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Two scratchers, Beef jerky, and a Power Ball
Two scratchers, Beef jerky, and a Power Ball

I paint self hate portraits in acrylic
Since pedophiles think I'm not photogenic
So cook up what you want in your burnt out skillet
Just know I do hunt and do know how to kill it

You think you get the cow from the milk, the worm from the silk
The friggin' slave from the quilt
Put food on my table one day but mad 'cause I didn't offer you lemonade from lemons
Planted by Lady Day

Strange fruit hangin, dead your syringe
Distorted guitars make white soul djs cringe
Pan Am's plasma makes hair on heads singe
X-class solar flare, I impinge

Give you vegetation and life but don't get to close
I ain't your star gate, burn you up like Sunday's pot roast
Like old fast food grease, and burnt onion rings
Don't worry about the two thousand in over rings


Consider me your most humble worker
I'm lookin' at you as I make your burger
And when I punch out I'm up to nothin funny
Just at the gas station makin' the city money

And when I'm next in line I'm in it to win it
Playin' the lotto dreamy eyed like I was Tony Bennett
When I lose consolation rolls up in a minute
Toothless meth head offerin', mad clinic

Some are better than the rest of us
Reaching Nirvana with tooth ferries gazing out windows at Pegasus
More mobile than the rest of us,
Takin' life by the jugular, the be the best of regular

Back in the driver's seat Iggy be the passenger
Concession stand delicacies for my scavengers
Kicked outta Dawson's creek, darkness be a challenger
Poison Ivy still yields plans on my calendar

Ebony and Ivory
Wonder and McCartney, They in the backseat
We takin no briberies, shame you like Rwanda for takin the ivory outta the
Elephant's teeth

We playin musical chairs,
And you still lose if the music stops even if your PR did not

No kissin' fake derrieres
Cause we still choose what's cream of the crop even if your AR forgot

To Hell with your trials and tribulations
You're flippin burgers go prep the station

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This here Hahahahaha...

Two scratchers, Beef jerky, and a Power Ball [repeats]

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