Plus One - Forever Lyrics

I lost you in the darkness
When I fell from the light
I held on to the world too tight
I thought I'd never find you
Thought I'd be alone
But you took my hand and
led me home

Now I know
I know that
You'll always be
Where I go

Forever is a long time
To be without you in my life
I wanna keep you by my side
'Cuz forever is a long time

You have faith when I'm faithless
Strength when I don't
You believe in me even when I won't
You are patient, you are true
Your love is what gets me through

[Repeat Channel and Chorus]

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Plus One Forever Comments
  1. hildegrade777

    Their songs are relaxing yet inspiring.

  2. gift chewe

    I need this song how do I get it

  3. Kay D

    Beautiful. 🙌


    Can"t stop listening to this. Its so sweet..ouch!!!!!

  5. Ms. Aaron

    The perfect song. Forever is a long time to be without GOD. To be without him is no life at all.


    Forever aki...Cant stop listening to this a million times...I love this ...Plus one forever...

  7. Jeffery A. Eskridge

    this song will help me remake the song forever from plus one to turn out to be a wedding song for my new brother figure in-law and new sister figure in-law

  8. thomas ryan

    spending time in heaven. Cz that is forever and its a long time. I'm glad I get to spend forever in heaven one day.

  9. Music Fan

    I was obsessed with this song

  10. Carmella Knecht

    it's a great song

  11. Ruth Islas

    dang this is my song listened to it at such a young age

    Ausnia Fountain


  12. justin shaddox

    just hard this band they are great :)

  13. NinJenna

    Love Love LOVE Plus One! This is my all time favorite song! Brings back great memories! Thank you for posting! <3

  14. John Bosco Mubatiza

    Its never forever

  15. Courtney Delfin

    I love this song it's really cool

  16. jeanluc morris

    good but really sad song forever because I had a brother that passed away

  17. eyeLikes Doom

    yes!! i got this song!! :))

  18. Chino's Corner

    This song makes me wanna travel around the world!

  19. Jalim Laraño

    forever :)
    #28 <3

  20. Yhamyam Rebadolla

    forever :D

  21. Faricha Soemowikromo

    nice song

  22. Xennia Dee Udani

    no top comments. pls have this your top comment! lol

  23. Ema Bright

    I got my own mp3, so I come music of christen on it

  24. Abdunuur Ali

    bs in the world

  25. Emiliana Gonzalez

    Good Song, First time listening To This Singer, and Great

  26. jendy david

    thank u for the album the promise by plus one, love it

  27. jendy david

    i love this song

  28. Ong Yoke Leng

    Thank you Abba Father.

  29. Florence Jr. Pacris

    So True!

  30. Quine Facturanan

    Why is it that this song is now publish!!

    I miss this!! :((

  31. ariel talia

    love dis song god bles u plus one

  32. mrm64

    This. Was. My. SOOONG!!!