P.O.D. - Coming Back Lyrics

He's coming back
He's coming back for me and you
It's the low down, the showdown, brothers ready to throw down
No need for us to go down the truth is what we know now
That we have life through my Lord Christ Jesus
No one can love you more than to do the things that He did
So give Him your pass so that He can start to mold ya
Full fledget, dedicated, gardcore, Christian soldier
Spiritual war, it's a spiritual bout
And we're the first ones in P.O.D. and we're the last ones out
He's coming back
He's coming back for me and you

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P.O.D. Coming Back Comments
  1. FreedomFighter777 endtimes


  2. Do e

    Nu metal, crossover thrash, rapcore, thrash metal, groove metal, rap metal, heavy metal, hard rock, alternative metal, post-grunge, Christian metal, post-hardcore

  3. Mark Bidwell

    happy ressurection sunday

  4. Dav Mag20

    AWESOME! Like A Groove/Nu/Rap/Trash/Hardcore Metal xDD

  5. jjammmees

    So whos coming back?


    jjammmees Yeshua


    idontMod oh right thanks

  6. Teltony rosa da silva

    caralho mano o som desses caras do começo parece muito com o do chjarlie brown jr yhee yhee hahahahaha

    Dav Mag20

    Teltony rosa da silva Na Real é o Charlie Brown Jr que parece com eles! Uahauauau P.O.D foi uma das bandas que definiu o som do "Nu Metal"


    Dav Mag20 P.O.D é foda d+

  7. The Real SMALK


  8. Satanic Panic

    this is my first time listening to pod lmao,, does the pod mean something? like what does it stand for?

    Dante LAN-I-ER

    Payable on Death. Also, I would recommend listening to some more P.O.D. This isn't really an accurate representation of them.

    Satanic Panic

    @Dante LAN-I-ER thank you, sir, will do.

    That One Album Uploader

    Dante LAN-I-ER Maybe it's not an accurate representation of them (at all), but I sure do like it a lot more

    Dav Mag20

    That One Album Uploader Yeah man...The first album and "Satellite" are my favs

  9. Austin Bruner

    Wow, P.O.D. used to be a lot different

    Uber Yami

    @Austin Bruner I wish they would go back to their roots!

  10. 1775johnnyusmc

    this started out hardcore

  11. Marco Pessoa

    This is awesome

  12. kingplutoxiao1

    Sounds like you only know the more mainstream nu-metal. I think you'd like Otep. They're a more industrial band. Or I'd recommend you listen to groove metal.

  13. kingplutoxiao1

    Sounds like you don't know the genre. Believe me. There's a night and day form of the genre. Its very flexible. Describe your tastes.

  14. kingplutoxiao1

    Depends on too nu-metal. The genre is very misled. Body count is so so.

  15. kingplutoxiao1

    P.O.D's first 2 albums were amazing.

  16. kingplutoxiao1

    As someone who listened to slayer, I can hear the thrash a little. To be honest, its more like half thrash(groove metal).

  17. kingplutoxiao1

    It does, just not the thrash you're thinking of. Its not like Slayer or Metallica, its like Storm Troopers of Death

  18. kingplutoxiao1

    Its thrash. Watch the interviews as well. This song is much more Crossover Thrash/Groove and Rap Metal/Rapcorejust not pure Thrash Metal. Just like Biohazard./watch?v=jTKlTYZ94dI

    Brett Chilcoat

    kingplutoxiao1 are you the Thrash Police? You made like 19 comments about it

  19. kingplutoxiao1


    Thrash Metal... P.O.D.'s first album was a mix of Thrash and Groove Metal over Nu-Metal and Rap Metal. Reminds me of Biohazard's earlier stuff.

  20. kingplutoxiao1

    The genre is also Thrash Metal. Hard to believe i know.