Poets Of The Fall - Children Of The Elder God Lyrics

Warriors, torchbearers, come redeem our dreams
Shine a light upon this night of otherworldly fiends
Odin's might be your guide, divorce you from the sane
Hammer's way will have its say, rise up in their name

Oh, Memory and Thought
Jet black and clawed

Children of the Elder God
Scourge of light upon the dark

Scratching hag, you can rake your claws and gnash your crooked teeth
You've taken slaves like ocean waves, now feel the ocean seethe
Father Thor, bless this war, between the dark and light
In their songs let their wrongs bring dissolution's night

Oh, Memory and Thought
Jet black and clawed

Children of the Elder God
Scourge of light upon the dark

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Poets Of The Fall Children Of The Elder God Comments
  1. Zachary Mello

    I like to listen to this song when I replay Quake

  2. The Real MTV

    "God damn!"

  3. Bennet Fletcher

    Song Is Played When Alan Wake & Barry Killing Shadow Creatures On The Music Performance Stage When There's No Power. Got Goosebumps When Listening This Song While Playing Alan Wake Game. I Can't Forget It's My Fucking Fav Part

    S Clarke

    YES YES YES!!! I was just about to type this..... such a great part of the game.... super intense.

  4. Michael Turner

    And Poets of the Fall release their inner...OZZY!

  5. Liliy Eriksson

    The one boss fight where Barry was actually useful, and an amazing song played. I think this fact should show how this is a great game.

  6. Sicker8

    Alan waik

  7. θανασης sk

    I want the return of tha ALANE WAKE as soon as possible with soundtrack from POETS OF THE FALL!!!!!!!!! Wake up Alane

  8. Miss Impossible

    Want more from Old gods of asgard!!!!! Like a poets of the fall hard version

  9. sayounara1232

    I wish this song was in Thor Ragnarok

  10. Hellion Shark

    That moment in the game was awesome. I had a huge grin during the on-stage battle. Especially after I recognised the band.

  11. Aman Javed

    children of the older guy

  12. Captin- Crane332

    If you paid attention, it said "You taken slaves like ocean waves" the darkness take people as her slaves and the lake is the ocean.

  13. raiden bunnell

    Alan wake fans? That game brought me here

    The Angry Sports Fan

    We are plentiful here. Alan Wake is the Best!

  14. Lazer Peabody

    when neighbors  blast this all night long after they quite there jobs.

  15. TerribilisScriptor

    Thor: "the old hag took my hammer!"
    Odin: "...and my ravens!"

  16. The Angry Sports Fan

    Al! Run! There's too many of em'!!


    God Damn!

  17. The Angry Sports Fan

    Bright Falls: Rock and Roll Capital of America. Who'd have thought?

  18. Turhaturpa

    "Warriors, torch their ass" Hahaha


    i Hear "Warrior's touch their ass" lol

  19. wesleythomasm

    When you think about it, this is a Stage Battle. Cauldron Lake=Sea of Black Tears

    The Fullmetal Gorilla

    Yes....yes....yes...and the stage scene was Ironheade's stage

  20. oberstul

    This was just awesome when it came up in the game.

  21. lewrl1

    Why was this game not about these guys. Just imagine it, two old rockers fighting the hordes of hell through the power of rock and roll.

    The Fullmetal Gorilla

    Play Brütal Legend if you want to conquer with rock and roll

    Mr. Scratch

    +lewrl1 - would be awesome if they would make a pre-sequel, telling the story of this band and thomas zane.

    Shadow Knight

    lewrl1 i would play it

    Shadow Knight

    D3ad3y311 that game is shit

  22. Tylor Harris

    i want to see this in rocksmith or rockband or something that solo is fucking epic 

  23. Maria Dbm


  24. Mc Gowan

    poets of the fall to tour under the name 'OLD GODS OF ASGARD'

  25. Mat Max



    I always imagine an epic battle between Odin and Tor against the whole hordes of Hell on Asgard!

    Felix Farside

    In any game, really. I didn't see it coming and got so unbelievably pumped during that fight. Simply amazing.

    Shadow Knight

    Tarom i love this game alan wake american nightmare was my favorite game ever

  26. Hugh Britten


    C W

    Hugh Britten Because rap, pop, k-pop and other shit

    Colin Smith

    Quality over quantity, brother.

  27. Hugh Britten


  28. blackjohnny0

    These old farts were pretty badass. :D

  29. lil devils

    I love this song!!!

  30. Dread Cthulhu

    As a person of Scandinavian descent this makes me ridiculously happy.

    Steven Dorsey

    I just finished my daily listen. I'm about to play it for the second time. :3

    GoAway LeaveMeAlone

    +Steven Dorsey I know right!!

  31. Gurlui Octavian

    Ummmm...... Because?

  32. octoberblack

    Why cant i fucking buy this song?!?!

  33. What Now

    To quote Berry: THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!

  34. Lemonade

    Best part of Alan Wake!

  35. Trusty Slav Patches

    Two top comments, two comments, not enough views for this amazing song

  36. 143vampires

    this song should be the theme song for Thor 2

  37. cans kuzkan

    ı love thıs song so much :D