Poco - Long Shot Lyrics

Smell of freedom, taste of dust
City of gold or bust
Said my goodbyes
Ain’t goin’ back now

Such a strange and scenic route
To tryin’ on that big town suit
There comes a time
For steppin’ out

Oh, I’m takin’ that long shot
Maybe scratch this itch I’ve got
You never know
Oh, kick the pedal down all the way
Ain’t waitin’ on someday
Here I go

Took a ride through the heart of the beast
Dark detours, sparkling streets
I saw the light
Then I saw it scatter

Fortune’s smile is a fickle thing
King to pauper, pauper to King
But I’m still here
And that’s all that matters

Hear the sound of that tail-wind blow
New day pullin’ me down the road
Playin’ my life on the radio

I heard about dreams scrapin’ the sky
Sweet angels singin’ all night for a song
That’s where I belong

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