P.O.D. - Kaliforn-Eye-A Lyrics

I go where i wanna go
I keep the thang on the downlow
I'm from the south side of diego till the day that i die;
Better put it on my tombstone.
I keep my head to the sky
I'm still living for the sunshine
I got love for the streets and the rest of my homies still doing their time
I mon a burn ina fire ago blaze
Cali livin for the rest of my days
To overstand i will stay in jah ways to keep from going insane

It's all good. it's alright
You wanna ride it ain't no thang that's just how we play
It's all day and all night.
We're coming up in the streets of kaliforn-eye-a

You know i've heard it all before
And i don't care about who you know.
You see i've been around the world,
Had a lot of good times but aint nothing like the west coast
I'm staying on my grind
I'm lowriding on the westside
I'm laid back in the cut. everybody know wussup so i'm feeling alright
I mon a burn ina fire ago blaze
Cali livin for the rest of my days
To overstand i will stay in jah ways to keep from going insane.


[vamp (Mike Muir)]


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P.O.D. Kaliforn-Eye-A Comments
  1. Dexx CWS


  2. HOBBS 1998

    It sucks that I can’t download it on Apple Music ugh

  3. diego SANDOVAL

    Saw this live back in 2010 i was only 16 haha

  4. FoShoVideo

    so under rated. Played.Often.Daily!

  5. Gil Vicente

    Listening in 2019!! ✌️

  6. Lulu Star

    Of course this album isn't on Spotify! :*(

  7. Kenyanon

    Back to this song after fucking ages

  8. adam cole

    great song

  9. Jimmy Karnage


  10. Gaspa Gasparoli

    Cyco Miko on background vocals! Awesome!

  11. Tenille N'deyah

    i had this cd, HAD. i fucking lost it.

    Raushaun Rigsby

    Order it on Amazon, that's where I got mine.

  12. keith thompson

    how come I can't buy this album on Amazon

  13. EVAN Tonka

    The truth people are like laid back

  14. Reginald Walker

    Still my favorite cd. wish it was on spotify.

    nick antaya

    They added it my guy

  15. WeedGames

    listening in 2016!!!!!

  16. elsanti117

    allllll day allllll night alllllll right

  17. SticcyStaton

    I love this song and I'm from Virginia

  18. ErikVaughnDillinger

    Seriously though, anyone able to figure out Mike's lyrics? I can only pick up a few of the words.
    Also, maybe Cyco Miko should borrow POD as his band cause he sounded fucking perfect with their Punk flavor.

    Tenille N'deyah

    they have the lyrics in their cd book when angels and serpents dance


    I only have the digital copy, mine didn't come with the booklet. Also, I head it skips over Mike's part, not sure if that's true or not.

  19. caster1877

    Love this jam, South Side of Diego until the day that I die.


    @caster1877 Stop lying, you live in Ohio lol

    Orosboros unboxings

    @ErikVaughnDillinger lmao

    Ramses Rocha

    Southside forever! That TJ/San Diego Frontera is always in my heart!

  20. Cholesteratu

    Yummy booty cake

  21. Gohan Imperial

    Kaliforn Eye A FTW

  22. JPNJ238

    Me gusta all day, and all night!!!

  23. thericeman97

    cool how mike muir of suicidal tendencies is in it

  24. Ettinger M

    All day ..All night ..Alright