that was cut out of him in the first mix, and I thought, Damn, I really did like the old mix better."

    Ken McElhaney

    Thank you for agreeing with me that Bowie could have done better.   It may be argued that his mix was better than the "improved" version, but keep in mind that there would never have been another remix if people were satisfied with the first one.  As someone with mixing experience in the studio (mostly for TV productions) you are correct that if the original material is not well recorded, then there is little that can be done.  However, from Iggy's interview that I read many years ago, it seemed that Bowie did relatively little other than run it through what he described as a "bong".   Also remember that Bowie did not have a gun to his head.  He could have used his clout to get more time for a re-recording or failing that, simply stepped away knowing that no mix would work. But he did step in, he did mix it, and it was not very good. So, he should take the blame for that. Once he agreed to do it, he takes all the blame just like any recording engineer. He should not be considered "special" because he's David Bowie.  It does not diminish his aura one iota to point out a specific case where his talents simply did not come through.  You are right, Bowie is not perfect and that is one of a very few examples of his imperfections.

    James Oakes

    @Ken McElhaney I still stand by my original point that Bowie did the best he could based on what he was given. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter because the songs speak for themselves. We'll just have to agree to disagree.


    A bong lol.

    Rigoberto Rosenbaum

    @Ken McElhaneyBowie's mix isn't as compressed as the original. Personally I've always felt this mix complicated Iggy vocally.

  91. Larry Appleton

    What is the deal with the "Bowie Mix"?

    Larry Appleton

    Thanks! I have the legacy edition on 2 cds...i thought it sounded pretty tinny and rough and not in a good way. It's a remaster unfortunately with Bowies name attached. I'm guessing other versions have to be better sounding?

    Larry Appleton

    I don't think I've heard other versions. I'll have to find one. Reading reviews on amazon I'm not the only one who thinks the legacy version could sound better. Listening to it now it's hard to make out the bass and drums on the first track. It's mostly guitars and vocals in the front, which for me personally is not good because I crank. I think it's inconsistent from track to track.

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Me too, everyone says Iggy's version is dirtier, but how can you get dirtier than this? I love that the volume is weird and the guitar springs in and out its like the lead is between Iggy and the guitar taking turns

    Bing Sinatra

    Very late, but..... Iggy (using a 24 track desk) recorded the bass & drums on one track, the guitar(s) on another, then his vocals on a third... by the time Bowie came in to mix it, there was, as he said, nothing to mix. Shame, Raw Power was victim of studio incompetence, it could've been awesome, instead of merely great.

  92. Lody Bueno


  93. Adriano Andrade