Poco - From The Inside Lyrics

Sittin' near ya, starin' at ya,
Saying nothing.
Wond'rin' if you're really you
And if I'm someone
That you could know
Beyond the first hello.

Eyes that search like the morning sun
But never finding
Silently I can feel the glow
And I'm not minding
But then you know
I've been tryin' to show
Why it makes me cry
Talkin' it over from the inside.

Something new and oh, so sacred
Grows within the depths of you
But still I just can't keep from wond'rin'
For I'm but a child, too.

Changes timelessly fill the spaces.
It's so blind of me.
I've seen the faces of a gifted few
Who can help us break our chains that bind.

Thinkin' all the time
Why I can't unwind
You must feel the pain
Why it makes me cry
I'm talkin' it over from the inside.

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