Plus One - Calling Down An Angel Lyrics

You're afraid, it's all come down
To this place where dreams have fallen to the fround
Just look up, you'll make it through
'Cause there's a heavenly being
That's watching over you

Calling down an angel who will
help you believe
Sending out a prayer, I'm down on my knees
Reaching up to heaven knowing you will someday see
There's hope beyond the struggle
Just hold on
I'm calling down an angel

It's not too late, it's almost over
If you'll just wait you'll feel it lifting off your shoulders
So keep believing, the sun always
promises a new day
It'll stop the rain, break the chains
And chase the pain away

[Repeat Chorus]

You've been trying to be so strong
You've been waiting for so long
Will your miracle ever come
Heaven's holding every single tear you cry
And if you start to feel alone just know that I am

[Repeat Chorus]

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Plus One Calling Down An Angel Comments
  1. •Sunflxwer•


  2. Nemia Vucago

    Hey I love your song so much love you so much

  3. welmie cabanes

    Nate Cole wrote this lyrica it so wonderful

  4. DorChaius Mkenna

    Love this song

  5. Joshua Peltier

    Theory you have one too stay strong

  6. Joshua Peltier

    My God I love your angels. Amen

  7. Mary Bel

    I'm a bts fan now..and rn I'm realizing that I love boy bands

  8. arlen perdasofpy

    wow i like this song im a have to learn to sing at karaoke

  9. wierd gamer

    great song love to sing to it

  10. Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life

    I love this song so much!

    Love the second verse the nost! He reminded me of Avant!