Plies - Yes Indeed (Plies Edition) Lyrics

Phone text, told her I want to fuck her in Chanel
Still fuck bitches like to do they own hair
According to the bank I had a real good year
Two-fifty for the set, that's a foreign in my ear
Cold ass nigga, I can sell you a hit
You niggas do fraud, y'all ain't never sold shit
Ain't have to go to jail to get a buzz, little bitch
All y'all niggas like to do is ride dick
All white on like Tony Montana
Been had a bitch like Hannah Montana
Black and Decker boys, we just hop out and drill
Drip runnin' over, we just hop out and spill
Just told the label I want to buy out my deal
Know she gon' fuck, she got on the pill
Keep subtweetin', make me put it in your life
Keep sneak dissin', make me put it in your wife
Call me a zebra, I got umm, stripes
Got me a bag, I ain't never look back
Get voicemail if you can't take pipe
Got forty-five for a goddamn walk-through
You actin' rude 'cause promoter won't pay you
'Cause I got rich now you think I won't bang at you
'Cause you got a lil name think I won't train you
Laughin' at you lil niggas braggin' 'bout a Rollie
Whole team ain't got one, you probably shouldn't show it
Only way to ride in a foreign, floor it
Why you in the strip club, you ain't gon' throw it
Why you got the banger on you, you ain't gon' blow it
Fire it up and hey hey, whole team eatin'
BG Hotboy, whole team blingin'
Bought me a mansion, I'ma cut off the roof
Corporate lil bitch so I fucked her in a suit
Left up out of Neimans, I done gave them people hell
Forty grand cash, had to count it by herself
I just spent sixty, get my dogs outta jail
Just blew a bag and I'm going up still
If I ain't the GOAT what the fuck is you smokin'?
Love that lil sound when it sound like she chokin'
Two mill in thirty days, guess I'm kinda focused
Told the bitch to not fuck me, that was bogus
I been trappin' all night, but I ain't really sleepin'
Bond money on deck, 12 couldn't keep me
When the streets hear this they gon' tell me I was preachin'
Said her period just came, told her she was leakin'
Told her gotta wait 'til next month 'til she Fiji
They done made me mad now, now I'm finna spaz out
I don't give a fuck, I might go buy and a trap house
I'ma drop Purple Heart just to shut the trap down
One of my hoes told me I'm gettin' kinda fat now
Told my ho you think I give a fuck? I got a sack now

Haha, these fuck niggas done woke me up
Stay tuned lil nigga

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Plies Yes Indeed (Plies Edition) Comments
  1. PrincessLeshayBeauty

    Plies went tf in!

  2. Austin Rodriguez

    One of my hoes told me im getting kinda fat now, told my hoe you think i give a fuck, i got a sack now 🔥🔥

  3. ___ Thurmattic___

    Oooooo shit plies get em!!!

  4. Tiffani Gholston

    ISSA hit

  5. Gee money JR TV

    This better than the original version

  6. Debo Smith

    *Fat Albert hey hey *said her period jus came on

    l wells

    Hey, Hey, Hey, man

  7. Tykeasia Armstrong

    I FW THIS!!!! 💯

  8. Ashely 000

    YESS!! Done did the damn thing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Booman Hill


  10. Johnny Allen

    Can't lie bra snapped 💯💯

  11. Drelly The Bean

    Plies sending shots at everybody 😂

  12. Little Sleepie

    Plies eating 🔥🔥

  13. Rumi Newcomb

    My Hitta 😍😍😍

  14. Sarah Jalloul

    Thank you I love plies more than anything

  15. Trae Turner

    oh they done pissed plies off 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Sarah Jalloul

    Trae Turner yesss 😘