P.O.D. - End Of The World Lyrics

It feels like the end of the world
What happen to peace here on earth?
It never gets better but worse
It feels like the end of the world to me

False prophets claim to be the answer
Misleading us and claiming your name
You can see that all the people, they are dying
Hear the rumors of war so blow us all away


Famine in the land of your fathers
Feel the earth giving birth to the dead
In these tribulations, preach his kingdom
And this is how you know that it's the end


It feels like the end of the world
What happen to peace here on earth?
It never gets better but worse
It feels like the end of the world to me
It feels like the end of the world
Are we getting what we deserve?
So take it for what it is worth
Cause it feels like the end of the world to me

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P.O.D. End Of The World Comments
  1. Vitor Rodrigues


  2. Forrest Gump

    it seems to be the end of this world - what Jesus Christ the Holy SON OF GOD said? Heads up! The end is near. The end for evil!

  3. Ernest Gutierrez

    one of the most beautiful chords P.O.D has done

  4. Ro Ro

    I wanted to buy this for my iPhone, but it’s not available.

  5. rb13atgm

    one of their best albums by far

  6. LpCool19

    This song isn't even on Spotify. Did buy this album when it came out but I can't find it or even download it at all.

    Wilfredo Vazquez

    LpCool19 I bought this on Ebay I think, like 2 years ago, just before The Awakening

    RDG760 jr

    @Wilfredo Vazquez The Awakening Wasn't That Good of an Album, Their Recent Release "Circles" is a Much Better Album

  7. Alfredo Ajiatás

    beautiful song!!!

  8. Darien Segarra

    I can't I find this album on iTunes! can someone tell where I can find it

    Nikki Roberts

    Darien Segarra I only remember buying the CD copy, but that was years ago, I don't think you can download it sadly


    oh yeah... you can go to a music-store and buy the cd!

  9. mauricio bravo

    subliminal la portada cuarto puertas dos entidades cuarto luces & un solo plano

  10. Ron Dunbar

    feels like the end?. 2009?. how about now?. preach the Truth!!. love POD.

    Wilfredo Vazquez

    Ron Dunbar 2008

  11. Eric Lopez

    im not a pod fan. actually I dont know of other songs but this album is so good i come back to it alot.

    Ron Dunbar

    +Eric Lopez the newest album is great. check it out.

    Ron Dunbar

    the newest one is The Awakening. i still love the older ones as well

  12. Rose Evaro

    love this Band ☺

  13. Jesus Rodriguez

    Is crazy how some "P.O.D. fans" only know the out there stuff, this album has so much meaningful stuff in it yet people rarely know of this. If i could ever meet these guys i would thank them for sayin' the truth .


    I agree with you on that. Probably my favorite POD album

    Mika Králová

    Jesus Rodriguez this is my favourite album😍

  14. Sergio Ortiz

    The last half is fantastic!

  15. daniel teco

    da fuck?


    the first part.........lonely day system of a down?

    Casey Pokorney

    P.O.D. are better meaning wise. More love and heart.

  17. trevon altakidd

    christian band:)

    ly la

    top 😍

  18. Bennett Covington

    wat happened u get in jail go home find ur wife cheating and then became poor as heck ha ha been there done that


    Bennett Covington 😥