Pogues, The - The Wake Of The Medusa Lyrics

The guests are stood in silence
They stare and drink their wine
On the wall the canvas hangs
Frozen there in time
They marvel at the beauty
The horror and despair
At the wake of the Medusa
No one shed a tear

Sit my friends and listen
Put your glasses down
Sit my friends and listen
To the voices of the drowned

In the moonlight's ghostly glow
I waken in a dream
Once more upon that raft I stand
Upon a raging sea
In my ears the moans and screams
Of the dying ring
Somewhere in the darkness
The siren softly sings

Out there in the waves she stands
And smiling there she calls
As the lightning cracks the sky
The wind begins to howl

The architects of our doom
Around their tables sit
And in their thrones of power
Condemn those they've cast adrift
Echoes down the city street
Their harpies laughter rings
Waiting for the curtain call
Oblivious in the wings

The casket is empty
Abandon ye all hope
They ran off with the money
And left us with the rope

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Pogues, The The Wake Of The Medusa Comments
  1. john smith

    I see visions of Davy Jones.

  2. CleoCATra

    Love, Love, Love these guys!!

  3. Rick Nesar

    #1 Pogues song!

  4. Melisa Lemon


  5. William Hudson

    yall should check out the brackenwood series "the yuyu". its an ancient flash series that once hailed Newgrounds.com and Spider Stacey contributed to it for one of the soundtracks... nice bit of irish folk.

  6. Christopher J

    that riff between the vocals sounds middle or far eastern, sort of like Turkish Song of the Damned. i know pogues tribute a lot of other cultures, can anyone give me a type of music that resembles that riff?

    P G

    to be honest, it gets almost Klezmer. I can hear those "Hava Nagilah" tones in the instrumental part.. but I may be off...

    John Ellis

    yes it touches all sorts of other traditions, russian, gypsy, klezmer its all there and Spider the perfect Englishman that he is still manages to juggle the sea shanty and a lusty hatred for Maggie Thatcher

    Krilby Angel

    Definitely has Turkish influences similar to the Turkish Song of the Damned.

  7. DeclanCorkerry

    Is that not Strummer on vocals? Very close!

    Lisa Mitchem

    @DeclanCorkerry That's Spider Stacey on the vocals.

  8. halfpricedrinks

    Hey there bb6 - I wanna just say thanks for guiding me to that track, Hot Asphalt. Never heard it before, me, I think Spider's ok here, sure Shane would have nailed it to the cross and spat the spear of destiny out of it's very ressurection, wonder where he was that day, wonder why he didn't sing it. But this is just another reason why I'm such a Spider fan. He covers Shane's back every time. Always has. I'm still singing Spider Stacey...and yeah, thanks for putting me onto that one.

  9. Todd Hill

    Does anyone have a live version? It's my favourite pirate/pogues song.

  10. hardtoexplain32

    He fits well for this song not so much for Hot Asphalt

  11. PolakInAKilt

    This isn't the album art....this is The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault. The album art is a tweaked version with shane shopped in wearing shades.


    That would be the artwork from the cover of Rum, Sodomy & The Lash. This song was on Hell's Ditch.

  12. halfpricedrinks

    Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Staaaaayceeeeeeeeee....Man he's a good singer, thanks uploader....