Podsiadło, Dawid - Ms. Mary McAdams Lyrics

There was a time in our past I remember correctly
Told me 'bout a beautiful place with the closed door
There were trees and the flowers they'd all bloom in the summer
But no one knew their secrets except you

Under the greetings sign was a place for a key to hide
And it'd show up only whenever you were near
I asked if I could maybe visit the place with you
But you said: "Darling, it's already gone, it's all gone"

Now I see you crying every night, I can't make you smile
Maybe it's connected somehow to this place you were talking about
I better find it fast

After long tiring hours of me walking through the forest
I have finally found the place from your mind
I recognised it immidiately, thought it changed pretty drastically
No green trees, rotten door and no flowers
But there through the window I could see all the shadows
Of the life and the love it once had
It started to rain so I entered the place and the shadows were glad that I did

They greeted me politely, offered me a cup of tea
Was a little suprised when they say I couldn't leave
But you came like you knew at along that I won't be able
To resist the call

The shadows slowly disappeared
You were their queen

I asked if I could maybe visit the place with you
But you said: "Darling, it's all gone, it's all gone"

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