Podsiadło, Dawid - Lugosi Lyrics

I remember how you smiled when you fixed my smile
I remember how much fun we had that night
How we were mysterious people, no strings attached
We were mysterious people in the park

Walking down the streets that we used to own
Walking down the streets and the streets were golden
Now I never see her though she was going to meet me
In this crowded room

Guess you were falling in the dark
I hide my seashells
Guess you were falling in the dark
To find my seashells

Beware of the big green dragon that sits on your doorstep
He eats little boys and puppy duck tails and big fat snails

Welcome to the town of unfinished rules, you can say good morning
Even if it's half past two
No one cares if you're a stranger, a friend or a foe
They really don't care about it at all

I'm kinda stuck in here, thought you'd rescue me
Didn't realize how mean I have been, I never see her thought
She was going to meet me in this crowded room
Now I'm sure that you fell, you fell to my knees

I'm trying hard to hide myself
Well, I've found a way to hide myself in this love song
I'll find a way to find the sun in the night
Won't be scared when it's dark
I'll damage my face just so you know, you need to know
That I'm just a remote control
And you're the button pushing lady

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