POP ETC - Same Mistake Lyrics

This air is getting heavy
I was never ready to face myself
Everything's in shambles
It took me two full years to make it right

I'm callling in a lifeline
I wanna do it different this time around
This time around
This time around

All my
Doomed to make the same mistake
Doubled down
Lost it on a rebound
Always doomed to make the same mistake

Picked fights
Twisted through a gaslight
You're the only one who knows what I mean
Counting down the second hand
Wasted half my life with plans
That never panned out
I'm sinking far down
Into the quick, sand

All my
Doomed to make the same mistake
Doubled down
Lost it on a rebound
Always doomed to make the same mistake

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POP ETC Same Mistake Comments
  1. Skindawg

    What a Great Song......Soothing.

  2. v v

    Found out about you guys when I was a freshman in highschool, now I'm a junior in college and you guys are still amazing💗

  3. oğuzkan berkay yakıcı

    The people who listening their music very luck I dont iven understaned why nobody knows those music USA people should be blind respect from Turkey

  4. MedThekiller

    Such a masterpiece keep on:)

  5. Yvanne _

    this is perfect music for relaxing.

  6. Livi Bear

    Yayyyyy they're back!

  7. papitas al gusto.

    Felicidades chicos, es hermosa la canción, ustedes como siempre creando arte. 💕

  8. Sergio Valenzuela

    The soundtrack of my year

  9. [MDK] Tenderzone

    Приятная музыка))

  10. Racks and Rucks of Camden - WRSP

    Nice spot on New Amsterdam, guys. Excellent song.

  11. Yerik Castro

    Hermosa ❤

  12. Anya Manee

    your songs always bring back memories i thought id forgotten ❤ thank you for your music

  13. nhopelessness

    I love it i love it i love it

  14. Cardinal

    Congrats on the New Amsterdam spotlight. I was having a shitty night just flipping through TV and landed on the scene with this song and it made me pause. Felt connected again for a second. Thank you.

  15. Pauleen Anne

    This song truly reminds me of late night drives with how calm and nostalgic this makes me feel. Lovely melody and lyrics.


    thank you <3

  16. Pablo Gabriel Gómez

    so peaceful... so beautiful. it's just perfect <3

  17. ATurtleAteMyTrex

    Thanks for putting out bops

  18. connor is a rat

    today has been rough so thanks for brightening it ♡

  19. Believe In purkey

    So gooood!

  20. Kaylah Gomez

    Yesss! You guys are killing it! This is so beautiful ❤️

  21. Parachute e

    c’est magnifique ( comme toujours )

  22. Rebecca FLANDERS FWI

    I LOVE IT YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!

  23. AleeKcyo

    No words, really, just a thank you <3;;;

  24. stoner one piece commentary

    Im so glad yall back omfg

  25. Винс Винсент


  26. Joon M shin

    me encanta, llevo una hora repitiéndola, siempre me ha gustado este canal <3

  27. Ester Leandro

    PERFECT ❤✨

  28. the end of days prophet

    I'm always inspired by your songs.

  29. Mafer ELF

    The melody is too calm. Just wake up and listen this is perfect

  30. Andrea Lima

    Escucho la canción, mi mirada se pierde y me desconecto de todo 😳❤️

    Ralf Molina

    Andrea Lima la neta que si


    Good song

  32. samurai dark


  33. Wilson Tse