Poco - Trapeze Lyrics

Flying high, turning in space
Indecision faltering grace.

Baying crowd, blinding white light
Upturned faces, shadows of night.

Trusted hands catch me with ease
Life's ambition, flying trapeze.

Ravaged dreams, sweat from my brow
Free fall vision dragging me down.

Flying, sighing, headlong into dread
Hoping, praying, I'll find the path to tread.

Spinning world, motion unreal
Premonition, time will reveal.

Worthless years passing me by
Resolution taking me high.

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Poco Trapeze Comments
  1. mezzogal

    I'm terrified of heights but I want to try the trapeze so bad. :D

  2. Theme Park Mayhem

    i claped for 2:58 and 3:27.

  3. diver dave

    Cirque is the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH !

  4. Rafaela Sabchuca

    I want more!

  5. Martha Campuzano


  6. opinionmusica

    Cirque du solei son lo mejor... estoy ansiosa de que llegue septiembre.... nos vemos en Bogota..... los adoro!!

  7. Lucrecia Carpinetti Priotti


  8. Fr Re

    Cirque is always the "decision maker" for our vacations -- Las Vegas and YOUR show!

  9. Esperanza Lopez Cuervo

    Les he visto en algunas ocasiones y no dejan de sorprenderme son la excelencia en espectáculos!!!!!!

  10. SnowCrasher

    3:24 That was beautiful. Gotta love Cirque!

    Cirque du Soleil

    Thank you! We love you too!

    David Vitrano

    @Cirque du Soleil Have you thought of putting this in a future show, or in any of your current shows?

  11. Alain Tetreault

    Volta cirque du soleil

  12. Dianne Dodge

    I absolutely enjoy your shows. Thanks for all of the hard work. Cirque du Soleil is my favorite form of entertainment.

  13. Samuel Kellar-long

    I wanna try that so bad!

  14. juan jose jaramillo agudelo

    this is my life

  15. Matija Hanževački

    Love it!

  16. annieoak

    It looks amazing!!

  17. Aquíluigi 7

    Increíble, me gustaría algún día estar con ustedes.

  18. Julia

    Annie leblanc should become a cirque de soleil Artist!

    Hilde Varney

    Julia 23

  19. Al C

    wow😲 this also reminds me little bit about the rusian suing, loved it ❤

  20. Ana Paula Vilhena

    wooowww! Amazing! 🙆💪❤