Plies - We Are Trayvon Lyrics

You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on

[Verse 1:]
I never thought that wearing no hoodie, could cause your life.
And I never thought you could just kill somebody and go out the same night.
Every dog that you see that bark, don't mean that he bite.
And everything thats black ain't evil, everything that's pure ain't white
Cause you think that I'm doin wrong don't mean that you right.
Cause the ones that you think that won't, them the ones that might.
Certain people in this world the system don't like.
When you living what you worth is how they value your life.
I can do all things through christ, who strengthen me.
And even when I pray I pray for my enemies.
And Pac said it best "only God can judge me."
Trayvon lil homie, I want you to know you really touched me.

You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes trying to live right, sometimes it seems so wrong,
Sometimes you tryin to get justice, sometimes it take so long.
But the ones they supposed to keep in, be the ones they let go home.
But the ones that hustle and survive, be the ones they hold with no bond.
My son supposed to burry me, but I ain't posed to burry my son.
You can call me nigga all you want, but you ain't pose to treat me like one,
Pose to be able to express my self, and be able to dress how I want.
Pose to be able to go where I please, and be able to leave when I'm done.
Should I think that you sell dope, just cause you drive a benz.
Should I think that zack in a gang, just cause he sag his pants.
Whats right is right, whats wrong is wrong,
Trayvon martin, you'll forever live on.

You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on
You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on
You'll forever live on, you'll forever live on

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Plies We Are Trayvon Comments
  1. Tha Blunt Roller

    RIP to trayvon but damn plies is wack AF

  2. Chris Howell

    Happy birthday 🎂 Love you to now and forever and always my mystery brother

  3. Li'Rachet Da Plug AKA KING RICO

    Happy Birthday 25th🎂 Trayvon R.I.P😇

  4. Claudia Chatman

    02.05.20 Happy birthday Tray

  5. Way High Radio

    2020 you will forever live on

  6. Joel Gilbert

    LIVESTREAM The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America
    LIVESTREAM link:
    Visit official site:

  7. sebbspato2

    Trayvon Martin was a thug, why are you defending such a criminal...

  8. Jimmy Martin

    I was his favorite jimmy

  9. Chuck Hust

    Public Service Announcement: Run up on me as Trayvon did on that night, You're ass will be shot and killed like Trayvon was. #BigFacts #BangYoureDead

  10. Kiid Fresh

    This song touch a nigga heart Rest In Peace Trayvon

  11. Claudia Chatman


  12. Sounds About Reich

    Trayvon should have stayed home, but he decided to go be a thug, buy ingredients for his lean, and assault an innocent man. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  13. Brooke Seay


    George Zimmerman doesn't deserve a life on the streets because of his mental health and racist shit 😢

    Sounds About Reich

    George Zimmerman did nothing wrong. He was just cleaning up the streets.

  14. Sheforever29


  15. Zelly Zell

    RIP Trayvon 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  16. Treyvon Twyman

    R.I.P Trayvon from Treyvon

  17. LTSTrU3 DirtyMon3y

    R.I.P lil homie we still remember u bro.... forever live on

  18. Lindsey Meehan

    R.I.P Trayvon Martin.... He woulda been 24 this year

  19. Kamarious Clark

    He will be 24 or 23

  20. Kamarious Clark

    Still listen in 2019


    Much Respect 2 Plies 4 this song.

  22. Joseph YT

    2019 Still not forgotten Forever live Trayvon

  23. Kendall Smith

    i think us black foke should do a treyvon day call into work on the day he passed

    Sounds About Reich

    Yes, make another excuse to be a lazy bum.

    Kendall Smith

    Sounds About Reich suck a fat black dick

  24. 40CaliberHiPoint

    We is TreVon n shieeeet.

  25. N D

    This should have so many more views smh

  26. MLB Self paid

    R.i.p Trayvon 🙏🏾

  27. Derick Leecook

    RIP Lil Brah
    February 26 we never will forget.

  28. Dedication Syndicate

    Still listening 2019

  29. Michael Patrick Jonte

    Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin Rest in Peace

  30. RayTheBoss

    Rest in peace Trayvon

  31. Shlom

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck wypipo

  32. Rayma Curry

    Lo9ve u forever tray.v.o.n.13
    East side brown pride.
    Trayvon martin.
    Smash locc1.

  33. Rayma Curry


  34. Jean Poole

    January 16 2019

  35. Kenneth Taylor

    We are Trayvon Martin

  36. Antania_ Diamond1

    Rest in peace trayvon 😖😖

  37. Rain

    This is so powerful

  38. dezal metal

    Should I think zack in a gang just because he sagg his pants. That was deep

  39. da one and only jayy da one and only jayy

    You can call me a nigga all you want but you not finna treat me like one 🙏

  40. Frank Johnson


  41. Carlos Corleone

    2018 Trayvon Martin will still forever live on an American tragedy

  42. Tink Monroe

    Rest in Paradise Trayvon and every other beautiful soul who lost their lives to police brutality including my unborn <3 you are gone but I will NEVER forget you or quit goin hard for my dead niggas. Maybe in thug paradise we can ride togethet

    Sounds About Reich

    You should thank that cop for giving you a free abortion. Your unborn would have grown up to be a criminal.

  43. Cracra yousif

    Daum.fight be strong 100

  44. Marie Burke

    let the hate comments roll in!

  45. Marie Burke

    let the hat comments roll in!

  46. Conzelouis Pate

    I will die for my son r.i.p we will never forget you

  47. Lazaro Perez

    Still listing 2018. 1 of my favorite song's

  48. Salone Onwuachi

    Woww Amen this is awwsome may his soul rest in God perfect peace beautiful song babbi yr so amazing plies loving all that yuu do babbi God blessings!!,

  49. From Baton Rouge LA

    Long Live Trayvon4L💪💪💯💯💔💔💔🕊

  50. Big Sash

    Still living on in 2018 lil man. RIP 💔

  51. RoseAnn Rodriguez

    We will never forget you Trayvon Martin no matter what always.
    "Happy birthday !"

  52. NyAsia Hughes

    When I look back at Trayvon's story I feel like we should be taught about this in schools. I've been wearin a hoodie since I was ten and I'm still wearin one and skittles and tea is my favorite snack and drink. That's horrid that people still do things like this

    Joe Mc'Laughlin

    Trayvon mixed codeine-skittles-iced tea. ITS SOME GOOD SHIT!!


    Yeah, when it's something like this, you all identify with the victim for some kind of vicarious sympathy and justification for your inhuman behavior including ultraviolence, but then when people respond to the tremendously high rate of you committing such violence by banning you or not kissing your asses, demonstrating due prejudice, all of a sudden you're all quick to point out that each of you is a unique individual and shouldn't be identified with anybody else and their actions.

  54. megan gaddy

    it's painful to know that people only see color ...and for that he payed with his life .. along with the many innocent souls in peace brother . they can't hurt you no more ): ...

  55. Nikaveli ThaWhitePantha

    RIP Trayvon in 2018 you aint forgotten by me aka Nikaveli ThaWhitePantha God Will Only Be My Judge I Listen Too so to the crooked cops that won't leave me and my family alone REMEMBER "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME" @THE WORLD GOVERNMENT "Yall aint God so stop trying to be BC there is only 1 GOD and REMEMBER Jesus will return and ONLY Killuminati Life will go with Jesus WHILE NWO ILLUMINATI GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL SELLOUTS will burn and spend ETERNITY suffering. there is enough money enough food and a set of TEN COMANDMENTS that GOD'S PLANET has as well as proper and ethical medical treatment plans as well as THE GOVERNMENT has the ability to GOVERN this world we live in properly to the point that THERE WOULD NOT BE ANYONE ON THIS PLANET WITHOUT FOOD WATER VEHICLE HOME ELECTRICITY ETC... that everyone can afford NO MATTER where in the world we live or moved too. if you want a world where stress and suffering are lower then stand TOGETHER stop killing one another for every single person that kills people and screams "fuck the government/police" YALL SOME DUMBASSES for every person that is killed and/or dies in the USA (info i got was the united states i didnt check any other countries too date) the GOVERNMENT (you claim to hate) gets paid $1,000,000,000 (BILLION DOLLARS) and for every single person that goes to COUNTY JAIL and/or PRISON the state, that the inmate gets arrested in, is PAID ($30,000) aka ($30K) aka ($30 Thousand Dollars) PER YEAR an inmate is behind their bars!!! YET the same people that keep going back to jail and/or go to jail scream "fuck the police/government" yet YALL ARE PAYING THEM AND MAKING THEM HAPPY WHILE too them YALL STUPID ASF AND THEY (nwo) ARE WINNING BC YALL ARE SCORING FOR THEM THEY AINT EVEN ON THE DAMN BASKETBALL COURT YET THEY WINNING THE GAME stupid fucks yall ignorant as hell stand together do what the government DOES NOT WANT and LETS MAKE PEACE and like 2Pac said "it time for us to make a change Let's Change The Way WE EAT, Let's Change The Way WE LIVE, and Let's Change The Way WE TREAT EACH OTHER" #KILLUMINATI

  56. Ashajhunai' Jones is the xjcj, zye

    Damn he would've 23 this is so sad omg

  57. Michelle Tolbert

    Really love this song 😔❤️

  58. Kenneth Taylor

    We are Trayvon Martin

  59. Patrick Craig Sr

    I'm half white and DOMINICAN this shit hit home. Race don't make us. But Zimmerman cracca I hope you never run into me that gun want help you I swear

  60. kimberly walker

    Omg... Why did that evil man kill him.... Treyvon father is a good man because i know a few that would make his evil ass take a dirt nap... Rip...

  61. John Doe

    See you soon cus o !!!

    John Doe

    C u soon cus !!!

  62. TheLifeOf Diam

    I remember how heading the verdict make my heart drop... the system failed you and your family Trayvon but like Plies says in this song we gonn make sure you forever live on babyboy. Continue sleeping in peace young king❤️❤️

  63. Malik Johnson

    Some serious shit plies 🔥🔥🔥

  64. freshpajamas

    Ye nigga

  65. Josh Overstreet

    Why would someone kill someone it's so dumb one comment=10 rest in peace/rip

  66. Akeem Banks

    Zimmerman was dead wrong how the fuck can you use the ground as a weapon the state of Florida let Trayvon and his family down like Plies say I nothing heard of anyone killing someone and get out the same night my lil brother fired a gun in Florida and got twenty years and nobody got hurt but this guy takes a child life and gets away with it the world is sad Rest in Paradise Trayvon Martin Jordan Davis and Mike Brown and all the other Black people who lost their lives behind nothing

  67. Step Smith

    Much Respect! Much Love! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Trayvon Martin, U still Living on N 2018. Rest N Peace, Trayvon!

  68. joshua cooper

    because of nuely spiderman

  69. Kamal 1994

    Rest in peace lil homie

  70. Kanen Wilkins

    6 yeas to the day. Rest In Peace 🙏

  71. Young Fly Booss Mikkell

    Rip Trayvon we still riding 4 you lil home

  72. lenora Coleman

    RIP trayvon

  73. Amanda Nixon

    3:43 am 2.17.18 listening to this 💔😢 #RIPTRAYVON #YOUAREALWAYSREMEMBERED #YOULLFOREVERLIVEON Got me crying every time I listen to this song 💔💔💔

  74. Half Sisters

    RIP Trayvon


    happy b-day Trayvon

  76. Don mcfadden

    love how they all praise a dead gang banger fuck trayvon and mike brown dead fucking fools


    Piles u is speakin the truth I respect ur actions, ur choice of words, the way u send messages n ur songs keep up the good work Thank u for ur realness of life 2 our culture.

  78. Mark Barrington


  79. Mark Barrington

    R.I.P. Trayvon Martin.

  80. eryona

    i remember when i was little and all blacks in tennessee wore hoodies and walked in a big crowd

  81. Alexisc Mouzan

    You been mattered we will get right have faith in America have faith in the world

  82. Monster Hesh

    You are a felon and drug dealer? That would not surprise me.

  83. Matthew Holloway

    This is some bullshit

  84. Kaito Nova Prime

    Lol virute signaling

  85. Beth Goodwin

    Rip trayvon. He didnt deserve to not b with us anymore hope hes rest n in paridise when people gunna stop see n skin color and stop judge n ppl by the way they look look into their heart. Who the fuck is anyone to judge someone the only person who has the right to judge someone is god

  86. Steven edits

    Rip trayvon maten he probely was a good man

  87. James Hurst

    This is why black America is in the crapper. Always defending their own even when there's mountains of evidence that prove Zimmerman acted in self defense. So when you say, you're Trayvon Martin, you're saying you condone living like and idolizing a thug...just like Mike Brown.


    Damn plies noose game on fleek


    This video make me want to buy a Arizona and a pack of Skittles drop my pants and take a shit on them

  90. Everything 1k

    R.i.p. lil brother youll forever live on

  91. yayo badass


  92. John Watson - Gaming, Tutorials & More!

    we wuz kungz and shit bruh

  93. treven douglas

    So many racist ass krakkas in this comment section mad kus blacks uniting and standin against yall racist a** b*tches