P.M. Dawn - Anything For You Lyrics

One day I'm gonna run away with you
Forever me and you
Comment allez vous keeps it real for you

So if I love you like I say I do
I guess I gotta do whatever I have to to be with you

And its all good its just that sometimes
It bothers me cause I know I'm not liked.
Am I good enough to be with you? I understand that
but they act like I really don't care for you.

So, operation chill wit you is about to go into full effect.
And agent 1-4-3 is reporting for duty.

You got me sneaking in the back door
just so I can be with you.
Crawling in the window
just so I can be with you.
Hiding in the closet
just so I can be with you.
Anything for you.
You know your mother doesn't like me
'cause I wanna be with you.
Your father really hates me
'cause I wanna be with you.
Your brother wants to beat my brains out
But I'll do anything for you.

See now I know that they're your family
but they keep telling me "stay away" from you
and I ain't tryin' to.
But I know that they don't know me well
so I tell myself I'm not the only one who cares for you.

And its all good its just that sometimes it bothers me
'cause they play with my mind.
Like tellin me you're not at home, when I know you're home.
Its not like I need this drama ooo.

So, operation chill wit you is about to go into full effect.
And secret agent 1-4-3 is me.


They've gotta know by now that you can't stop lovin me and
They've gotta know by now that they can't keep hatin' on me.
When each and every beat of my heart really belongs to you
so what if I undress you with my mind, deep inside my heart
its just me and you.

[Chorus x2]

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P.M. Dawn Anything For You Comments
  1. Herbert Randall

    2020 herbert to terri

  2. Shane Vanhook

    True R & B...... real heartfelt lyrics..... don't need the cussing or twerking to be forever hot.! Is it my turn......

  3. Chanell Cherry

    My favorite song of all times

  4. Jordan Caspius

    So very beautiful.. 🙏❤

  5. Dawn Andrews

    This is my go to song whenever I'm sad or hurt. .It heals the ❤

  6. Redd Hawt

    This song hits different when you actually lived the lyrics. We made it through. We're making it through.

  7. tanya johnson

    Pm Dawn is amazing

  8. Papa Lewis

    How many of us jamming this in 2020

  9. The heart foundation Parson

    2020 still listening oh how i love song

  10. Lis_345 eBay

    His songs take me back to some great memories. I’m so sad that I am just now learning that he passed away at a young age.

  11. Sasha Sims

    This is for the kobe 👪 boo rest in peace kobe and his ginny his daughter

  12. Mark Leland

    I die without P.M. Dawn

  13. Taint Nuffum

    Looks the album is The Best of P.M.Dawn not Bob and Jay.

  14. Walter Jones

    Takes me back. Let it flow.

  15. Jr Robles

    Hit me up if ur still jamming to this shit

  16. Markela Allen

    2020 🥰🤟🏽


    Great music

  18. G Money716

    Just got done watching boomerang had to come listen to this song after that lol

  19. The Mighty Sagetto

    Omfg. I still can't ...this hurts so GD bad . I love this song but I miss someone so bad it's bittersweet on a level I can't explain. The words cut so deep. This is by far one of the most prolific songs ever made

  20. Selena S

    Oh how I wish I could go back in time. Please friends hold your loved ones a little closer, a little tighter because tomorrow is promised to no one. Mr soulmate passed away in front of me on April 09, 2019 due to cardiac arrest at the young age of 40. We were together 22 years. Sometimes I feel like I want to die but our kids keep me going. Our loves transcends time and space and will never die. If you haven't been told lately, I love you.

  21. Esther Wilcox

    I used to sleep to this music....when I was a kid very calming

  22. Charles Bruner


  23. Sheca Carson

    Still listen to this song

  24. Nancy Charles

    feb 2020

  25. Blake Black

    I love this song I’m be sing to my girlfriend you should try

  26. Shanti Cardoza

    Uff ..I get goose bumps listening. All memories come flooding in my head ..long long time ago

  27. Decibus Kalibos

    Boomerang, good movie, I swore I heard this in a Jay and Silent Bob movie I was halfway watching.

  28. Wanda Bullard

    Who else is here in 2020 besides me?

  29. Ggg

    Wao it's 2020 and this song is still good !!!

  30. Clive Duke Rakomana

    Is it my turn... ❤️❤️❤️

  31. LABallin247

    RIP Kobe Bryant

  32. satori laurel

    love pm dawn stilllllllll maybe more

  33. Stacie P

    Hearing this i just want to be in love beautiful real love!!

  34. Brandon Vanlieshout

    Nothing made today can compare to this music. And I'm a metal head

  35. Gi Gi

    This song still calms my entire being in 2020 ♥️

  36. David Melendez

    Dam I forgot about this one this shit go hard

  37. Michelle Hubbard

    ❤️ 90’s

  38. Armoni Q Fields

    They Killed This Real Music on a Real Agenda...Love... These Devils do not Want.. Hoes, Bithes. Killing, Drug Dealing FAKE Is what they Pushin on Us..

  39. Jon McClane

    My make out song from Middle School!

  40. Linval Rogers

    Damn one of the best songs of the 90s if I'm not mistaking

  41. Brittany Coleman

    I love this song

  42. C Lindley

    This was the theme of my senior prom! Time Flies

  43. RJ Views4U

    What a Beautiful song. Real Talk.
    If I ever get married, best believe this song will be played @ my wedding.

  44. Moto Madman74


  45. John Smith

    A very beautiful song and the movie was a riot

  46. Cynamin Lovett

    I love this song I would like to dedicate this song to Kobe Bryant and the victims of that helicopter crash rest in heaven to you all 😢😢😢😢

  47. Sarah Sanusi

    Who’s listening in January 2020?

  48. Asberry Thomas

    This song is dedicated to Vanessa Bryant...RIP KOBE

  49. Mayan Empire

    Rip Kobe’ Bryant and PM Dawn

  50. Tom Cizzle

    I had a couple songs that reminded me of the girl I was in love with my freshman and sophomore year, but none so much as this one. I still think of ya, Jo-el. :)

  51. Chrissy's Dream's

    I love this song. Boomerang.

  52. Tyshema Lynnp

    My all time favorite 😍

  53. saint r

    Just heard the news about koby bryant dying....
    What a horrible thing to happen
    Still waiting to see who were the 6 people on board including the pilot

    Lost for words

  54. Tamisha Troupe

    Still a hit💯🔥🔥🔥

  55. Darkman Xavier

    @vsar223 Thanks for Posting this Classic.

    If you grew up in the 90's, had your first crush, first high school heart break and remember putting on P.M. Dawn to ease the 💔 just a little bit..Thumbs Up how Cool this Song was and Still Is.

    R.I.P. Prince Be The Nocturnal 🙏📿
    Everytime I hear that Piano Riff at the beginning it reminds me of writing that perfect note to your Bae to pass 3 or 4 rows back in English class at 8 a.m. too Damn early in the morning.

  56. Eric Valentin

    I love this song

  57. Eric Valentin

    Yes indee

  58. Mike Van Der Vegt

    so much dislikes it Clearly must be Crap

  59. Tanisha Robinson

    Oh this was the jam back in the day...I loved this song

  60. lashonda Talbert

    Love it

  61. John 3/3/PISCES

    RIP 🙏Attrel “Prince Be” Cordes😥

  62. Meryluz Encarnacion


  63. christine paris

    When I was 4 years old I jumped into the deep end of the pool and drowned. I was looking up and calling my dad to come and get me. I woke up with people pumping the water out of my lungs. I will never forget the feeling of being underwater and not coming up. It was not terrible. It felt inevitable and I dont remember any pain. I still don't know why I survived, and I'm 60.
    Death is not fearful, it is another place, that's all. Not strange or scary. We still see you. There is nothing to fear.

  64. TN TN

    just yesterday we were friends dreaming going out and put this track in the car .now we got 5 kids and hardly time for us. thank god.
    love u baby I'd die without you

  65. Chai's Room

    January 2020 and I still love this song...R.I.POWER

  66. Mariah Carrey

    This is such a beautiful song and I rediscoveredit as a teenager and appreciated and loved it as an older generation does it's such a beautiful song and I and reminds me of when I found it all over again when I was a teenager

  67. John Muthiora

    Those dislikes are from the folks who voted trump in office.

    Freedom Fighter

    I know huh.Obama sucks

  68. Roni Angel

    This song touched my soul when I was only 15 watching Boomerang in the movie theater with my then girlfriend, the love of my life and now my wife. I'll never forget hearing that piano intro, the finger snaps, the vocals and then the bass line - special place in my heart. Oh, that piano solo towards the end is perfection.

  69. Shandi Sunflower

    I love you ray

  70. Ebonia Peterson


  71. hanscombe72

    It’s sydney Australia: it’s 1993 and I have a friend called Brett. We live in the blue mountains west of Sydney and it’s a big deal for us to drive into the city of Sydney for a movie. The strongest memory is Jurassic Park. Anyway it Was important for us to have just the right music to come over the gladesville bridge and see the lights of Sydney. It seemed so often to be this song, we both loved the film Boomerang and this seemed to be a cool track for this moment. I’m 47 now. Drunk and crying. Brett and all the hope I had for a bright happy future a long gone. But here his prince bee, tss as king me back to a place long ago when so much was promised.

  72. TheSaratina

    His voice, the music, and the lyrics still hit you right in the soul even after all these years.

  73. Sandy Ok

    Little Rob" harbor area rap'in Riverside do with this Flow" KidFrost I not going to jail this time" gardena" Eastwest division" Gardena'Compton Blvd" enjoy it while you can'

  74. Lelibela Shabakabel

    Last of the mohican 13th one from my mother 70s baby bumping this in 2020 oh it's the last days people.

  75. Mark Leland

    PM Dawn Soothes the Soul

  76. Veg4Ev

    PM Seismic!

  77. lisatortola

    I'll always love you Robert. The pain is real. 😭💔

  78. Renee Smith

    2020 anyone?

  79. Eric C

    Good stuff turn it back a few still love this

  80. Billy Jackson

    The 1.1K people that gave this the thumbs down... Everything okay at home?

  81. Tim Perkins

    This do show that love has no boundaries as in color or just music

  82. teedogcan letsgo

    If I can turn back the hands of time!!! 🌎👈🏽I ❤️ love 💕 and missing my loves one!!!! Please bring back!!! The real r&b soul songs!! 🙌🏽 this when love was real!!! 💕

  83. ismael barrios


  84. Lucky Bottoms

    Great music.

  85. Tyra Hairston

    WHOA!!! I sooo forgot about this.... OH MY GOSH.. memories , love it!!

  86. Amanda Jones

    Dam this song is nice....

  87. Debra Williams

    RIP to the Lead singer 😞😞😞

  88. Debra Williams

    Love the Piano intro

  89. moor papi

    2020 and still one of my favorites

  90. Kareen Burgos

    Heartbreakingly beautiful ...🌹

  91. Joy Cast

    🛶p .... Get yourself out the friend zone!!!! It's not my problem ....

  92. Victor Waddell

    2020 and this still a hit

  93. RobTre

    2020 still bumpin this

  94. Darnell Minor

    2020 and still smoking

    Darnell Minor

    Ass song especially if you watch the movie it's for

  95. Christopher Russell

    This song is actually pretty amazing. I was a kid when it came out and can only now appreciate it after enough heartache from love

  96. Viscourt Meronard

    Still bumping THIS 2020

  97. Bobbie Warfield

    At one time I felt like that. But now I know I'll be able to be me without him! 😔