Pogues, The - My Baby's Gone Lyrics

You got to weep
You got to wail

You got to drag yourself on hands and knees bleeding
Another mile along the trail
You got to laugh in the face of the devil
When he's haning on to your shirt tail
You got to hold down the lind of the coffin
And hammer in the last nail

My baby's gone so far away
She's never coming back to me

You to live
You got to learn
How to find your way to the end of the night
When there's nowhere left to turn
How to keep the last embers of the fire alight
When there's nothing left to burn
How to say goodbye to the ashes that fly
From the cheap metal urn


She said go to sleep
You got to save
Your anger and rage for the living
'Cuase they're no damn good in the grave
And don't waste your time in forgiving
The ones who just don't know how to behave
There's heaven and hell in the world that you live in
But I'm in a different place


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Pogues, The My Baby's Gone Comments
  1. kristina omalley

    Dear Brandon

  2. kristina omalley

    I miss you Jenny

  3. kristina omalley

    Miss my mates

  4. Julia Pitts

    Waiting For Herb is the album they did after kicking Shane out. This song is sung by Andrew Ranken.

  5. Lasse Robertsen

    There is a sad story to this song. Pogues drummer Andrew Ranken's wife died because of complications while giving birth to the couples second child. A the time the band was recording the "Waiting for Herb" album. One night Andrew turned up in the studio, went to his drumkit, and started banging away , while yelling out the words "my baby's gone" over and over again. From this moment of pain and anguish he found the words and inspiration to craft this beautiful and poignant song.

    Riss Anne

    Ive written those songs about loss but by the time the right words come out, I cant even play them by myself or everytime I would try and record it I couldnt make it thru without my throat choking or my nose running and sniffling. I give props to those who can play those sad beautiful songs in front of hundreds of people without even tearing up. Some people grieve for years over deaths and never fully heal or move on.

  6. mezzanaccio

    Ahah I wonder why the guy on the album cover is reading an Italian newspaper...
    Great band!!!

  7. ballhawk387

    Worst American accent I've ever heard on record.

    But who cares? Great song, love it!!!

  8. Flavia Heretiu

    great voice =p~

  9. Flavia Heretiu

    great voice =p~

  10. BunnDaSensi

    Absolutely love this tune. My mum used to put it on when we were kids and we'd all go mad dancin about. Mint

  11. Dennis834

    indeed great share!