Plus One - Who Am I Lyrics

Who am I, that you know me by my name
That you call me friend
Invite me in to be with you
I don't know why
You love me this way
'Cause I'm nothing at all still you call
And make me new

Who am I without your love?
I cannot live without your touch
You hold my hand and
walk me through
All I need is you
Who am I without your love?
I cannot breathe without your touch
You make me complete
I bow at your feet
For me you came to die
Who am I?

You were there, creating the world
Put the stars in the sky
God of heavenly light what can I do
Now you're here, with a love
that's so real
And I give you my life as a sacrifice
To honor you
I'm overwhelmed and overcome
By what do you and all you've done
That you can count me one of your sons

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Plus One Who Am I Comments
  1. Doreen Tendo

    i listen to this song and its like i have never heard it. its very good

  2. jose vilvass

    Talented boys sounding like michael jackson but that is ok they have got good lyrics as well as sounding like king of pop

  3. Damaries Quiles

    Love this song 😁😁😁

  4. Tinkerbell Jimenez

    I love ❤️ plus one they are my favorite boy band ever I named my four brothers after them gabe jason nate and nathan and my nephew after jeremy thats how much im in love 😍 with the awesome christian boy band if all times by the way im 30 now i was 14 when i first met them all five guys

    Mariaelisa Jimenez

    Wow tink that is really cool you did that

  5. jason ararao

    i love plus one from the beginning until now that they have a new song called my all.

  6. steve trams

    check out my cover

  7. Grace Torregosa

    Nice song

  8. Shane Daganio

    nice song... if every man can sing, i will suggest to all to sing this song for God!

  9. Iván Ferreras M.

    hermosa canción....