Plus One - Going Crazy Lyrics

Gave my life away now it's time to play
Gotta live with the choice I've made
This is what I choose if I don't wanna lose
Then I need to let you make my move

'Cause you know better than I, than I could ever
And I don't wanna try to ever do without you
You know more than I could, than I could ever
And if you weren't with me
I'd go crazy

I can't pretend that I don't need you
With all the stuff in my life I just don't know what to do
Every time I'm afraid of what's in front of me
You keep me from goin' crazy
I think it's done but the tape keeps rolling
Can't push stop cause my life is recording
All this pressure keeps on pressing
You keep me from goin' crazy

Every face I see takes a hold of me
And keeps me where I need to be
But with a lot on my mind
sometimes it makes me blind
And the vision gets hard to find

[Repeat Channel and Chorus]

I thank you for the life I lead
I wouldn't trade it, not for a minute
I don't wanna think that I don't
need You with me
You are my security
Now that I got it I can't go without it
'cause I need you, need you to keep
from going crazy

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Plus One Going Crazy Comments
  1. BizzarreProductions

    I always thought this song sounded like a hybrid of boy band and Emo music. Anyone else?

  2. Carlos Diaz

    Plan escalon 2002 que tiempos magicos nunca los olvidare ...

  3. xfalsetruth06x

    When you realize they're talking about Jesus 🤔

  4. Cosmonaut 1

    This song is ahead of its time.

  5. Saphira Luxray

    I still have my CD of this!!! 😍

  6. Arianna Russell

    I love this song..... God keeps me from going crazy........ :)

  7. Joshua Peltier

    Janeen God keeps me from going crazy

  8. J'Guanyel Wood

    I use to listen to this song when I was a teen I love it.

  9. SargeGhost

    When McDonald's happy meals were lit

    Saphira Luxray

    So Lit that they had Sonic mini Video games in their happy meals! 😍

  10. Robinson Marin Umaña

    My favorite song forever I going crazy no matter The time .

  11. 9eCn3

    I heard this song on Radio Disney when I was...7, I think? I remember they changed the line at 1:50 to "I thank *you* for the life I lead."

    Hours upon hours spent listening to the radio, eagerly anticipating the next time this song would be played. My parents got sick of it and bought me the CD. I listened to it (as well as the A*Teens debut) while playing Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy Color.

    Good times...I miss being a kid...

    your bootyhole is your beautyhole

    9eCn3 trying to play pokemon yellow and not understanding why i can't beat brock lmao


    I had CD of this 10 Years ago not anymore... love it though, beautiful. Not of this is on any anime.


    Pretty Cool vid.

  14. Carlos Diaz

    I'm going crazy cause you.

  15. Coke Monet

    Mickey Ds cd brought me here this was my shit

  16. Gringo EL

    frome me class to be right of the god

  17. Trish 97

    1: Going Crazy: By Plus one
    2: Wonderland: By Solange
    3: I don't get down like that: By Play
    4: Hanging up on you: By Myra
    For anyone who lost the cd :)

    Western Echidna

    I actually still have a couple of those CDs

    Destiny Maynard


    SCURELLE 223

    Eminem Fan1717 I lost the cd

    Christin Chisum

    We moved a little over a year ago and my son and I where going through boxes that hasn't been opened and he found this cd.

    ミɱꙙRkⲓદ ඏ

    So Trish 97 listed the Yellow disc songs.
    Here's the Purple Disc:
    • 2way: Lil Romeo
    • Forgot to Forget: LMNT
    • Can You Say: Devin
    • Catch Me if You Can: Beu Sisters

    The Green Disc:
    • Move It Like This: Baha Men
    • All I Can Do: Jump 5
    • What Are You Waiting For: No Secrets
    • Once Upon a Time: 6 Piece ( _aka 6P_ )

    Was there any more discs? There's 3 so far. Yellow, Green, Purple. I thought there was a fourth. Anyone know?

  18. Tinkerbell Jimenez


    Maria Elisa Jimenez

    Amén to that 🙏🏼

  19. prince warren

    i like this song very nice

  20. Windy Skatz

    I remember this on a McDonald's cd

  21. Ian Bear

    that 90's tune 😍

  22. Resonated Dreams

    I remember I got the CD in a McDonald's happy meal when I was like 7 or 8 and this was my favorite song on the cd. I remembered this song and I was afraid it wouldn't be as good as I remembered. nah I still love it 😂

    Tinkerbell Jimenez

    Me too back then mcds gave out cool stuff now there give iut there om not as fun as they used to be

    Ray M

    JigglyBun Gaming 👏🏼👍🏼👌🏼

  23. Rena White

    met those bands and mercy me

  24. Rena White

    I rember going to there concert along with the Christian band third day!😃😃😃😃

    Tinkerbell Jimenez


  25. Brooklen Skipton

    Oh man I remember getting this as a toy at McDonald's. It was always playing in my Hello Kitty CD player. Those were the days! FAVORITE CD

  26. Dagg M.

    Great underrated song

  27. Ayohnny Guy-Scott

    i literally fell in love with this song when i got it in a happy meal when i was like 7 I swear. Used to always be in my cd player.

  28. Rob Murry II

    Remember this song when i young as hell…2003 i think, first time Mickey Ds gave CDs for toys lol!

  29. Lazer BeamHeights

    And on Christmas Eve I finally found it again!!
    I was a little girl when I heard this song played it all the time but lost the mighty kids cd!

    Best night ever!!!

    I can't believe some of the lyrics were still in my head.

    I can cross this off my bucket list <3

    Mikayla Rivera

    must feel good

  30. Tiff Shan

    I remember hearing this on Radio Disney

  31. ChefBoyardJazz

    OMFG I remember this !!

  32. retroxlove

    I haven't heard this song in FOREVER! Wow memory lane :) trying to find and remember songs I use to like when I was a teenager :)

  33. Vyron H.

    I have that cd too /.\ nostalgia!!!

  34. TheTempest108

    I hate it but I love it.

  35. Hey It's H

    They are a Christian boy band! They are my favs

  36. Zimerick

    Oh my god I actually found who this is by after like seven years! I remember getting this and I would keep this song on loop not knowing who it was by, I constantly thought it was Simple Plan or even N-Sync but then again I never heard of this band so that would explain it.

  37. Jazmin Chanure

    i think everybody has it lol i still have mine

  38. Kilala Tetsaiga

    I love this song. I miss the days when they gave out good toys at McDonald's.

  39. Louis Park

    they should bring back mighty kids meal ! they had good toys

  40. brayathedarkangel

    haha same here and I would aways dance to it or play the cat woman video game with it..I have no idea why but I did haha

  41. priscilla chevez

    lloooooooovvvvvvveeeee <3 this song so much they should of made a music video

  42. Wy Guy

    Hahaha! I used to love this song as a kid!!!! I got this in my Happy meal at Mcdonalds one summer and totally played it out. Music was much better back then too xD Thank you for uploading this! :D

  43. Brandon Kinsey

    Me too :-)

  44. RiAHH

    i used to love this song ! :D im so hyped

  45. Rika_Kari

    i heard this song when i was like 12 and loved it, was not able to find it till now.. omg this song is awesome

  46. campbrdway

    Oh my gosh, same!

  47. Little Rock Music


  48. becca8159

    I can;t find my CD =( i looked up all the songs...and i could barely find anything

  49. Oli

    I remember this song from a CD I got from McDonald's, still have the CD...

  50. boredsillywilly

    38 views...that's so sad :( it should have more.