POP ETC - All Day Day Light Lyrics

What can only be here
Get too hot and can't go on
I grew up in a town much different than this one
Where the language is upside down

So we can't talk about it
You try your best to stay awake
I been digging so long
I don't know which hole I should take

But you put me on this vacation
It's really not the time
It's winter halfway across the world
Somewhere it's bright daylight

And somewhere someone sails the ocean
Somewhere someone's telling the seas
Somewhere someone's calling out my name
Somewhere they can't see me
They can't see me

I lived in the background
I sleep behind the scenes
I had someone take all my calls
And watched them outplay me

And I can't believe what you're hearing
I can't believe what you said
I can't believe I can't find this damn address
Before I drop dead

And somewhere someone sails the ocean
And somewhere someone's running the streets
Somewhere someone's calling out my name
Somewhere they're looking for me

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POP ETC All Day Day Light Comments
  1. Martin Ruiz

    This kids got it right . . .

  2. mike chytracek

    Ah, when these guys used to make music....

  3. Brett Bewley

    I only wish it showed them snapping their fingers during the hand clap parts.

  4. Richard

    I spent at least two years looking for this song. I saw it like 6 years ago on MTVU.
    I came.


    Richard same here man. Searched through CollegeU Playlists for a couple years off and on and finally found it.

  5. Eliza Bright

    sweet Jesus this is nice

  6. PC Disciple

    fockin nice

  7. Bobby West

    This Song is hella cool... This Video is hella cool... The Drummer is hella sick

  8. Edwin Pacheco

    this song makes me jizz

  9. Suwot

    поднялись пацаны

  10. Pasquale Oberland

    yea i agree

  11. pmellow

    yeah, i like the morning gays better... i mean benders

  12. Malik Hatch

    they would have an asian drummer but he plays for bloc party

  13. Erika Witeze

    so good! miss u boys!

  14. Maia

    clap. clap. clap. <3 <3

  15. Josh Sorrells

    i miss this chris chu.

  16. LiveLaughLove0321

    what... why? :O

  17. Adrian

    I love how everyone is Asian and then there's the drummer<3

  18. Max Kral

    This is some legitimate shitimate. Lyrics are awesome. "One can only be here" So true!! Can't be overthinking the future.

  19. Karly Soldner

    I miss these guys D:

  20. yoongi'sgums

    No. shut up.

  21. jack fanning

    pop etc is gay as fuck

  22. meghan486

    I feel like I'm in American Eagle.

  23. delicatebiscuit

    Oh man, rape is so funny and should totally be taken lightly!

  24. Patrick Blythe

    u guys need a lead guitar player,,,, ill do it if your interested

  25. JoannaR


  26. Sabrina Frasca

    what's the lyric from 0:27 to 0:31 !?

  27. TheBCmusicuk

    Great band, funny name!

  28. ilikerogoue

    @PrincessCatherine10 the radio wont play anything unless it is repetitive and very well just stupid music that takes no talent at all

  29. Alexander Roman

    @SushieSteph The drummer is not haha ! or ???? ha lol

  30. IcyScythe

    man the drumming is great

  31. Manu González

    awesome video! gotta love autumn

  32. Cameron Rogers

    Yes YEs YES!

  33. Joaquin Najar

    I havent felt this happy with listening to a band in a long fucking time.

  34. Ren Saggio

    i want to be in this video...

  35. Jake Taylor


  36. TheThirdAmigo

    @annedotcom what's blogotheque? ._.

  37. Elyon

    It's an Ibanez AF 75.

  38. Isaiah

    Anyone know what kind of guitar the singer is playing?

  39. ThePurpleSeahorse

    @FrannieBannanie18 umm, The Roots?

  40. Banged Minsoo

    LOOOOVE Big Echo, but prefer this one accoustic. And what album is Virgins going to be on??!

  41. Salina Wu

    he looks SO ADORABLE in that hat... chris <3

  42. FrannieBannanie18

    @blehrter yeah, seriously man, they're the only band I can think of off the top of my head that only has ONE white dude...

  43. bill lehrter

    @FrannieBannanie18 WHAT?

  44. FrannieBannanie18

    the only indie band that I know that has only ONE white guy.

  45. SHoover1226

    Why doesn't Itunes get more music videos like this one for sale?

  46. LouiseLollipop

    they are adorable!

  47. godtheonyt

    @alex2k8cfc dont worry it will be you and youtubes dirty little secret!

  48. Alexander Roman

    they are a really great band ! come to chicago in the summer !

  49. Brandon Cornel

    even before the video loaded i clicked the like button cause i knew it was good.

  50. Radar Station

    i saw him in Chicago.... he walked right past me. It took every ounce of strength i had not to rape him...... he is so damn sexy!!!!

  51. Carl Richardson

    This band is like a modern take on the beatles i dont care what anyone says these guys are talented as.

  52. Carl Richardson

    Fuck he has a nice les paul.

  53. pmellow

    Asian Invasion, i have a band too and I'm Thai(Asian), I wish one day I'll be like them :)

  54. Robert Raya

    This is probably the worst song on the album, and that's saying a lot, because this song's pretty awesome.

  55. Forrest Elliott

    the morning benders are great because they dont take themselves too seriously like some other bands

  56. billytalent77

    dirty hipsters...

  57. Bernardo Crastes

    My favourite from the new album! *.*
    So glad they released it, it's fantastic! :D

  58. Ella Mae

    Asian indie band..... The Morning Benders are just too awesome. :)

  59. ash1skater

    1:53 stefan janoiski..NIKE SB

  60. Amir3793

    Wow this video looks like a lo-fi version of Nada Surf's Electrocution stil cool thou

  61. HalfChannel

    I like the new album's quality. I loved their covers album too. I'm excited their sound is more rich now.

  62. HalfChannel

    I think they're fantastic. I've been a fan since their first album, when everyone compared them to a young version of the Beatles. Lyrics are the only thing you were looking at in this song? The production is amazing, it's very catchy, and the lyrics are far from suck.

  63. HalfChannel

    @PlayerPunisher It's not generic at all. I think it's pretty catchy/brilliant to be honest.

  64. aFreakySmile

    I'm new to this kind of music,but I guess I can get used to this.

  65. lofiphil

    love it !!!!

  66. somebodyquiet

    are they all asian except for the drummer?