Poco - I'll Be Back Again Lyrics

I picked up my things and I said goodbye
Mmmm, I did it with such a sigh
Walked outside, tirned my eyes to the window pane
Yeah, saw you smilin' face once again
I ain't never felt like this before
Like a soldier goin' off to war
And I knew I had to come back for more
And I said

I'll be back again
Yes, I will
Sure can't say just when
But I know
I'll be back again
Back to be with a new friend
I can't believe it's the end.

I'm makin' my way back to L.A. town
I'm not sure if I feel up or down
There you stand, hand in hand,waiting patiently
I wonder if you'll smile on me
I ain't never felt like this before
Like a soldier comin' home from war
But soon I'll have to walk out the door
And I'll say

I'll be back again . . . mmm
Sure can't say just when
But I know
I'll be back again
Back to be with a new friend
I can't believe it's the end.

Everytime I see you I just can't believe my eyes
And It would come as no surprise
If I was fillin' my head full of lies

I'll be back again
Yes I will
Sure can't say just when
But I know
I'll be back again
Back to be with a new friend
Here I come
I'll be back again

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Poco I'll Be Back Again Comments
  1. Michael Matlosz

    Makes myy skin tingle...........

  2. albrecht conchita

    Je n'avais plus écouté ce morceau depuis 1977, et là, j'en ai la chair de poule et les larmes aux yeux.
    Les Poco ont bercé mon adolescence et me replongent dans cette formidable époque d'insouciance des années 70.
    Quels beaux souvenirs et quelle qualité de vie on avait, sans s'en rendre compte. Bises et merci à toi pour ce post.

  3. Rita P

    I absolutely adore this song :)

  4. MickClips Videos

    Nice Poco song but stupid video

  5. Paul Edwards

    Buyakga, very nice video with the music ! Thanks for sharing. Pocos been one of my favorite groups since I was a teenager, and Timothy Schmidt who wrote this song was my favorite singer in Poco.


    Thank you very much, Paul.

  6. Mick Jelsma

    Poco and Cowboy Cheesecake! who knew?

  7. Dan Crews

    "Bones" anyone?

  8. mungous1000

    I don't know, but for some reason I wanted to smoke a Marlboro when I watched this video.

    Meriam Bande

    love this song so much,nice blending of voices and so pleasant to the ears.

  9. Joshua Carrasco

    0:45 lol wtf

  10. kurt krause

    Me and the boy's...Kept on try'in !!!✈👏✌

  11. Terry Rasmussen

    The love of my life and mine's song, still loving Poco after 35 years together!!! <3 <3 <3

  12. Steve Daniel

    If you see this Michelle, know that I'll always think of you when I hear this song ❤️

  13. Casey B

    I lost a lifelong friend this week and this song has been stuck in my head. I had no idea what the video would be however.... My friend raised horses, so this video really ripped out my heart and soul.

  14. Kíra Kristóf

    Thank, Bones! Köszönöm Dr. Csont! 2019. 03. 30.

  15. Elsa Alaniz

    Heard it on Bones today and had to look it up


    Same here

  16. Crystal Drew

    Just rewatching Bones. Loved this song!!!

  17. MissDistarr60

    I have to thank the 70's for bring me here!

  18. Animeniac92

    So many great songs in Bones! ^_^

  19. Ken Adams

    it it never gets old

  20. Eric R

    Seeing them tomorrow evening. Can't wait! Small venue that seats only 200.

  21. jeffthepoet7

    Great song and love the pics you roped in with it.

  22. barbara araujo

    Música muito especial

  23. Elizabeth Ellis

    Beautiful song from BONES!!!. It fit the episode perfectly.

  24. Karen Ordway

    Great song. Stupid slide show. Beautiful people and lots of crotch shots. Ruins the message of the song.

  25. Alessia Impera

    Thanks Bones for making me listen ti this song. Ganuary 2018

  26. Marsha Carmichael

    Hahaha! Bones brought me here also.

  27. David Hicks

    Such a fucking awesome song. And you got everyone covered :}

  28. Pamela Morgan Mitchell

    🎶💙you have stolen my heart💙🎶

  29. Txelu Tierra

    TIMOTHY B SCHMIT (suite)

  30. Ken Adams

    I walked from west palm to la to find a anserw salt lake tuson el paso high desert rats minne she is a full bllode chippaaw I stil miss her 13 years she had heart the dreams are still good Sprit

  31. Ken Adams

    what is the REAL DEAL ?


    This and ROSE of CIMARRON '1976 HD' are my two POCO favorites. Great songs which will endure, and excellent photographs of the West. I guess you could say they capture the essence of the Southwest. ROSE of CIMARRON should be the state song/video of Arizona or New Mexico! Thank you so much, Timothy(for the song)and Sandy(for the video). I never heard the expression 'Prairie Rock' - it's pretty neat!

    Dani Peña

    So are mines

  33. carolyn combs

    I am a country girl and I heard this on Bones and it hit a spot in my heart..LOVE IT

  34. Donna Hess-Gilmour

    Saw Timmy sing this. Oh my!

  35. vincent parlante

    Cool pix in this video post along with a truly underrated band Poco had a few hits to their name. they are truly a legendary band.

  36. laia villanueva

    Que banda está me encanta

  37. mistie hughes

    bones brought me here im so glad i heard the song on there so i could find it here

  38. Melissa k

    And again,,,, Bones :) <3

  39. Ken Adams

    i do know how trust a horse

  40. maria i arroyo

    nice song and video

  41. James Long

    Love all the horses in the video! Fits Poco.....and this song! Good job!!!!

  42. Wildcat Alumni

    Bones got me here😂😂😂 October 25, 2016

    Will Scherberger

    Wildcat Alumni Same.

  43. Ken Adams

    Idig I know a horse

  44. TravelingSamaritan

    The very beautiful lady at the end in the wedding dress, holding the bouquet. Is that you?

  45. william mcquiston

    Love this song and a great video


    +william mcquiston Thank you very much! :) ~ Sandy

  46. jeffrey2711

    Great group, song, and montage; and the sound quality is great. Thanks for posting.


    +jeffrey2711 Thank you!

  47. lovegeorge4ever



    +lovegeorge4ever Thank you. :)

  48. Roger Dale

    Sandy very great band and song your lyric video is beautiful my friend i did a music video of the song as well
    not sure if i still have it on my channel i do have a song by them called "Rose Of Cimarron" check it out another great song by Poco i just wished The Eagles would've let Timothy B. Schmit sing lead on more of their songs great vocal band love it thank you for this music video

  49. Maah Cordeiro

    Thank, Bones! <3

  50. MrMick51

    Two words.. Well, maybe 3..  Timothy B. Schmit.. Poco.. and Harmonies.. Frickin' Awesome!   Thanks for such a nice video..  Love POCO..  :)


    +MrMick51 Thank you! Yes, the harmonies are just fantastic! I'm so glad you enjoyed my video. :) ~ Sandy

  51. LedHed65

    Very Very nice!!!! Is that Sandra Bullock and Taylor Swift I spotted??


    +LedHed65 Thank you. Yes. ;)

  52. Michael Jennings

    Keep On Tryin is from the Head Over Heels album, with Poco consisting of Rusty Young, Paul Cotton, Timothy B. Schmit, and George Grantham. The song was written by Schmit, who sang lead.

  53. Dennis DuFour

    Okay, I know Bones are reruns.

  54. Dennis DuFour

    Heard this song on "Boes" today. Loved so much I had to find on the net so I could hear it again & again

  55. Magdra

    Thank Bones for bringing me here

    Aisha Rudokaite

    And me too ))

    Taj Mao

    Yup...bone brought me here...2019

    Renatus vesper

    Same. Every time I rewatch I come back.

    Just passing Through

    Magdra sameeee

    Bri Arias

    Bones! 😁

  56. slojoe58

    Does anyone know if Timothy B. Schmit ever sang this at an Eagles concert?


    +slojoe58  sorry no but there is a video on youtube that is quite a treat. Poco's great song with Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band.
    from left to right, Timmy Cappello, Todd Rundgren, Nils Lofgren, Burton Cummings, Enjoy.

  57. René O'Deay

    nice photos to go with this classic of Prairie Rock.

  58. Nana Attobrah

    Hmmmmmm Lovely, just lovely

  59. Göran Tegerö

    thanks for the fantastic song waw it is greate

  60. John Jackson

    I can only say excellent video so many times, but you did it again.  I never heard of this band, but this song was very good.  I will seek more from them to see how it sounds.

  61. shavedotter

    What a beautiful song, thanks for sharing from Sheffield, England.

  62. MRCHARIS2004

    Thanks for posting - Fantastic song!


    You're welcome.  I'm so glad you liked it! ♥ Love, Sandy

  63. buyakga1946

    Thank you very much, Daniel! I do appreciate you watching and I'm so glad you enjoyed my video. Have a great week! ♥ Love, Sandy

  64. Dankilai

    Love that song. Great Video + Lyrics, good job

  65. buyakga1946

    Thank you Anais! I loved that "Bones" used this song, too. ❤ Sandy

  66. Anaïs Martin

    Bones! :D 2x18 ! I love it! ;) ♥

  67. buyakga1946

    Thanks so much, dear Anke! I truly appreciate it. ❤ Love, Sandy

  68. Ankes World

    the song is great, love it, thumbs up my dear

  69. buyakga1946

    Thank you very much, Gianno. Greetings from the U.S.A. :-) Sandy

  70. buyakga1946

    Thank you very much, Rachelle! ❤ ((Hugs))❤ Love, Sandy

  71. buyakga1946

    Thank you, Rune! You have great taste in music, too! Pink Floyd forever, my dear friend. LOL! Love, Sandy

  72. buyakga1946

    Thank you very much, dear Peder! I appreciate your kind comment. Have a great week! Love, Sandy

  73. buyakga1946

    Dear Syl, thank you very much for watching and your kind words! I really appreciate the thumbs up. You are very kind. Love, Sandy

  74. sylvie13150

    Dear Sandy ,
    your video is superb to watch and listen
    I like so much
    thank you for this wonderful listening
    all thumbs up
    take care of you
    warm greetings & Love

  75. buyakga1946

    Thank you, my dear friend, Katarina! Have aw happy and relaxing weekend. ❤ Love, Sandy

  76. buyakga1946

    Thank you, my friend. :)

  77. ArtistsHall

    wonderfull..music and video...enjoyed :)

  78. buyakga1946

    Thank you, my friend! It was so nice of you to watch and comment. Greetings from the U.S.A. Have a lovely evening! :-) Sandy

  79. dubettoni

    Beautiful song friend ! congratulations ! beautiful voices ! wonderful night for you !

  80. buyakga1946

    Thank you very much, Shawn. I'm over at your channel enjoying your videos so much. :-) xoxo ❤ Sandy

  81. shawnNhouston

    Really beautiful Sandy...just had to hop over and see your newest...love it!

  82. buyakga1946

    Grazie per la visione e il tuo bel commento, cara Monica voi. Io amo la tua musica molto e 'stato un piacere ascoltarti. :-) Sandy இڿڰۣ-

  83. monica bergo

    Complimenti Buyakga per questo bel video!! A presto e grazie per aver commentato la mia musica!

  84. buyakga1946

    Dear Jhon, your comment made me smile. I loved playing cowbows and Indians as a child, too. I always preferred to be an Indian, ha ha ha! Thank you very much for your kind compliment. I'm so glad you enjoyed the song and video. xoxo Sandy

  85. buyakga1946

    Thank you! I hope it made you feel a little better. I'm so sorry you've been sick. Thanks for watching. God bless you. Love, Sandy

  86. so3ducme777

    definite like #6o...ok so, i was on vacation when you made this 1....its pretty catchy..i must admit that i like it!!! the guitar is soothing to me..........

  87. buyakga1946

    %-) Merci beaucoup, cher Dany! Vous êtes très gentil, mon ami. xoxo இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ❤ Sandy

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    Very nice !!! I liked Erika Ragazzi

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  97. Monica Albu

    Nice song, thank you because I didn't know it. I liked the pictures and images that you have chosen for this video, looks great. Have a lovely day in your soul, Sandy!

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    You're a terrific artist and great friend, Andreas! ((Hugs)) Love, Sandy

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